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Exhibit 1, Seminole Nation

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List Of Persons Apparently Entitled to Enrollment in the Seminole Nation, but whose Names were Omitted Because no Application was made or by Reason of Mistake or Oversight.

Seminoles By Blood

1. Albert, Johnson.

Born March 7, 1902; living October 22, 1910; male: five-eighths Indian blood-one-half Creek and one-eighth Seminole. Father: Prince Albert. Creek roll. No. 7100; full blood. Mother: Lucy Chupco. Seminole roll. No. 3414: one-fourth blood. Child was living in the Creek Nation and was overlooked by the Seminole Band chief when the Seminole rolls were made.

2. Davis, Lina.

Born March 3, 1905; living December 19, 1910; female; three-fourths blood. Father: Thompson Davis, Seminole roll. No. 1277; full blood. Mother: Lucinda Davis, formerly Taylor, Seminole roll. No. 167 one-half blood.

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3. Hulwa, Cora.

Born October 27, 1904; living November 9, 1910; female: full blood. Father: John Hulwa. Seminole roll. No. 1768; full blood. Mother Sally Hulwa, Seminole roll, No. 1769; full blood.

4. Jones, Joseph S.

Born January 1.1905; living December 29,1910; male; one-fourth blood.

5. Jones, Edward.

Born January 1, 1905; died. July 30, 1905; male; one-fourth blood. Father: David O. Jones; white. Mother: Selder Jones, Seminole roll, No. 329; one-half blood.

6. Paddy, Elsie.

Born March 4, 1903; living October 31, 1910; female; full blood. Father: Levi Paddy, or Cheparney, Seminole roll, No. 1574; full blood. Mother: Mesale. Seminole roll, No. 480; full blood.

7. Tiger, Willie.

Born March 29, 1904; living November 21, 1910; male; full blood. Father: Peter Tiger, Seminole roll, No. 71; full blood. Mother: Mary Tiger, formerly Johnson, Seminole roll, No. 1380; full blood.

8. Washington, Witness.

Born April 15,1904; died September 16,1905; male; full blood. Father: George Washington, Seminole roll, No. 413; full blood. Mother: Hepsey Washington, Seminole roll, No. 414; full blood.

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