With the passage by the U.S. Congress of the Indian Removal Act that same year, the legal mechanisms were put in place for President Andrew Jackson to negotiate with Indian groups for their deportation.

The Choctaws, Mississippi’s largest Indian group, were the first southeastern Indians to accept removal with the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek in September 1830. The treaty provided that the Choctaws would receive land west of the Mississippi River in exchange for the remaining Choctaw lands in Mississippi. The Choctaws were given three years to leave Mississippi.

English names listed on the 1831 “list of claims allowed under the treaty in Greenwood Leflore district”. These are “persons that have relinquished their land.

Daniel Anderson Daniel Anderson (there are 2) Joseph Anderson Benjamin Battiece Winney Battiece Benjamin Capt. Big Cloud Big Pumpkin Bingard or Buzzard Isaac Bliss Capt.Bob Benjamin Brashears Lewis Brashears Turner Brashears Vaughn Brashears Widow Burris John Cafry Capt. Cammell Charles Carney Cornelius Carney Capt.Cobb Robert Cole Gilbert B. Collins John Cooper Placide Crapes Stephen Crapes William Crevatt Edward Curtain (McCurtain ??) Eli W. Crowder James Davis Davenport Delila (and her 5 children) J. Doke John Doty Charles Durant Leir Durant Pear Durant Ranson  Durant John Ellis Thomas Everage Capt.Silas D. Fisher Joseph Fisher Capt. Fletcher James Foster Moses Foster Samuel Foster Alexander Frazier Benjamin Frazier John Frazier Lewis Frazier Moses Frazier James Gipson Susan Graham James D. Hamilton John Hammond Hardy George Harkins Mrs. Harkins Willis Harkins Daniel Harris Reuben Harris Mary Harrison Charles Hayes Betsy Hays Capt. Jack Hays Philip Hays Capt. Thomas Hays Capt. William Hays John Homa Richard Houldenfield Isaac Impson Isaac Jacob Jefferson Jimmy John (son of the Capt.) James Jones Levi Jones Capt. Nat Jones Robert Jones William Jones

Kentuck John Benjamin Leflore Capt. Leflore Chief Greenwood Leflore Isaac Leflore Joel Leflore Major Lewis Leflore Michael Leflore Tobias Leflore William Leflore Little Leader (or Habitoche) Little Red Bird Samuel Long Ephraim Loyd John R. Lynch David Mackey William Mackey Levi McAfee William McCoy Daniel McCurtain James L. McDonnell Alexander McGakey Alexander McKey Catherine McKinney Edmond McKinney Silas McKinney Widow Massa McKinney Nancy Garrett E. Nelson Joseph Nelson William Ott David Oxberry Hardy Perry Isaac Perry James Perry John Perry Joseph Perry Moses Perry Ned Perry Widow Perry Peter Phil Polly Phillecutchy Capt. Pickens Poor Davey George Pusly Capt. Red Dog Red Knife Red Turkey Red Turkey Wing Z. Roback Davey Sexton Capt. Shields James Shoat Lucy Siston Mary Smallwood Truman Smith Willis Stall James Stanley Susan Teely William Thompson Peggy Trahern William Train Capt. Turnbull George Turnbull Robert Turnbull William Turnbull George H. Vaughn Capt. James Vaughn Doct. Walker Wallace Eden Ward Lewis Ward Tobias Ward Turner Ward Capt.Washington Tom Willock Leir Wilson Mrs. Wilson