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Ntlakyapamuk Tribe

Ntlakyapamuk Indians. One of the four great Salish tribes inhabiting the interior of British Columbia and popularly called Thompson Indian from the river on which a large part of them live. Internally they are divided into the Lower Thonlpsons living from a short distance below Spuzzum on Fraser river, nearly to the village of Cisco, and the Upper Thompson, whose towns extend from tile latter point nearly to Lillooet on the Fraser, to within a short distance of Ashcroft on the Thompson, and over all of Nicola valley. The Upper Thompsons are subdivided by Teit into 4 minor bands, the Lytton band, the Nicola band, the Spences Bridge band, and the Upper Fraser band. In addition the following subdivisions are mentioned:

Total population 1,826 in 1902, 1,776 in 1906. The following list of villages was obtained principally from Teit:

Villages of the Lower Thompsons:

Villages of the Lytton band:

Villages of the Upper Fraser band:

Villages of the Spences Bridge band:

Village of the Nicola band:

To these the following names must be added, although one or two of them may possibly be synonyms: