Miluk Indians. Significance unknown; also called Lower Coquille.

Miluk Connections. The Miluk spoke the southern of the two dialects of the Kusan linguistic family, and were related more remotely to the Yakonan stock.

Miluk Location. At the mouth of Coquille River.

Miluk Villages

  • Miluk or Mulluk, on the north side of the Coquille River at the site of the present town of Randolph.
  • Nasumi, on the south side of Coquille River on the coast of Oregon, near the site of the present Bandon.

Miluk Population. Mooney (1928) estimated 2,000 in 1780 for the Miluk and Hanis together. In 1910 they numbered 93. (See Hanis Indians) In 1937 the population of the “Kus” Indians was given as 55.