In our search for ancestors, sometimes we forget that many Indian Tribes were in different locations than we expect.  Much of what we know comes from History Books sometimes written by people a hundred years later.  We need to learn the family group many of the tribes originated from, by doing so we may also learn tribes were not always in the location we have grown to expect. For other locations by tribe visit Indian Tribes by Location.

The purpose of the Native American mailing lists is to provide the reader with additional information and suggestions on new areas to look for their ancestors.  We have invited many knowledgeable people to join these lists and with their help and others, we may be able to piece together locations of additional family members.

As with all mailing lists there a few simple rules.

Suggestions for Message

  • Do not use all capital letters, this is very hard to read: example THIS IS WHAT NOT TO DO!
  • Put surnames only in capitol letters: example SMITH, John
  • Include dates if known, example: 18 January 1803, not 18/01/03
  • Include City, County and State if known,  example: Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa
  • How to Write a Query – This article is provided to help you write better queries so that the answer you get is more complete.

Rules of the Lists

  • No Flames – This will get you removed from the list, quick as a wink.
  • Courtesy – Many of the people writing to this list have very recently discovered they may have a Native American connection, don’t put them down because you think they asked a stupid question.  The only stupid question is the one not asked.
  • Off Topic Discussion – Posts having noting to do with searching for Native American Ancestors, will be considered off topic.  Weather in your location is a good example. These are not DNA lists, many lists have been set up just for that purpose.