Washington, D. C., March 18, 1868.
SIR: I herewith enclose sundry affidavits and letters, which have been placed, in my hands by parties interested therein, with a request that I file them in your office and ask that an investigation may be had and that they may have justice done them.

First. Three letters to J. W. Dunn, United States agent for the Creeks, dated May 11, May 14, and June 10, 1867. These letters are from Samuel Checoto, principal chief, and other Creeks, asking him as their agent to assist them in getting their bounty, back pay, &c. I cannot learn that any notice was taken of those letters, or that they were ever sent to the proper Department for investigation by said J. W. Dunn.

Also, an affidavit of twenty-seven Seminole soldiers, asking relief and revoking all authority given to J. W. Wright to collect their bounty.

Also, an affidavit of twenty-two Creek soldiers on the same subject.

Also, sundry affidavits of Cherokees, making complaint against their attorney, J. W. Wright, to back pay, bounty, &c.

I respectfully ask, in behalf of the soldiers, whose guardians you are, that the matter may be investigated, and that they may have justice done them.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
Hon. N. G. TAYLOR,
Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Washington, D. C.