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Genealogy of the Cherokee Downing Family

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8 Martha Downing. Bluford Whitmire and George W. Taylor
9 Malachi Downing. Eliza Vann and Sallie Still
10 Margaret Downing. George W. Taylor, Richard Crittenden and Benjamin Strickland
1122737415 Joshua Tadpole*
2 Eli Tadpole*
3 David Tadpole. Utiyu Vann
4 Susie Tadpole* Oceola Woodall
5 John Tadpole*
1122738415 Mary Still. William Martin
2 George Still. Agnes Bolin
3 Aaron Still*
4 Jesse Still*
5 Ezekial Still. Mary E. Langley
11227310415 Margaret Downing  Ezekial Proctor
2 Catherine Downing  William Kell
OK 3 Elizabeth Downing  George Welch
11227311415 Dennis Downing
2 Peter Downing. Elsie Hawk
OK 3 Timothy Downing* Mary Henson
4 Elizabeth Downing. Henry Canada Williams and Wade Hampton Williams
1122831415 Annie Muskrat. Henry Schoonover
2 Jennie Muskrat. Alexander Earbob
OK 3 Eliza Muskrat. Stephen Morris McDaniel
4 Calhoun Muskrat. Mollie Toney, Sallie Girty and Susie Davis
5 Joseph Muskrat. Agnes Standingman
6 Saphronia Muskrat. Thomas Parker
7 Noah Muskrat*
1122833415 Charles Galcatcher. Margaret Budder
2 Lee Galcatcher. Susie Henry nee Foreman.
3 Lucy Galcatcher. Roy Gordon and John McFarland
4 Thomas William Galchatcher. Mary Nicodemus
12211131415 Charlotte Beck. Rowe Smith and Riley Scott
2 Susie Beck
11221132415 Caroline Beck. William Hughes and Isaac Dougherty
2 Ani Beck. Joseph Landrum and James Horsefly
OK 3 Thomas Beck. Sarah Lacey and Eliza DeShane
11221133415 Joanna McGhee. Jeremiah Hanna and, John Jones
2 Lucy Ann McGhee. William Adolphus Daniel, Jason Stilley, James Hudson
OK 3 Cynthia Ann McGhee. Bluford Sixkiller, George William Talbert and James Welch

MLA Source Citation:

Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921 Web. 28 August 2016.
- Last updated on Oct 21st, 2012

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