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Indian Genealogy

You research your Indian genealogy using the same technique you would for any other ancestry. Start with yourself and work your way back, no short cuts! Don’t start with Sacagawea, because somebody in your family says you’re related to her, and try to work your way forward. YOU need to step your way backward in time, documenting along the way, because you’ll never know how well the research was done before you.

People research genealogy for several reasons, I do it because I want to know who came before me – your reason may be different. Please try Beginning Genealogy, where there are very basic steps to get you started, including forms. Keep in mind, along the way you may find information you don’t like, none of our families were or are perfect. These stories of my ancestors makes my search more intriguing.

There are some additional facts you need to know in researching your Indian Genealogy:

Finally, use the Rolls and Census Records, when you have finally put all your other family information together, it will then be time to look at the rolls.  Reading the history of each roll will help you better understand how to use the rolls.

Rolls and census presently available on Native American Genealogy: