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Oklahoma Indians Wounded in Action

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The following Indians Wounded in Action, are listed by Name, Tribe and Location of death. The name under the photograph is the person shown.  No additional information was provided in the book.

  • Rudoph Allen, Tonkawa, Europe
  • Oland Kemble, Pnoca, France
  • Levi Horsechief, Pawnee, Europe
  • Marcellus Choteau, Kaw, Philippines
  • Gale New Moon, Ponca, Europe
  • Lawrence Good Fox Jr., Pawnee, Europe
  • James Armstrong, Jr., Caddo-Cheyenne, Pacific
  • Francis Bates, Arapaho, Europe
  • Harold S. Beard, Cheyenne-Arapaho, Aleutians
  • Rubin Bent, Quapaw-Cheyenne, Europe
  • Oliver Black, Cheyenne, Europe
  • Richard Boynton, Jr., Cheyenne-Arapaho, Europe
  • Roy Bullcoming, Cheyenne, Europe
  • Richard Curtis, Jr. , Cheyenne, Mediterranean
  • William M. Fletcher, , Cheyenne, Iwo Jima
  • Paul Goodbear, Cheyenne, Europe
  • John Greaney, Jr. , Cheyenne, Pacific
  • Charles F. Gurrier, Sioux-Cheyenne, Pacific
  • Warren L. Hawk, Cheyenne, Kiska
  • James Holland, Jr., Arapaho, Pacific
  • Darwin Lane Elk, Cheyenne, Pacific
  • Henry Mann, Cheyenne, Holland
  • Edward B. Mule, Cheyenne, Europe
  • Ray Night Walking, Cheyenne, Europe
  • Lee Old Camp, Jr., Cheyenne-Arapaho, Pacific
  • Willie Orange, Cheyenne, Pacific
  • William F. Pawnee, Arapaho, Europe
  • David Penn, Cheyenne, Europe
  • Philip Strongwolf, Cheyenne, Europe
  • Elmer C. Surveyor, Cheyenne, Europe
  • George Swallow, Cheyenne, Europe
  • Everett Sweezy, Arapaho-Oneida, Europe
  • William Tallbird, Jr., Cheyenne, Europe
  • Harvey West, Cheyenne, Pacific
  • Solus B. Lewis, Creek, Europe
  • Isaac McCurtain, Choctaw, Europe
  • Luther King, Choctaw, Sicily
  • Richmond J. Lorney, Seminole, France
  • Houston Palmer, Creek, Anzio
  • Jacob Fish, Five Civilized Tribes, Huertgen Forest
  • Chester Underwood, Five Civilized Tribes, Germany
  • Henry N. Greenwood, Chickasaw, Italy
  • Tom Fixico, Creek, Sicily, Italy
  • Joe Fixico, Creek, Anzio, France
  • John P. Lowe, Creek, Anzio, France
  • Jack Bruner, Creek, Italy
  • Danny Marshall, Creek, France, Italy
  • Munzie Barnett, Creek, Germany
  • Sampson Harjo, Creek, France
  • Martin Mitchell, Creek, Pacific
  • Sam McCann, Choctaw, France
  • Daniel Phillips, Jr., Creek, France
  • Franklin Gritts, Cherokee, Pacific
  • Cornelius L. Wakolee, Potawatomi, Italy
  • Jack Montgomery, Cherokee, Italy
  • Calvin Dailey, Otoe, France
  • Robert Haog, Caddo-Deleware, Italy
  • Robert L. Templeton, Pawnee, Leyte
  • Jesse B. Thompson, Choctaw
  • James R. Hattensty, Choctaw, Italy
  • Soloman Roberts, Choctaw, Germany
  • Esra H. Wallace, Choctaw
  • J.D. Walker, Seminole, Europe
  • Miller Yahola, Seminole, Europe
  • Johnson Davis, Seminole, Belgium
  • Amos Davis, Seminole, France
  • Harding Big Bow, Kiowa, Germany
  • Edward M. Rodger, Quapaw Kwajalein
  • Rudolph Akoneto, Jr., Kiowa, Europe
  • Raymond Arkeketa, Kiowa, Pacific
  • Kenneth Aunquoe, Kiowa, Pacific
  • Hubert Dennis Beaver, Delaware-Shawnee, Pacific
  • Samuel W. Choat, Comanche, Europe
  • Clifford Chebahtah, Comanche, Iwo Jima
  • Edward Clark, Comanche
  • Leonard Cozad, Kiowa, Europe
  • Hugh Dayebi, Kiowa, Bastogne
  • Noah Horsechief, Wichita
  • Lamont Howry, Comanche, Europe
  • Rickey Kaulaity, Kiowa, Europe
  • Samuel Koulay, Kiowa, Aleutians
  • William Koulay, Kiowa, Europe
  • Robert Komesataddle, Kiowa, Pacific
  • Wayne L. Miller, Wichita, Europe
  • Wilson B. Palmer, Kiowa, Tarawa
  • Wilbur Parker, Comanche
  • Frederick E. Parton, Caddo, Europe
  • Pascal C. Poolaw, Kiowa, Europe
  • Melvin G. Queton, Kiowa, Pacific
  • Virgil Queton, Kiowa, Europe
  • Virgil Queton, Kiowa, Europe
  • Winston Rose, Wichita
  • Dan Shemayme, Caddo, Europe
  • Claude Shirley, Caddo, Europe
  • Chester Silverhorn, Kiowa, Europe
  • Reuben Topaum, Kiowa, Europe
  • Kent C. Ware, Kiowa, Europe
  • Pressley Ware, Kiowa
  • Robert Yeahpau, Kiowa, Europe
  • Raymond Woodard, Apache, Europe
  • Thomas Chapman, Jr. Pawnee, Iwo Jima
  • Samuel Battiest, Choctaw, Germany
  • Samuel Marshall Creek, Europe
  • Robert H. Colbert, Jr., Creek, Europe
  • Andrew Roberts, Pawnee, Europe
  • Jacob Moses, Pawnee, Europe
  • Jesse Howell, Pawnee, U.S.A.
  • James G. Cleghorn, Otoe
  • Edison DeRoin, Otoe, Africa
  • Calvin Arkeketa, Otoe, Europe
  • Jimmy Black, Otoe
  • Ernest Black, Otoe
  • Jonas Hartico, Otoe
  • Rufus Jeans, Otoe
  • Bill Pipestem, Otoe
  • Pershing White, Otoe
  • Theodore Buffalo, Otoe, Italy
  • Ernest J. Kekahbah, Kaw, Italy
  • William A. Harris, Jr., Pawnee, Italy, Germany


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- Last updated on Jun 25th, 2013

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