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Genealogy of the Cherokee Downing Family

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8Martha Downing. Bluford Whitmire and George W. Taylor
9Malachi Downing. Eliza Vann and Sallie Still
10Margaret Downing. George W. Taylor, Richard Crittenden and Benjamin Strickland
1122737415Joshua Tadpole*
2Eli Tadpole*
3David Tadpole. Utiyu Vann
4Susie Tadpole* Oceola Woodall
5John Tadpole*
1122738415Mary Still. William Martin
2George Still. Agnes Bolin
3Aaron Still*
4Jesse Still*
5Ezekial Still. Mary E. Langley
11227310415Margaret Downing  Ezekial Proctor
2Catherine Downing  William Kell
OK3Elizabeth Downing  George Welch
11227311415Dennis Downing
2Peter Downing. Elsie Hawk
OK3Timothy Downing* Mary Henson
4Elizabeth Downing. Henry Canada Williams and Wade Hampton Williams
1122831415Annie Muskrat. Henry Schoonover
2Jennie Muskrat. Alexander Earbob
OK3Eliza Muskrat. Stephen Morris McDaniel
4Calhoun Muskrat. Mollie Toney, Sallie Girty and Susie Davis
5Joseph Muskrat. Agnes Standingman
6Saphronia Muskrat. Thomas Parker
7Noah Muskrat*
1122833415Charles Galcatcher. Margaret Budder
2Lee Galcatcher. Susie Henry nee Foreman.
3Lucy Galcatcher. Roy Gordon and John McFarland
4Thomas William Galchatcher. Mary Nicodemus
12211131415Charlotte Beck. Rowe Smith and Riley Scott
2Susie Beck
11221132415Caroline Beck. William Hughes and Isaac Dougherty
2Ani Beck. Joseph Landrum and James Horsefly
OK3Thomas Beck. Sarah Lacey and Eliza DeShane
11221133415Joanna McGhee. Jeremiah Hanna and, John Jones
2Lucy Ann McGhee. William Adolphus Daniel, Jason Stilley, James Hudson
OK3Cynthia Ann McGhee. Bluford Sixkiller, George William Talbert and James Welch

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