Instructions on how to interpret this information

11 Major Downing A14
1112 George Downing
2 John Downing. Jennie and Nannie
3 William Downing
4 Nannie Downing
111213 James Downing
2 Alexander Downing. Oo-go-yo-sti
3 John Downing. Leah Lovelady
4 Elizabeth Downing. Stephen Whitmire
112213 Ollie Downing*
2 Samuel Downing. Susie Dougherty and Elsie Dougherty
3 David Downing. Peggy Dougherty
4 Isaac Downing*
5 Peggy Downing. Archibald Tuckwa
6 Nellie Downing*
7 Moses Downing. Oo-yo-sti or Polly and Lydia
8 Elizabeth Downing. Galcatcher
9 Celia Downing* Ezekial McLaughlin
10 Jesse Downing* Chicken
11 Charlotte Downing. Ellis Beck
12 William Downing. Elizabeth Dougherty and Elsie Downing
13 Cynthia Downing. Joseph Beck
14 James Downing.  ______ Parris
153 Catherine Downing*  _____Still
16 John Downing. Ollie
17 Sallie Downing. Tadpole
114213 Thomas Pettit. Catherine
2 James Crittenden. Nancy Hughes and Ko-ta-Ka-ya
3 Jennie Crittenden. Jack Wright A15
4 Margaret McSwain. Avery Vann
5 Elizabeth McSwain. David Welch
11121314 George Downing
2 Peacheater Downing
11122314 Lethe Downing. Hiram Bright
2  Annie Downing. Pumpkin or Murphy
3 Charles Downing*
4 Scudders Downing. Polly Bean and Catherine Tiesky nee Foreman
5 John Downing*
11123314 Martha Jane Downing. Jackson Smith and Joshua Morgan

A14. Major Downing, said to have been a Major in the British army married a full blood Cherokee woman of the Wolf clan.

A15. Tradition says that after a violent storm on the coast of South Carolina a baby was found on the beach, leashed to a spar. He was well clothed and the only word that he could articulate was “Jack and upon being adopted by a family known as Wright, he was known as Jack Wright. He married Jennie Crittenden.