Jealous, sick tum’-tum.
Jump, to, so’-pe-na.

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Kam-ass root, la’-ka-mass.
Kettle, ket-ling.
Kick, to, chuk’-kin.
Kiss, to kiss, be’-be.
Knife, o’-pit-sah.
Knock, to, ko’-ko.
Knotty, hunl’-kih.
Know, to, kum’-tuks.

Lame, klook te-áh-wit.
Lamprey eel, skwak’-wal,
Language, la lang.
Large, hy-as’.
Lately, chee.
Laughter, hee’-hee.
Lazy, lazy.
Leap, to, so’-pe-na.
Leaf, tup’-so, or tip’-so.
Lean, to, lagh.
Leave, to, mahsh.
Leave off, to, ko-pet’.
Leg, te-áh-wit.
Leggings, mi-tass’.
Lend, to, a-yáh-whul
Lick, to, klak’-wun.
Lie, to, klim-in’-a-whit.
Like, káh-kwa.
Like, to, tik-égh.
Little, ten’-as.
Long, youtl’-kut.
Long ago, áhn-kut-te, or áhn-kot-tie.
Look, to, nan’-itsh.
Look here! nah.
Look out! klose nan’-itsh.
Looking-glass, she-lok’-um.
Loose, stoh.
Lose the way, to, tso’-lo; tsee-pie’ way-hut.
Louse, e’-na-poo, or in’-a-poo.
Love, to, tik-égh.

Magic, ta-máh-no-us.
Make, to, mam’-ook.
Man, man.
Many, hy-iu’.
Marry, to, mal-i-éh.
Mass (Ceremony of), la messe.
Mast, ship stick.
Mat, klis’-kwiss.
Mattock, la pe-osh’.
Measure, to, tah’-nim.
Meat, itl’-wil-lie.
Medicine, la mes’-tin.
Mend, to, mam’-ook tip’-shin.
Menstruate, to, mahsh pil’-pil.
Metal, metallic, chik’-a-min.
Middle, the, kat’-suk, or kot’-suk.
Midnight, sit’-kum po’-lak-lie.
Milk, to-toosh’.
Mill, moo’-la.
Mind, the, tum’-tum.
Miss, to, tsee’-pie.
Mistake, to, tsee’-pie.
Moccasins, skin-shoes.
Molasses, mel-ass’.
Money, chik’-a-min.
Month, moon.
Moon, moon.
More, weght.
Mosquito, mel’-a-kwa.
Mother, mama; na’-ah.
Mountain, la mon’-ti.
Mouse, hool’-hool.
Mouth, la boos.
Much, hy-iu’.
Mule, le mel.
Musical Instrument, tin’-tin.
Musket, musket.
Mussels, to’-luks.
My, mine, ni’-ka.

Nails, le cloo.
Name, nem; yah-hul.
Near, wake si-áh.
Neck, le cou.
Needle, keep’-wot.
New, chee.
Night, po’-lak-lie.
Nine, kwaist, or kweest.
No, not, wake.
Noise, la tlah.
None, ha’-lo.
Nonsense, cul’-tus wau’-wau.
Noon, sit-kum sun.
Nose, nose.
Notwithstanding, kégh-tchie.
Now, al’-ta.
1, ikt.
2, mokst.
3, klone.
4, lakit.
5, kwinnum.
6, taghum.
7, sinnamokst.
8, stotekin.
9, kwaist.
10, tahtlelum.
11, tahtlelum pe ikt
20, mokst tahtlelum.
100, ikt takarnonuk.
Nuts, tuk’-wil-la.

Oak, kull stick.
Oar, la lahm; la lum.
Oats, la wen.
Off, klak.
Off shore, máht-lin-nie
Oil, glease.
Old, o’-le-man.
Old man, o’-le-man.
Old woman, lam’-mi-eh.
One, ikt.
One-eyed, ikt se-áh-host.
Open, háh-lakl.
Opposite to, in’-a-ti.
Or, pe.
Order, to, mahsh tum’-tum.
Other, hul-o’-i-ma.
Otter (land), ne-mam’-ooks.
Our, ne-si’-ka.
Out doors, klágh-a-nie.
Ox, moos’-moos.
Oyster, chet’-lo, or jet’-lo; klógh-klogh.

Paddle, a, is’-ick.
Paddle, to, mam’-ook is’-ick.
Paint, pent.
Paint, to, mam’-ook pent.
Paper, péh-pah.
Peas, le pwau.
People, til’-i-kum.
Perhaps, klo-nas’.
Petticoat, kal-a-kwah’-tie.
Piebald, le kye.
Pin, kwek’-wi-ens.
Pipe, la peep.
Pitch, la gome.
Plate, la si-et’.
Pleased, youtl.
Plough, le shal-loo’.
Plough, to, klugh il’-la-hie.
Pole, la pehsh.
Poor, kla-how’-yum; ha’-lo ik’-ta.
Pork, co’-sho.
Posteriors, o’-poots.
Potato, wap’-pa-too.
Pour, to, wagh.
Powder, po’-lal-lie.
Prairie wolf, tal’-a-pus.
Presently, al’-kie; win’-a-pie
Pretty, to’ke-tie.
Priest, le plet.
Proud, youtl; kwetl’h.
Provided that, spose.
Pull, haul.

Quarter, ten’-as sit’-kum.
Quarter (of a dollar), kwah-ta.
Quick, hy-ak’.
Quills, te-péh.