A complete listing of all the Indian villages, towns and settlements as listed in Handbook of Americans North of Mexico.

Gahayanduk (Gǎ-‛hänyǎ-yǎnñ’-dǎ’k, ‘there was a forest, or orchard’. Hewitt). A Seneca village destroyed by Denonville’s expedition in 1687. Shea, note in Charlevoix, New France, in, 289, 1868.

Gens de la Sapinière (French: people of the fir tree). A numerous tribe formerly living N. N. w. of L. Superior and trading with the English on Hudson bay. Du Lhut, in 1684, endeavored to draw their trade to the French. They were distinct from the Cree, Chippewa, and Assiniboin, and may have been a part of the Maskegon. La Chesnaye (1697) in Margry Dec., vi, 7, 1886.

Gentaienton (meadows lying together. Hewitt). One of the chief villages of the Erie, q. v. Its location is not known, but the name indicates that it was on a plain.

Gray Village. A former Natchez village.

Guadalupe. Mentioned as a Navaho settlement in 1799 (Cortez in Pac. R. R. Rep., in, pt. 3, 119, 1856), but more likely the Spanish name of a locality, as the Navaho are not villagers.