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History of Choctaw Allotment Contest Cases

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Table showing the disposition and present status of Choctaw allotment contest cases appealed from the decisions of the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes and Commissioner to the Five Civilized Tribes, and in which decisions on said appeals have been rendered, from July 1, 1904, to May 31, 1906, inclusive.

No.Title.Decided by Commission or Commissioner.Action of Commissioner of Indian Affairs.Action of Secretary of the Interior.Status on May 31, 1906.
1Inez Turnbull v. Salena BallDec. 23, 1903Affirmed Apr. 7, 1904Affirmed July 21, 1904Closed Oct, 17, 1904
2Minnie Neal v. Charles O. WardDec. 30, 1903Affirmed Apr. 28, 1904Closed July 1, 1904
7Minnie Neal v. Henry Lee Ward, a minorDec. 30, 1903Affirmed Apr. 29, 1904Closed July 1, 1904
31 ConIsom Pickens v. Mary Stewart et al23-Dec-03Reversed June 1, 1904Affirmed Dec. 9, 1904Closed Feb. 12, 1906
42 ConEllis D. Freeny, a minor, v. Jewel Dillard, a minor, and Virgie M. Dillard, a minor.Aug. 22, 1904Affirmed Dec. 9, 1904Closed Feb 23, 1905
119 ConGrace Garland, a minor, v. Louisa McDaniel8-May-04Affirmed Dec. 9, 1904Closed Oct. 20, 1904
120 ConFannie Wilson v. John SimmonsApr. 19, 1905Affirmed Aug. Mar. 26, 1906Closed May 11, 1906
126Annie Folsom, a minor, by her father John N. Fol som, v. Selina HoltonDec. 6, 1904Affirmed Dec. 20, 1905Closed Feb. 12, 1906
127Richard P. Jennings v. McCurtain Lester, a minorOct. 10, 1904Affirmed Nov. 11, 1905Closed Jan. 16, 1906
142Joseph Armstrong, a minor, by his legal guardian, Christopher C. Choate, v. Winnie E. ByingtonOct. 26, 1904Affirmed Dec. 7, 1904Affirmed July 8, 1905Closed Sept. 18, 1905
155Willie E. Dodson et al. v. heirs of Daniel Moses, deceased, et alAug. 22, 1904Affirmed Jan. 11, 1905Affirmed Apr. 15, 1905Closed June 7, 1905
172Nellie Beatrice Wadley, a minor by her father, George L. Wadley, v. Hester A. BarbourMar. 13,1905Affirmed in part and reversed in part Mar. 13, 1906Pending before the Secretary of the Interior
179Susan Dillon, administratrix of estate of Annie Smallwood, deceased, v. Jewel Dillard, a minorOct. 12, 1904Affirmed Jan. 16, 1905Closed Mar. 7, 1905
251Charles A. Bilbo v. Barbery Belvin, a minor, et al5-May-05Appeal dismissed Mar. 26, 1906Closed May 17, 1906
278Eveline Harris, a minor, by her legal guardian, Nathan Harris, v. William T. SmithJan. 26, 1905Affirmed Dec. 2, 1905Pending before the Secretary of the Interior
305Cynthia Eudora Lewis v. Martha DurantFeb. 2, 1905Affirmed Nov. 17, 1905Closed Jan. 10, 1906
311Ike K. Pool, a minor, v, his father and natural guardian, Ike K. Pool, v. Louisa E. F. JacksonSept. 29, 1904Reversed Nov. 7, 1905Awaiting further action of parties
319Sarah A. Gilmore v. Jake Story, a minorAug. 24, 1904Affirmed Nov.28, 1904Closed Jan. 6, 1905
331Henry C. Nash v. James S. LockeMar. 31, 1905Affirmed Mar. 19, 1906Pending before the Secretary of the Interior
330Lizzie Nash v. Edgar O. Oakes, a minorOct. 13, 1904Affirmed Jan. 16, 1905Affirmed May 12, 1905Closed June 16, 1905
343Belle Morris (nee Lewis) v. Edward E. WalkerJan. 26, 1905Affirmed Nov. 24, 1905Appeal dismissed Apr. 16, 1906Awaiting further action of parties
357Charles T Perry v. Jerry J. McMurtrySept. 29, 1904Affirmed Nov. 1,1905Closed Dec. 29, 1905
404Colbert Anderson v. Jennie McDanielDec. 6, 1904Affirmed Nov. 16, 1905Closed Jan. 12, 1906
413Roar Hudson v. Richard McKinneyNov. 5, 1904Affirmed Nov. 1, 1905Closed Dec. 19, 1905
424Frank Pebworth a minor by his father and natural guardian, Joseph Pebworth, v. Essie WrightFeb. 24, 1905Affirmed Feb. 2, 1906Closed Apr. 5, 1906
431Josephine Thompson v. Leona McKinneyDec. 6, 1904Affirmed Jan. 13, 1900Closed Mar. 7, 1906
454John Mayo, a minor, by his father and natural guardian, J. B. Mayo, v. Nettie W. PayteDec. 6, 1904Modified Jan. 27, 1906Closed Mar. 9, 1906
497Carrie A Robinson v. Sibbie BullyDec. 6, 1904Affirmed Oct. 31, 1905Closed Dec. 29, 1905
523William Barrows a minor, by his father and natural guardian, Dennis Barrows, v. Maxey WelchMar. 11, 1905Affirmed Mar. 2, 1906Closed May 4, 1906
549Robert N. Page, by his father and natural guardian, Robert Page, v. Maggie Andrews19-May-05Reversed Mar. 21,1906Pending before the Secretary of the Interior
552Webster Colbert a minor by his father and natural guardian, Charlie Colbert, v. Silas LewisJan. 2 1905Affirmed Nov. 18, 1905Closed Jan. 4, 1906
501Ben McCann, a minor, by his adopted father, Silas Bacon v. David Coone2-Jun-05Reversed Apr. 12, 1906Closed May 31, 1906
565 ConJohn Moore v, David McKinney30-Jun-05Affirmed Apr. 19, 1906Awaiting further action of parties
654 ConSusan Halsell v Charles P. MiddletonApr. 27 1905Affirmed Apr. 12, 1906Awaiting further action of parties
668Charles C. Agent, a minor, by his mother and natural guardian, Annie G. Agent, v. Norman C. Rose28-Jun-05Affirmed Apr. 11, 1906Awaiting further action of parties
778Marcus A. Jones v. Bettie BettsMar. 31, 1905Affirmed Jan. 26, 1906Closed Apr. 5, 1906
858Walter Hampton, a minor, by his father, Julius C. Hampton, v. Cecil A. Bilbo2-Jun-05Affirmed Apr. 5, 1906Closed May 31, 1906
874Mary Ann Ellis v. Travis Williams27-Jun-05Affirmed Apr. 26, 1906Awaiting further action of parties
883Walter J Huddleston v. Flavins J. GilmoreJune 2 1905Affirmed Apr. 3, 1906Closed May 31, 1906

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