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Our tribal history pages represent a cross-index of specific pages on our site relevant to a tribe. These pages are not meant to replace our search, which should be used to find a much larger amount of mentions for each tribe, but to provide a quick reference point for researchers to find a larger quantity of material for a specific tribe. Beside some links are an author’s name or book title. To find more information about each author or book please view our main Tribes of the United States page.

Nabedache Indians

Nacisi Indians

Nacogdoche Indians

Nahane Indians

Nakotchokutchin Indians

Naltunnetunne Indians

Nanaimo Indians

Nanatsoho Indians

Nanticoke Indians

Napissa Indians

Napochi Indians

Narraganset Indians

Natchez Indians

Natchitoch Indians

Natchitoches Confederacy

Nauset Indians

Navajo/Navaho Indians

Nahyssan Indians

Necariage Indians

Neketemeuk Indians

Nemalquinner Indians

Nespelem Indians

Neuse Indians (Neuse is another name for the Neusiok Tribe)

Neusiok Indians

Neutral Indians

New York Indians

Nez Percé Indians

Niantic Indians (Eastern)

Niantic Indians (Western)

Nipissing Indians

Nipmuc Indians

Nisqualli Indians

Nomelaki Indians

Nongatl Indians

Nooksak Indians

Nootka Indians

Noo-Wha-Ha Indians

Noquet Indians

Norridgewock Indians

Nottoway Indians

Ntlakyapamuk Indians