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Oklahoma Land Patents – Apache Tribe

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Patentee NameDateDoc. #Accession #
BERRY, CYNTHIA01/30/191399739312314
BERRY, MAGGIE12/07/1908118276-0832634
BERRY, MAGGIE11/14/191077621-10161418
BERRY, NELLIE12/07/1908118276-0832633
BERRY, TENNYSON11/14/191077621-10161418
BLACKBEAR, EDWARD12/07/1908118276-0832471
BLACKBEAR, HENRY12/07/1908118276-0832470
BLACKBEAR, LILY01/30/191399739312313
BLACKBEAR, MARY12/07/1908118276-0832469
CHALE PAH, HERBERT12/07/1908118276-0832767
DA TO SE, MARIE12/07/1908118276-0832876
ESTEEL KLU AH, THOMAS12/07/1908118276-0832873
HIGH, ANNA12/07/1908118276-0832766
HIGH, MARY12/07/1908118276-0832917
K0 MARD LEY, EVELYN12/07/1908118276-0832472
KA DAY SO, JOSEPH12/07/1908118276-0832473
KA DAY SO, MARY12/07/1908118276-0832447
KLINE KO LE, BERTHA12/07/1908118276-0832475
KO MARD LEY, REGINA12/07/1908118276-0832428
KO-MARD-LEY, MAY01/30/191399739312316
KO-SOPE, RICHARD01/30/191399739312311
KOS TO CHALE SAH, BESSIE12/07/1908118276-0832425
KOSE-TO-CHALE-SAH, WALTER01/30/191399739312309
KOSOPE, ELLA12/07/1908118276-0832479
KOST ZU TA, GEORGE WASHINGTON12/07/1908118276-0832512
KOST ZU TA, SPENCER12/07/1908118276-0832426
LO HU04/14/190918222-0955723
NAU NIE, EDGAR12/07/1908118276-0832477
PALMER, CHARLES12/07/1908118276-0832927
PALMER, CLARA ROSA12/07/1908118276-0832928
STARR, DAVID12/07/1908118276-0832468
STARR, JOHN12/07/1908118276-0832868
STARR, JOSIE01/30/191399739312315
TAH, OWEN01/30/191399739312310
TAH ZE MAH AH CHE, SUSIE12/07/1908118276-0832867
TSA-TAH-SIS-KO, ISABEL01/30/191399739312312
TSEE LEE, SUSIE12/07/1908118276-0832877
TUTS TSI SAH, JONAS12/07/1908118276-0832459
WE TSEL LINE, HENRY12/07/1908118276-0832875
WE TSEL LINE, ROBERT12/07/1908118276-0832874
YE AH PAU, JOSEPH12/07/1908118276-0832549

MLA Source Citation: Native American Land Patents. Web. 28 May 2016.
- Last updated on Jan 19th, 2013

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