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Oklahoma Indian Honored War Dead

Oklahoma Indian Honored War Dead

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The following Honored War Dead, are listed by Name, Tribe and Location of death. The name under the photograph is the person shown.  No additional information was provided in the book.

  • Harold E. Rogers, Seneca, Europe
  • Grant Gover, Pawnee, France
  • Dennis W. Bluejacket, Shawnee-Cherokee, Europe
  • George Choate, Jr., Cheyenne-Arapaho
  • Charles Edward Harris, Pawnee, France
  • Reuben Mashunkashey, Osage, Luxembourg
  • Moses Red Eagle, Osage, Italy
  • Mathson Whiteshield, Cheyenne-Arapaho
  • Jim N. Chuculate, Five Civilized Tribes, Luxembourg
  • Charles E. Sam, Five Civilized Tribes, Belgium
  • Zack L. Smith, Ponca, Germany
  • George D. Coons, Pawnee, Germany
  • Cornelius Hardman, Jr. Ponca, Luxembourg
  • James L. Douglas, Creek, Philippines
  • David Cross, Jr., Caddo-Cheyenne, Philippines
  • Wesley Osage, Cheyenne, Pacific
  • Cyrus Packer, Cheyenne, Europe
  • Kingsley Allrunner, Cheyenne, U.S.A.
  • Wayne Beartrack, Cheyenne, U.S.A.
  • Nelson Bearbow, Cheyenne, U.S.A.
  • Levi Hosetosavit, Comanche, France
  • Rayson Billy, Choctaw, Sicily
  • Davis Pickens, Choctaw, Africa
  • Lewis E. Wade, Choctaw, Germany
  • John Floyd Wall, Choctaw, Pacific
  • Edmond Perry, Choctaw
  • John Carney, Choctaw
  • Johnson Harjo, Seminole, France
  • Charles W. Imotichey, Chickasaw, Italy
  • Hershel L. Malone, Chickasaw, England
  • Orus Baxter, Jr., Creek, Germany
  • James Sulphur, Creek, France
  • Willie Scott, Creek, France
  • Charles G. Keighley, Osage, Germany
  • Owen Mombi, Choctaw, Germany
  • Whitney Holata, Seminole, England
  • Sam Fixico, Seminole, Mediterranean
  • Johnnie Buckner, Creek, Pacific
  • James Paul Fireshaker, Ponca, Okinawa
  • John Wallace, Choctaw, Africa
  • Andrew Brokeshoulder, Choctaw, Sicily
  • T.P. Hattensty, Choctaw, Anzio
  • Billie Jack, Choctaw, New Guinea
  • Paul B. Blanche, Choctaw
  • Osborne L. Blanche, Choctaw, Japan
  • Ray Bohanon, Choctaw, Europe
  • Aaron Cusher, Choctaw
  • Hanson H. Jones, Choctaw
  • Aaron Watkins, Choctaw
  • LeRoy McNoel, Choctaw
  • Marion Ruling Harris, Sac and Fox, Tinian
  • Andrew Warrior, Shawnee
  • Lee Edward Ahcheko, Sac and Fox, Pacific
  • Thomas P. Carter, Sac and Fox
  • Paul K Stevens, Kickapoo
  • Donald Beaver, Caddo, Europe
  • Raymond Brown, Wichita, Europe
  • Thomas Chockpayah, Comanche, Europe
  • Matthew Hawzipta, Kiowa, Germany
  • Melvin Myers, Comanche, Europe
  • Lyndreth Palmer, Kiowa, Europe
  • Louis Rivas, Comanche, Europe
  • Ben Trevino, Jr., Comanche, Europe
  • Gilbert Vidana, Comanche, Europe
  • Joe Guoladdle, Kiowa, Pacific
  • Nathaniel Bitseedy, Kiowa-Apache, U.S.A.
  • Don Madrano, Jr., Caddo, Europe
  • Forrest Tabbyyetchy, Comanche, U.S.A.
  • Mont Bruce Williams, Caddo, U.S.A.
  • John Stevens, Choctaw, Europe
  • Lewis Mitchell, Creek, Atlantic
  • Joseph J. King, Ottawa, Germany
  • Johnnie F. Gokey, Sac and Fox, Luzon
  • Joseph G. Bratton, Osage, Pacific
  • Bennett H. Griffin, Osage, France
  • Clabe C. Mackey, Osage, Germany
  • Joseph L. LaSarge, Osage, Philippines
  • Rudolph McKinley, Osage, France
  • Frank Riddle, Jr., Osage, Pacific
  • Milton Otis Ririe, Osage, Panama
  • Harold B. Smalley, Osage, Pacific
  • Eugene E. Slaughter, Osage, Pacific
  • Clarence Tinker, Jr., Osage, Mediterranean
  • Robert E. Warrior, Osage, France
  • Elmer C. Weinrich, Osage, Germany
  • William Silas Coons, Pawnee, Italy
  • Charles G. Red Bird, Cheyenne Pacific
  • William Sixkiller, Jr., Cherokee Saipan
  • Henry W. Conowoop, Comanche, Luzon
  • Floyd Primeaux, Ponca

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