A complete listing of all the Indian villages, towns and settlements as listed in Handbook of Americans North of Mexico.

Hastwiana (‘he was a little man’. Hewitt). A former Onondaga settlement on the site of the present village of Onondaga Valley, Onondaga co., N. Y.

Honeoye (‘his finger lies’. Hewitt). A former Seneca settlement on Honeoye cr., near Honeoye lake, N. Y.; destroyed by Sullivan in 1779.

Horicon. Marked on a map of 1671 as a people living on the headwaters of Hudson r., N. Y., w. of L. Champlain, and placed by others in the same general region. Ruttenber says they were a part of the Mahican who occupied the L. George district, but Shea considers the word a mere misprint for Hirocoi, Hierocoyes, or Iroquois, which is doubtful.

Hostayuntwa (Ho-‘std-yón-twän‘, ‘there he cast a lean thing into the fire’. Hewitt). An Oneida village that stood on the site of Camden, N. Y.


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Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico, Frederick Webb Hodge, 1906