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Kennady Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students

Jay McAlvain14
Davie McAlvain10
Audie McAlvain8
James Peters8

Female Choctaw Students

Florence McAlvain12
Lela Peters10
Male White Students
Guy Shipley12
Grady Ervin12
Jessie Ervin10
Claude Stidham8
Everette Stidham7
Andrew Bullard19
Taylor Bullard6
Charlie Bullard13
George Bullard10
Tom Donathan19
Jerry Donathan6
Polk Donathan6
Henry Heflin10
Troy Heflin8
Claude Baldwin13
Johnny Baldwin8
German Calloway10
Sherman Calloway8
Arthur Hill12
Hansford Baldwin6
Elmer Johnson5
David Evans14
Tom Tarpley12
Bob Tarpley5
Ed Johnson14
Ace Johnson7
Silas Nolan11
Tom Nolan9
Othir Brazil7
Sam Ramsey18
Richard Bullard13
Ramon Bullard11
Claude Bullard9
Alf Lee Carpenter12
Robert Keifer10
Johny Byousno age listed
Dennis Morgan14
Robert Lee Morgan12
Clifton Morgan8
Rube McDonald7
Vernie Blankenship5
Troy Baldwin10
Female White Students
Eva German11
Beulah Adamson11
Josie Little8
Pearl Little6
Ruth Ervin9
Rosie Ervin7
Zela Johnson9
Ordie Johnson7
Bonnie Stidham8
Ruth Stidham5
Dixie Long17
Dora Bullard15
Edna Bullard5
Ernest Baldwyn9 (female?)
Edna Baldwyn6
Eva Cook15
Alice Keifer14
Nora Keifer6
Annie Stidham11
Ollie Stidham13
Betty Carpenter9
Pauline Carpenter7
Hattie Calloway10
Bertha Taylor7
Lela Byous15
Ovie Hill19
Eva Donathan14
Dixie Carnathan10
Ora Carnathan8
Nellie Tarpley13
Carrie Alread8
Pearl Gardner15
Robbie Johnson9
Flora Morgan15
Dovie Smith12
Lillie Smith11
Murdie Baldwyn14
Nellie Baldwyn12
Lillie McDonald12
Teacher: Lottie Lee Smith, Kennady, I.T.
Amount Teacher Paid: $35.00
Local Trustee: Polk McAlvain, Kennady, I.T.

Kiamichi Colored Day School, September 1904

Male Colored Students

Lenry Lewis14
Turner Lewis10
Allen Hamilton13 (non-citizen)
Alfred Waters8
Park McKinney16
Henry McKinney10
Oscar McKinney14
Billy Springs8

Female Colored Students

Hetty Lewis15
Phoebe Lewis18
Florence Lawrence10
Mabel Lawrence10
Chaney Lewis20
Nancy McKinney10
Beatrice Springs10
Nettie Springs7
Virgie Waters13
Teacher: R.J. Tress—, Tuskahoma, I.T.
Amount Teacher Paid: $16.00
Local Trustees: Jay U-il-, Ed Kindrick, Tuskahoma

Kinta Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students

Kerbey Cooper17
Lester McCurtain11
Wesley Watkins9
Elias Darniel15

Female Choctaw Students

Lochie Watkins18
Dora Watkins17
Mary Watkins15
Fannie Watkins12
Lula Watkins7
Dora Cooper16
Bertha McCurtain15
Male White Students
Will England16
Rosco Cates14
Willie Ferrill8
Elbert Gregory16
Roy Gregory7
Willie Kleins6
Connie Cates8
Ola Musteen6 (male?)
Nathan Gregory17
Fay Raybourne12
Harrison Scott14
Walter Scott9
Willie Scott7
Crawford Johnson7
Raymond England7
Dexter Blair10
Leslie Blair9
Ernest Danniels7
Andrew Danniels6
Claud Evans10
Tom England13
Clayton Evans6
Herbert Ferrill12
Orie Ferrill6
Loren Tidwell13
Leon Tidwell8
Dewey Tidwell6
Thurman Jones6
Clarence Moodey9
Willie Barker6
Leo Fellner13
Walter Barker9
Arthur Evans15
Montey Fellner9
Willie Moodey6
Alex Jones16

Female White Students

Mary Barker10
Beulah Welcher6
Mattie Moodey11
May Moodey9
Edna Blair6
Effel Goodman6
Bennie McCraw12
Gurtie Allen10
Marie Fears8
Elsie Tidwell14
Lucy Tidwell11
Ethel Tirey10
Dora Willis19
Gurtie Willis15
Pearl Kleins8
Ethel Gregory12
Maud Gregory10
Addie England18
Teacher: Arnold Stanley, Kinta, Ind. Ter.
Amount Teacher Paid: $50.00
Local Trustees: (first two illegible), R.C. Tidwell, Kinta, Ind.Ter.
*notation on quarterly reports Arnold Stanley deceased.

