Skin Indians. Taken from a town name.

Skin Connections. The Skin belonged to the Shahaptian division of the Shapwailutan linguistic stock.

Skin Location. On Columbia River from The Dalles to a point about 75 miles above.

Skin Villages

  • Ka’sawi, on the Columbia opposite the mouth of Umatilla River.
  • Skin, opposite the mouth of Deschutes River.
  • Uchi’chol, on the north bank of the Columbia in Klickitat County.
  • Waiya’mpam, about Celilo.
  • Eneeshur is used by Lewis and Clark for part of the above people, perhaps all of them.

Skin Population. Mooney (1928) includes the Skin in a group under the general name Tapanash, which he estimates to have numbered 2,200 in 1780.