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3 Thomas Galcatcher. Peggy and Minnie Vann
112211314 Oran Beck. Louisa Tiger and Letha Parris
2 Jeffrey Beck. Rachel Muskrat
OK 3 Susie Beck. Albert McGee and Alfred Pigeon
4 Samuel Beck* Susie Sixkiller, Salina Foreman and Elizabeth Dry
5 Cynthia Beck. Releford Beck, Henry Mitchell and William Taylor Barton
112212314 Sallie Downing  Jeffrey Beck
2 John Downing  Dennis
3 Susie Downing. John Still
4 David Downing. Catherine Faught
112213314 Aaron Headin Beck. Catherine McCreary nee Foreman and Josephine Downing. nee Welch
2 Arie Beck. Andrew Pettit, Archibald Love and Jonathan Riley
OK 3 Mary Beck. Frank Pettit
4 Releford Beck* Cynthia Beck
5 Weatherford Beck. Sabra Sturdevant
6 Joseph Beck*
7 Jeffrey Beck. Mary Ann Harris
8 Surry Eaton Beck. Julia Ann Hildebrand
9 Susie Beck. John Pinkney Chandler
10 Ellis Beck*
11 Elizabeth Beck. John Riley and John Wilson Howerton
112214314 Edward Downing
2 James Downing
3 Locust Downing
4 Thomas Downing
5 Mink Downing. Nellie Vann
6 Dragging Downing
7 Dooley
8 Sallie Downing. Thomas Hammer
112215314 Tickaneesky Still. Sallie
2 Dorcas Still. Ned Still
3 Aelia Still. Jack Still
4 George Still. Judith Downing and Catherine Downing
5 Jack Still
112216314 Nannie Downing. Charles Rogers and Thomas Fields
2 Tarcheche Downing
3 Caleb Downing
112217314 Nannie Tadpole  Thomas Woodall
2 David Tadpole  Elizabeth Downing