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Second Regiment Indian Home Guards

H Company, 2nd Regiment, Indian Home Guards

Names in Ledger of Alex Clapperton, Ft. Gibson, seized by the US Department of the Interior, Most are dated between 1868 and 1869. Each have a Receipt Number. Deceased are listed as dead.

  • Steam Walker
  • Peace Maker
  • Joe Corning Deer
  • Young Wolf
  • Jackson Muskrat
  • James Muskrat
  • Daniel Muskrat
  • Moses Guess
  • Sleep Garatie
  • Johnson Silversmith
  • Heavy
  • John Hoskins
  • Degeny Swimmer
  • Walter Horsefly
  • Mouse Tin Cup
  • Nelson Wright
  • Walker Prince
  • Cooking Potatoes
  • Swallow Standing, Dead
  • John Snell
  • Falling Buzzard
  • Jones Rig
  • John Downing
  • Richard Fencer
  • Young P. Wolf
  • Mixed Water
  • Jack Jackson
  • Edward Allbones, Dead
  • John Wright, Dead
  • Adam Russell, [see old book]
  • Asa Carter, Dead
  • John Wadigoo, Lipe
  • James Tin Cup
  • John-sa
  • Charles Chun-we-wa
  • James Cooking, Dead
  • George Watt
  • James Wright
  • Camp Doras
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MLA Source Citation:

42nd Congress. Alleged Frauds Against Certain Indian Soldiers. House of Representatives Report, 2nd Session, No. 96. Web. 30 August 2016.
- Last updated on Nov 3rd, 2012

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