Doustioni Indians. A tribe, formerly living on Red river of Louisiana, that from its proximity to the Natchitoches and the Yatasi was probably kindred thereto and belonged to the Caddo confederacy. The people are mentioned by Joutel, in 1687, as allies of the Kadohadacho. Pénicaut, in 1712, met them with a party of Natchitoches, and remarks that for the 5 years previous they had been constantly wandering, and living by the chase 1Pénicaut, Margry Dec., v, 488. Their warriors at that time numbered about 200. The cause of the abandonment of their village is unknown, but when in 1714 they accepted the invitation of St Denys to settle near the Natchitoches, and seed was given them, they seem to have returned to their agricultural and village life. In 1719 La Harpe speaks of them as numbering 150 and dwelling on an island in Red river not far distant from the French post among the Natchitoches. If any survive they are merged with the kindred Caddo in Oklahoma.

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