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North Dakota Indian Reservations

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A list of North Dakota Indian reservations showing the Indian tribes the land was set aside for, the amount of acres if known, and the acts, treaties, and executive orders used to establish the reservation.

Reservation: Devils Lake
Tribes: Assiniboin, Cuthead (Pabaksa), Santee, Sisseton, Yankton, and Wahpeton Sioux
Acres: 92,144
Established by: Treaty of Feb. 19, 1867 (XV, 505); agreement of Sept. 20, 1872, confirmed in Indian appropriation act approved June 22, 1874 (XVIII, 167). 135,824.33 acres were allotted to 1,193 Indians, 727.83 acres reserved for church, and 193.61 acres reserved for Government purposes. Act of Apr. 27,1904 (XXXIII, 319), to amend and ratify agreement made Nov. 2, 1901. President’s proclamation of June 2, 1904 (XXXIII, 2368).

Reservation: Fort Berthold
Tribes: Arikara, Hidatsa, Mandan
Acres: 884,780
Established by: Unratified agreement of Sept. 17, 1851, and July 27, 1866; Executive orders, Apr. 12, 1870, July 13, 1880, and June 17,1892; agreement of Dec. 14, 1886, ratified by act of Mar.3, 1891 (XXVI, 1032). (See Pres. proc. May 20,1891, XXVII, 979.) 80,340 acres were allotted to 940 Indians; the residue, 884,780 acres, unallotted. Lands now in process of allotment.

Reservation: Standing Rock
Tribes: Blackfeet (Sihasapa), Hunkpapa, Lower and Upper Yanktonai Sioux
Acres: 1,847,812
Established by: Treaty of Apr. 29, 1868 (XV, 635); Executive orders, Jan. 11 and Mar. 16, 1876, and Nov. 28, 1876; agreement ratified by act of Feb. 28, 1877 (XIX, 254); Executive orders, Aug. 9, 1879. and Mar. 20, 1884 (1,520,640 acres in South Dakota); unratified agreement of Oct. 17,1882. (For modification see sundry civil appropriation act approved Mar. 3, 1883, XXII, 624; for text see Misc. Indian Doc. XIV, 305.) Act of Congress of Apr. 30, 1888 (XXV, 94), not accepted. Act of Congress of Mar. 2, 1899 (XXV, 888). President’s proclamation of Feb. 10, 1890 (XXVI, 1554). Under act of Mar. 2, 1899 (XXV, 884), and authority of the President of Sept. 26, 1905. 2,489 Indians have been allotted 824,828.44 acres, leaving unallotted 1,847,811.56 acres. Lands now in process of allotment.

Reservation: Turtle Mountain
Tribes: Pembina Chippewa
Established by: Executive orders, Dec. 21, 1882, Mar. 29 and June 3, 1884. Agreement made Oct. 2, 1892, amended by Indian appropriation act approved and ratified Apr. 21, 1904, (XXXIII194). 45,894 acres allotted to 326 Indians, and 186 acres reserved for church and school purposes under the above-named act.

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