Kosoma Day School, September 1904

Male Indian Students
*Byron P. Emery6
Male White Students
Henry Boozer7
J.A. Bentham19
Orpa Cromwell6 (male?)
J.G. Cave20
Harrison B. Emery16
M.T. Hamby18
Falcolm Hamby12
Robert Hamby10
Renick Hamby6
Frank Amend18
William Amend15
Cass Amend13
Preston Amend11
Scott Amend6
D.R. Robertson13
Samuel B. Robertson11
Robert Lang10
Samuel Lang12
William Nicholas12
Dewey Wilson6
Female White Students
Effie Herrington18
Susie Robertson8
Edith Hamby9
Myrtle Amend17
Jerusia Amend8
Eunice Wilson16
Ida Wilson13
Maggie Sullivan17
Johny Sulivan10
Teacher: John E. Emery, Kosoma, Ind.Ter.
Amount Paid Teacher: $45.00
Local Trustee: No Local Trustee
* notation written by teacher concerning Byron P. Emery “As he is a citizen of Creek Nation I don’t know what to class him here-Napoleon like,- A man without a country.”

Kulli Chito Day School, September 1904

Male Indian Students

Hapin Bond18
Moses Bond14
Allen Bond9
Calvin Billy15
Sampson Battice13
Bennie Carterby14
Silas Columbus7
Abbot Homer9
Allet Homer10
Gabriel John7
Lewus Noaby5
Sampson Woods12

Female Indian Students

Milie Bond7
Vina Battice8
Sophina Billy14
Susiphine Homer12
Lettie Loman10
Leanna Woods12
Cina Woods6
Male White Students
Mack Eaves17
Joe Hill17
James Hill13
Abe Head10
Tracy Mattews13

Female White Students

Joady Callahand12
Mollie Callahand11
Julia Callahand7
Bertha Eaves12
Ollie Eaves9
Osie Head9
Mollie Hill15
Lece Matthews12
Mary Matthews7
Pearl Williams10
Teacher: Mrs. Mattie Harvey, Bethel, I.Ter.
Amount Teacher Paid: $45.00
Local Trustee: Cephas Hicks, Bethel, I.T.

Kulli Tuklo Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students

Simien Bond10
Willie Jessie11
Winston Jessie10
Amos John16
Israel John9
Arthur Thompson15
Jonas Josan13
Moses Thomas13
Harvey Williams13
Female Choctaw Students
Maggie Jefferson13
Sarah Lemon15
Adeline Lemon6
Susan William7

Male White Students

Mat Carter17
Marvin Carter10
Charlie Lindsey7
Sager Penny14
George Warren14
Female White Students
Ola Carter14
Cora Carter12
Maggie Carter7
Maudie Gilmore12
Josie Gilmore10
Ethel Lindsey10
Teacher: James Strawn, Kulli Tuklo, I.T.
Amount Teacher Paid: $40.00
Local Trustee: Willie James, Kulli Tuklo, I.T.

Lenox Neighborhood School, Wade County, December 1899

Male Pupils

Cyris Woods14
Henry Woods13
Martin Woods7
Dixon Anderson14
Henry Newsom7
Female Pupils
Harriette Woods15
Bennie Woods8
Minnie Woods10
Cylin Taylor11
Rhoda Taylor7
Josephine Taylor9
Martha Newsom7
Teacher: S.H. Woods, Lenox, I.T.
Amount Teacher Paid: $24.60
Local Trustee: John Woods, Lenox, I.T.

Living Land Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Henry Denison8
Wicklis King16
Sidney Kuniatubbe6
Hudson Thomas12
Joe Walker12
Reed Ward8
Simon Ward6
Denison Williston11
Female Choctaw Students
Annie Kuniatubbe8
Male White Students
Robert Crow12
Fate Crow9
Clarence Crow5
Tom Kindrix8
Elbert Nelson8
Joe Williams15
Female White Students
Secie Crow7
Lois Nelson6
Stella Williams11
Teacher: Cooper Willingham, Idabel, I.T.
Amount Teacher Paid: $40.00
Local Trustee: W.S. Ward, Kulli Tuklo, I.T.

