Isleta del Sur Indians (Span.: ‘ Isleta of the south’) A Tigua pueblo on the north east bank of the Rio Grande, a few miles below El Paso, Texas. It was established in 1681 by some 400 Indian captives from Isleta, New Mexico, taken thence by Gov. Otermin on his return from the attempted reconquest of of the Pueblos after their revolt in Aug. 1680. It was the seat of a Franciscan mission from 1682, containing a church dedicated to San Antonio de Padua. The mission name San Antonio applied to Isleta del Sur belonged to the northern Isleta until its abandonment in consequence of the revolt, and when the latter was resettled in 1709 or 1718, the mission was named San Agustin de la Isleta.  The few inhabitants of Isleta del Sur are now almost completely Mexicanized.