Many tribes have sub-tribes, bands, gens, clans and phratry.  Often very little information is known or they no longer exist.  We have included them here to provide more information about the tribes.

Grigras. A French nickname and the only known name of a small tribe already incorporated with the Natchez confederacy in 1720; it was applied because of the frequent occurrence of grigra in their language. There is uncertainty in regard to the language and ethnic relations, but unless affiliated with the Tonica, the tribe was evidently distinct from every other, since, as indicated by the sound grigra, their language possessed an r.

Hoaiels. Mentioned by Baudry des Lozières (Voy. Louisiane, 242, 1802) in a list of tribes with no indication of habitat. Possibly intended for Theloel, a name given sometimes to part, at others to all the Natchez.