Marysville Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Jessie Jones12
Walter Jones10
Lee Jones8
Charlie Moran12
Robert Moran8
Liffie Moran12
Male White Students
Arthur Snider9
Joe Simms7
Clifton Simms10
Floyd Hoover8
Dick Ayecock8
Female White Students
Etta Bullock10
Lusona Simms12
Ruby Simms8
Lida Ayecock12
Eva Snider8
Ovie Snider7
Teacher: Martha Loughinghouse, Ego, I.T.
Amount Teacher Paid: $50.00
Local Trustees: W.T. Jones, W.Z. Ayecock, Ego, I.T.

McCurtain Day School, October 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Norman Wajers (?)10
Sampson Wajers6
Paul Wajers8
Female Choctaw Students
Effie Wajers12
Belle Wajers16
Male White Students
Laither Bishop12
Ed Bishop7
Paul Graham11
Willie Graham9
Bruce Graham6
Virgie Kershner11
Ben Moses16
Chelsie Moses6
Wilie McClarney9
Mossie Patterson12
Clay Patterson10
Roy Park17
Aubrey Spencer10
Dwight Spencer15
Ed Sanderson8
Park Trigg8
Harley York9
Oscar Kilgore14
Elton Harrow6
R.L. Trigg13
Theadore Brassfield12
Homer Hudson10
Thomas Herren6
Ray Johnson11
Guy Kershner15
Howard McCollom11
Joe McCollom10
Robert Jannaway14
Brink King7
Jim Sanderson6
Herbert Griffitt6
Cleffus Carmon11
Harry Britten14
Ernest Johnson15
Lee Herren9
Harry Flemming9
Rex Kynyoun12
Claude Cooper6
Ed Dickerson12
Finis Herren14
Female White Students
Mamie Bishop10
Vivian Kershner7
Irma Moss11
Freda Park10
Elsie Spencer8
Merle Spencer12
Cecil Spencer6
Mary Trigg11
Irma Britten7
Merle Farrow11
Myrtle Farrow9
Alice Herren11
Ethel Johnson17
Vera Patterson8
Mattie Shankland12
Fannie Sprinkle14
Maude Wilkins14
Rilla Conley16
Ethel Butler13
Carrie Bishop14
Eva O’Connor7
Kitty Graham16
Osa Cooper7
Edna Flemming7
Myrtle Hurley16
The following two names were on a separate sheet of paper which I believe would have been attached to the McCurtain School Report.
Lucy Wooton9
Myrtle Victor8
Teacher: D.A. Bridges, McCurtain, I.T.
Amount Teacher Paid: $80.00
Local Trustees: R.L. Spencer, John M. Wyers, n t , John H. Trigg, McCurtain, I.T.

Milton Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Terry Leard13
Wheeler Leard5
Joe LeFlore13
Female Choctaw Students
Myrtle LeFlore12
Viola LeFlore8
Laura Leard8
Male White Students
Lorans Price19
James Rector16
Dennen Dosher13
Fred Bailey14
Willie Shirley14
Arthur Shirley12
Henry Southard17
Will Southard12
Ernest Hewitt14
Sumner Hewitt14
David Reed14
Jim Sweeney18
Virgle Southern12
Judge Atkinson14
Claude Atkinson13
Charlie Rector9
Everett Mize12
Patie Hollie12
Silvesta Ivy13
Earl Ivy15
Albert Caldwell12
George Riggins10
Birch Caldwell14
Jack Nixon14
Luther Nixon12
Jim Nixon8
Walter Nixon9
Burl Nixon8
Harrison Decker15
Sherman Decker11
Philip Decker11
Robert Brewer10
Robert Ward12
Charlie Bailey10
Lloyd Bailey6
Willie Philips11
Chester Gilbrink9
John Ivy9
Walter Holbrook13
Jesse Cravens16
George Cravens8
Colonel Cravens12
Jim Smith8
Callie Atchlie8
Athel McElhaney14
Female White Students
Bertha Rector14
Della Rector18
Lena Gilbreth16
May Ferguson16
Arvila Cobbs17
Ether Cobbs14
Lola Servell14
Ora Servell11
Janie Southard18
Rhoda Mize16
Willie Mize11
Minnie Mize8
Lulir Ward5
Jane Ward14
Pearl Ward13
Cecil Wiggins15
Emma Beaver13
Belle Nixon14
Martha Nixon14
Phronie Nixon14
Melissa Nixon12
Maggie Nixon12
Phronie Nixon8
Delma Hewitt12
Grace Bailey12
Myrtle Bailey8
Ula Ballinger12
Ivy Ballinger9
Stella Ballinger8
Janice Sweeney15
Ada Decker17
Martha Decker8
Pearl Norrid13
Fanny Philipps16
Carry Atkinson9
Minnie Hollieno age listed
Myrtle Monks9
Martha Green10
Boretta Green7
Annie Riggins9
Lina Nixon12
Cora Smith7
Lottie Holbrooks10
Eva Holbrooks12
Minnie Decker13
Maudie Decker10
Grace Bard8
Loretta Clark7
Lena Clark5
Rose Southern11
May Southern6
Teacher: Mary L. McDonald, Milton, Indian Territory
Amount Teacher Paid:
Local Trustee: J. S. Leard, Milton, Indian Territory

