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People of One Fire

Archaic Period

People of One Fire

People of One Fire is an alliance of Creek, Choctaw and Seminole scholars, who over the past seven years have been intensely studying the heritage and languages of the Muskogean peoples. Much of their activities have involved re-examination of the archives of the early Spanish, English and French exploration of the Southeastern United States. They also have been comparing Muskogean words with those of several indigenous languages of Mexico and Central America. They have found many examples of words that are identical or almost identical in sound, that mean the same in the two languages. In particular, the Hitchiti-Creek language contains many links to the Itza Maya language. Architect Richard Thornton is editor of the newsletter distributed to the alliance, which is known as “the People of One Fire.” You can also view Richards published books

The following articles written by Richard, most of them exclusively for AccessGenealogy, advance the findings of People of One Fire and Richard’s personal studies. These articles take a look at the Muskogean peoples like none other that can be found online. To study their heritage, and not to have at least read his writings, is to assume that we already know everything about this people.

County Histories

Native American History of Alabama

Native American History of Florida

Native American History of Georgia

 Special Series Exclusive to Access Genealogy

The Muskogean Peoples of French Louisiana

Early Creek History

Early Native American Towns and Villages

Miscellaneous Native American History

Forts across North America

Native American Mounds

Encounters with the Potawatomi Tribe

Architecture of Native Americans

The Wars on the Carolina and Georgia Frontier 1660-1763