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Nisqually Indians

Nisqually Indians. From Skwale’absh, the native name of Nisqually River. Also spelled   Quallyamish, and Skwalliahmish. Also called:

Nisqually Connections. They gave their name to one dialectic division of the coastal division of the Salishan linguistic stock.

Nisqually Location. On Nisqually River above its mouth and on the middle and upper courses of Puyallup River.

Nisqually Villages

Nisqually Population. Mooney (1928) estimated that in 1780 there were about 3,600 Nisqually of whom, in 1907, between 1,100 and 1,200 survived. About 1,100 were returned in the census of 1910, but the Indian Office Report for 1937 gives only 62, evidently a minor tribe which gave its name to the larger body.

Connection in which the Nisqually Indians have become noted. The memory of the Nisqually tribe, or cluster of bands, has been preserved in the name of Nesqually or Nisqually River, and in the post village of Nisqually in Thurston County.