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Lummi Indians

Lumni Indians. Significance unknown. Also spelled Há-lum-mi, Nuh-lummi, and Qtlumi. Also called:

Lummi Connections. The Lummi belonged to the coastal division of the Salishan linguistic family and spoke, according to Boas (1911), the same dialect as the Songish of Vancouver Island.

Lummi Location. On the upper part of Bellingham Bay and about the mouth of Nooksack River. Formerly the Lummi are said to have resorted at times to a group of islands east of Vancouver Island. They were finally placed on Lummi Reservation.

Lummi Villages

According to Stern, 1934

Lummi Population. Mooney (1928) estimates the number of Lummi at 1,000 in 1780, including the Samish and Nooksack. In 1905 there were 412; according to the census of 1910, 353; according to the United States Indian Office Report for 1923, 505; and according to that for 1937, 661.

Connection in which the Lummi Indians have become noted. Lummi River, Washington, preserves the name.