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Soldiers of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

The following are the surviving union soldiers of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians of North Carolina. The names are correct, but the spelling may differ from that on the muster roll.

John Going Welch
Thomas Otter
James Otter
John Brown
Mason Ratley
Steve Johnson
John Taylor
John Canott
John Igotpa
David Patridge
James Walkingstick
Thomas Canott

all of Company D, Third regiment North Carolina mounted infantry; R. B. Smith, company and regiment unknown.

The following are the surviving widows of union soldiers:

Nancy Brown, widow of Benj. Brown; no children.
Ah-nu-yo-hi Walker, widow of John Walker; 1 child under 16 years of age; married since death of soldier, but her husband is dead.
Web-it-sail, widow of Thomas Oo-lay-i-way; no children.
Stacy Taylor, widow of George Kanot; had 3 children by Kanot, all under 16 years of age; remarried since death of soldier.
Nancy Mumblehead, widow; no children; is drawing a pension.

The following are the surviving confederate soldiers, those marked with a * indicating those who afterward entered the federal service:

Company A, Sixty-ninth North Carolina Regiment-
Peter Greybeard,
Iyo-ha-ne (Swimmer Fox),
Swa-tah (Smite Owl),
Toy-a-ne-teh, Cho-wa-lookeh
Coh-goh (Wesley Crow)
Cah-bah (Wild Cat)
Chlantees-teh (Pheasant)
Ezekiel Greybeard
*How-ee-neo-ta (James Walkingstick)
John Lossih
*Keen-Ms-Iwo (John Igotpa)
*Oo-ste-na-coo (John Taylor)
Oo-lassta-eh (Joe Lowin)
Oo-teet-geeskih Wallaski
*Oolstooih (John Brown)
*Otter Now-eyontieh (Tom Otter)
*Mason Reckey (Mason Ratley)
Jesse Reed
*Soo-quechee (in Cherokee nation west)
San-to-neh (James Keg)
Mickee Skates (whereabouts unknown)
*John Sanders
Samuel Needa

Company B, Sixty-ninth North Carolina Regiment:

N. J. Smith, alias Jarrett Smith
John. Ross
John Wah-ye-neete
John Davis
*Echu-le-hah (Steve Johnson)
Kooe-Skooe (Ross Cochran)
Lazy Bigmeat
David Murphy
Oo-chum-teh (Comeback Wolf)
*Jim Otter
*David Patridge
Watteh Sequo-yo
Segilleh Bigmeat
Tap-lee Casabsta (perhaps Ca-tol-ster)
Wall-has-eh (Toni Skitty)
Moses Wolf

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- Last updated on Jun 29th, 2013

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