Mitchell Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Julius White12
Arthur Herndon12
Arthur Love13
Harry Love8
Sidney Love11
Female Choctaw Students
May White10
Ola White7
Lena Harris13
Lona Herndon7
Elma Herndon6
Alma Maris6
Male White Students
Willie Sharp15
David Brashar15
Jack Touchstone14
John Gray18
Albert Bishop15
Armstrong Taylor7
Richie Sharp7
Levi Brashar10
Lewis Scribner10
Ed Mayhall10
Frank Mayhall14
George Mayhall8
Lester Condit6
Ray Herndon12
John Pl-m-r19
Eff Pl-m-r17
Alnsel Adams10
Female White Students
Lucyle Sharp10
Perl Basall6
May Gray7
Mattie James9
Chloe James7
Ona May Taylor15
Lilian James9
Leller Pyrone9
Myrtle Maden9
Ella Brashar7
Ollie Brashar13
Jessie Condit7
Ida Lowrey11
Gracie Sharp13
Ollie Canibury10
Annie Canibury6
Allic Herndon9
Vera Herndon7
Ethal Camp10
Quinnie Pl-m-r8
Minnie Pl-m-r12
Tampie Fields8
Teacher: J.B. Silvey, Idabel, I.T.
Amount Teacher Paid: $45.00
Local Trustee: J.R. White, Idabel, I.T.

Monroe Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Willie Pickens14
Dewitt Pickens10
Female Choctaw Students
Nellie Pickens12
Male White Students
Dewy Humphrey6
Earl Whitehead6
Blan Ford6
Grover Loyd7
Waller Bandy12
Jack Piercefield6
Lex Moore9
Moten Chronister9
Marvin Loyd14
Robert Williams12
Ralph Bayless8
Grover Franklin11
Sam Pickel10
Walter Chronister15
Paul Matthies8
Willie Williams14
Claud Piercefield9
Walter Ritter15
Willie Bayless14
Henry Matthies14
James Loyd11
Earl Woodson7
Lawrence Moore7
George Humphrey12
Marvin Gober15
Bee Rigans7
Clarence Low7
Cue Gober11
Jay Low11
Henry Wise13
Coil Gober18
Sylvan Chandler6
Clayton Chronister11
Roger Chronister7
Lewis Chronister9
Ira Wise11
Bee Gober9
Bennie Ritter12
Roy Hathcoat8
Willie Irving14
Female White Students
Lilly Blalock6
Gladys Irving9
Marie Baliss6
Florence Williams10
Terah Blalock7
Gladys Chronister6
Myrtle Franklin10
Myrtle Bandy11
Golda Stora7
Estelle Blalock10
Lodel Levart13
Ruby McDonald10
Annie Harris16
Ruth Mathies12
Pearl Humphrey13
Betty Ford9
Myrtle Blalock15
Robbie Irving15
Pearl McDonald9
Bonny McDonald6
Nora Humphrey10
Lou Humphrey12
Ratha Low6
Ira Rigans17
Meta Gober11
Anna Ritter8
Cora Chronister8
Zelma Sampson9
Teacher: Edna Loughridge, Monroe, I.T.
Amount Teacher Paid: $50.00
Local Trustees: C.C. Mathies, Chairman Board Trustees C.E. Riggan , both of Monroe, I.T.

