Humptulip Indians. Said to signify “chilly region.”

Humptulip Connections. The Humptulips belonged to the coastal division of the Salishan linguistic stock, being connected most closely with the Chehalis.

Humptulip Location. On the Humptulips River, and part of Grays Harbor, including also Hoquiam Creek and Whiskam River.

Humptulip Villages

These are placed under the Humptulips only on account of their locations as described.

  • Hli’mtimi (Curtis, 1907-9), near North Cove.
  • Hoquiam, on Hoquiam Creek.
  • Hooshkal (Gibbs), on the north shore of Grays Harbor.
  • Kishkallen (Gibbs), on the north shore of Grays Harbor.
  • Klimmim (Gibbs), 1877).
  • Kplelch (Curtis), at the mouth of North River.
  • Kwapks (Curtis, 1907-9), at the mouth of North River.
  • Mo’niltimsh (Curtis), at Georgetown.
  • Nooachhummik (Gibbs), on the coast north of Grays Harbor.
  • Nookalthu (Gibbs), north of Grays Harbor.
  • Nu’moihanhl (Curtis), at Tokeland.
  • Whishkah, on Whishkah River.

Humptulip Population. See Chehalis. In 1888 according to Olsen 18 Humptulips were reported. In 1904 there were 21.

Connection in which the Humptulip Indians have become noted. Humptulips River and a village in Grays Harbor County preserve the name of the Humptulips Indians.