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11124314 George Washington Whitmire. Catherine Wofford and Elizabeth Faught
OK 2 Jonathan Whitmire. Charlotte Downing and Temperance Holt
11222314 Lewis Downing. Lydia Price, Lucinda Griffin and Mary Eyre
2 John Downing. Jennie Fields
OK 3 Margaret Downing
4 Thompson Downing
5 Aaron Downing
6 Samuel Downing
7 Mary Downing. Charles Dougherty and Charles Crittenden
8 Henry Downing. Jennie Fodder
11223314 John Downing. Jennie Clingan
2 Elizabeth Downing. Richard Turner
3 George Downing. Elizabeth Consene, Mary Smith and Rosella Downing nee Adair
4 Rachel Downing. John Smith
5 Sarah Downing
6 John Downing
7 Lydia Downing. John Canoe
8 Judith Downing. George Still
9 Thompson Downing. Sallie
10 Lucinda Downing. Archibald Canoe
11 Archibald Downing. Josie Craft and Sallie Butler
11225314 Benjamin Tuckwa*
2 Catherine Tuckwa*
11227314 Aaron Downing. Susie Beck and Eilzabeth Vann
4 Celia Downing. Walkingwolf
5 William Downing* Aelia Vann
6 James Downing. Lucinda Woodall and Eliza Parris
7 Elizabeth Downing. David Tadpole
8 Judith Downing. George Still
10 Ambrose Downing. Gatsie Pains and Josephine Welch
11  John Downing. Rachel Dennis
12 Catherine Downing* George Still
2 Cash Downing* Elizabeth Goodin
3 Dicey Downing. William Proctor
9 Celia Downing*
11228314 Rebecca Galcatcher. James Muskrat
2 James Galcatcher