Mt. Zion Day School, September 1904

Male Indian Students
Simon Cobb15
Albert Cobb5
Joel LeFlore10
Lorin Cephas13
Osborn Emayabe6
John Watson11
Wright Wade8
Robinson Wade12
Osborn Williams11
Billy Williams14
Mike Williams12
Female Indian Students
Betsy Edwards12
Mary Noah9
Lela Noah7
Maggie Wade12
Cena Stephens9
Male White Students
Henry Griffin13
Robert Hill17
Andrew Jackson17
John Johnson11
Jim Miller10
William Miller16
Lawson Moore13
Female White Students
Delia Griffin6
Iva Hill14
Mary Johnson20
Lillie Johnson14
Emma Miller14
Ella Miller7
Katie Miller12
Teacher: A.L. Halcomb, Noah, I.T.
Amount Teacher Paid: $40.00
Local Trustee: J.C. Noah, Noah, I.T.

New Hope Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Ben Loman20
Dicky Wright11
Harrison Jones11
Male White Students
Oma Fitzpatrick18
Elbert Fitzpatrick16
Guy Harris11
Fred Harris6
Louis Coffelt11
Willie Ik-punth9
Clayton Bates12
Charley Harris18
Floyd Harpes12
Lee Harpes10
Willie Harpes8
Floyd Hopper6
Clarence Heartless8
Carral Bassham16
Theodore Hopper12
Andrew Snow10
Jim Fitzpatrick8
Ralph Fitzpatrick10
Ray Sherman12
Earl Sherman10
George Coffelt13
Albert Bates10
Nevel Mansell6
Walter Mansell8
Johnie Sanders8
Lee Sanders10
Alval Coffelt15
Isacc Coffelt17
Lida Fitzpatrick8
Clara Fitzpatrick9
Burnice Harring14
Daisy Herring6
Bessie Herring10
Nellie Harris9
Sarah Dandrich12
Mary Coffelt11
Pearle Ik-punth12
Willie Heartless10
Carrie Bates14
Esta Fitzpatrick6
Teacher: May L. Phipps, Antlers, Ind.Ter.
Amount Teacher Paid: $40.00
Local Trustees: J.A. Fitzpatrick, Joe Harris, Antlers, I.T.

Newburg Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Bennie Atwood17
Coleman Atwood12
Bum Andrews8
Odie Burris10
Female Choctaw Students
Ollie Atwood16
Lizzie Atwood12
Ambrosia Atwood9
Mary Andrews6
Male White Students
Roy Austin15
Raleigh Austin17
Thomas Aycock13
Charlie Bowlin15
Earnest Buck8
John Cannon13
Charlie Cannon8
Leon Carder9
Leroy Carder6
James Erwin13
Sammie Erwin11
Uless Earnhardt7
Sammie Earnhardt8
Evart Gash18
Ben Gash14
Earl Gash7
Jewell Gash8
Cairl Gash12
Oscar Hatfield12
Lester Hatfield16
Charlie Ketrow7
William Latham16
Clarence Moore6
Arthur Moore15
Thomas McDonald18
Matt McDonald15
Jack McDonald7
Sammie Mitchell13
Bryan Mitchell8
Willie Mitchell15
John Mitchell9
Melvin Mitchell8
Emmet Pool9
Roy Pool7
Ossie Pool6
Berry Roan8
Crandles Roan12
Dou Roan14
Elo Sexton15
Olus Sweennie6
Mitchell Wisdom9
Densil Warnock8
John Wisdom12
Female White Students
Mary Austin13
Bonnie Blankenship6
Mary Buck11
Vergil Buck14
Lizzie Cannon15
Winnie Campbell8
Losie Earnhardt10
Ethel Johnson12
Eva Johnson10
Ollie Ketrow10
Nancy Latham13
Missouri Latham11
Pearl Moore18
Dot Moore12
Zettie McDonald9
Ollie McDonald14
Delia McDonald10
Jennie Mitchell9
Gracie Mitchell6
Almer Mitchell12
Maud Pence7
Ruth Painter8
Josie Wisdom16
Teacher: David W. Kerr, Newburg, I.T.
Amount Teacher Paid: $45.00
Local Trustee: C.C. Atwood, Newburg, I.T.

Norman Neighborhood Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Thatcher Kinslow13
John Williams6
Female Choctaw Students
Lela Justice15
Nettie Kinslow11
Nellie Kinslow8
Elsie Williams9
Meddie Norman7
Zenie Norman5
Virgia Kinslow6
Male White Students
Sow Autrey16
Jessie Autrey12
Morion Barns7
Ed Graham14
Tom Graham9
Dorris Graham7
Clinton Kirk8
James Stewart19
Frank Stewart16
Oliver Stewart14
Female White Students
Gracie Graham11
Lenie Queen11
Lizzil Queen13
Teacher: William Kerr, Coaldale, Ark.
Amount Teacher Paid: $40.00
Local Trustee: R. Norman, Coaldale, Ark.


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