Many tribes have sub-tribes, bands, gens, clans and phratry.  Often very little information is known or they no longer exist.  We have included them here to provide more information about the tribes.

Blount Indians. A Seminole band, numbering 43, under John Blunt, or Blount, for whom a reserve, 2 by 4 m. on Apalachicola r., Fla., was established in 1823 by the Moultrie Creek treaty (U. S. Ind. Treaties, 307, 1837). They went to lower Chattahoochee r., Ala., before the Seminole war of 1835-42, and after it removed with the Alibamu to Polk co. , Tex. , where 28 of them survived in 1870 (Ind. Aff. Rep., 327, 1870).