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Genealogy of the Cherokee Ghigau Family

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7 George Harlan Starr. Nellie Carr, Nannie Bell and Mary Taylor nee Blackburn*
8 Joseph McMinn Starr. Delilah Adair
9 Rachel Starr* Samuel Lattamore
10 Nannie Starr* Samuel Lattamore
11 Deborah Starr. Richard Newland, William Harvey Sloan
12 Ellis Starr* Delilah Johnson
11125314 John West. Ruth Fields
2 Bluford West* Nannie Alberty
3 Eliza West. Leroy Markham
4 Rosa West. Nelson Rogers
5 Ellis West. Clara Buffington
6 George West* Elizabeth Vann
7 Ezekial West*
11126314 Sallie Phillips. Robert Beatty
2 Lucinda Phillips. Looney Price
OK 3 Ruth Phillips* Alexander Foreman
4 John Philips*
5 Joseph Phillips
6 Ellis Fox Phillips*  Mary Foreman
7 Elizabeth Phillips. Edmond Bean,* William Thornton, David Bell* and Tatnall Holt Post.*
8 Martha Phillips*
11127314 Barbara Hildebrand. Hiram Linder
2 James V. Hildebrand. Sarah Elizabeth Fields
OK 3 Jennie Hildebrand. John Williams
4 Catherine Hildebrand. Levi Bailey
5 John Walker Hildebrand. Eliza Jane White
6 Ellis Harlan Hildebrand. Sallie Stover and Josephine _____
7 Lewis W. Hildebrand. Lucy Ratliff
8 Isaac Newton Hildebrand. Jennie Ratliff
9 Mary Elizabeth Hildebrand. Daniel Jones Frazier
10 Minerva Hildebrand. Charles Ratliff, Anderson Reynolds
11128314 Eli Harlan. Delilah Alberty
2 Ellis Sanders Harlan. Nannie Barnett
OK 3 Sallie Harlan. Jacob Harnage
4 Elmira Harlan. Joshua Roach
11129314 David M. Harlan. Lucinda Tucker, Rebecca Welch nec Vannoy and Julia Ann Lane nee Tucker
2 Eliza Harlan. Samuel Craig
OK 3 Susan Jane Harlan. James Perry
111210314 Nannie Otterlifter. Haynes and David Miller
2 Alexander Otterlifter. Elsie Sleepingrabbit
OK 3 Jew Otterlifter
4 Lucy Otterlifter. Fox Taylor
5 Diana Otterlifter. Samuel Ballard
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MLA Source Citation:

Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921 Web. 24 August 2016.
- Last updated on Oct 21st, 2012

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