March, 1870.

In these following cases the drafts for $85 were issued today in the following cases:

Names of soldiers. Co. Reg’t. Names of soldiers. Co. Reg’t.
Wolf Downing H 3 Joseph Price I 3
Edward Bowfin I 3 Saw-Poor-Boy I 3
Warm I 3 John R. Goard I 3
John-nee B 1 Henry Margua I 3
Gal-ke-pu-ke B 1 Qua-Pug-Dog I 3
Warrody-stop H 3 -Nicholas Hun I 3
George Downing. I 3 Sam Walking-Stick I 3
Hary Back H 3 George Helderbrand H 3
Grade Henson I 3 Johnson Guskey H 3
Pig Mike H 3

Dear Sandy: [Clapperton]

I send you the above list. Collect all you can for Saint Louis creditors of Ross. In the case of John-nee, there is $185-two bounties, and I am only paid for one. I will get an order from Commissioner of Indian Affairs to collect for me $15 to make it right. All is going on right. I hope to see you in a mouth, and I hope you and Nash and Rob can fix up the salt-works. If Brown will go there and keep sober, I would take it. All well,