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Part of the appendices from Choctaw Mixed Bloods and the Advent of Removal, by Dr. Samuel James Wells, consists of three expansive tables:

  1. Appendix A: Known and Probable Mixed Bloods (On this page. See further notes below table for more descriptive notes on Appendix A)
  2. Appendix B: Choctaw Mixed Bloods, 1831-33 (on a different page)
  3. Appendix C: Probable Mixed-Blood Heads of Household, 1834 (on a different page)


Appendix A: Known and Probable Mixed Bloods

Abrams, JnoAlabamaYD 539
Adam, ElizahPHalbert
Adam, PosseyPHalbert
Adams, ElijahMcHennys RRCARM
Adams, JohnChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Adcock, JohnWashington Co.YLackey FCLS
Adkins, Mrs. JaneTrading HouseFStkd RCTP
Alford, JamesChickasawTAdair:n394
Allen, BenjaminPHalbert
Allen, JamesCCushman:414
Allen, JohnPHalbert
Allen, JohnChoctaw AcademyFHd 109
Allen, PeggyChickasawYPMHS:8:569
Allen, SamPutacacocahPARM
Allen, SamuelYellobushahCMEX 18:13
Allen, WilliamChoctawTRG2 V41 MDAH
Alley, JamesPHalbert
Ally, JamesPHalbert
Anderson, (none)BokHoMa headPARM
Anderson, AdamPHalbert
Anderson, AndelPHalbert
Anderson, Danl.ChickasawhayPARM
Anderson, Danl. Jr.ChickasawhayPARM
Anderson, Ed.PHalbert
Anderson, GainsPHalbert
Anderson, JinceyPHalbert
Anderson, JohnChickasawhayPARM
Anderson, JohnLong CreekPARM
Anderson, JohnChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Anderson, JosephChickasawhayPARM
Anderson, LamChakKe CreekPARM
Anderson, ReasonPHalbert
Anderson, ReubenPHalbert
Andrews, ThomasChickasawTAdair:n394
Andry, SimonMobileCRG 49
Anoba, SusanYRG75#184DRC
Apshaw, ArthurChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Armstrong, Col.PHalbert
Armstrong, MarthaPHalbert
Armstrong, RobertChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Armstrong, WilliamChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Armstrong, WmPHalbert
Asbury, DanielChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Atkins, WilliamChickasawhayPARM
Austin, SamChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Bacon, BenjaminNatchez TracePARM
Bacon, CharlesBig BlackPARM
Bacon, SamuelSukenatcha CkPARM
Bailey, DanielFt MimsYH & R :165
Bailey, DixonAlabamaY22-1 d 65
Bailey, JamesCreek NationYD 539
Bailey, JamesAlabamaY22-1 d 65
Bailey, JamsWash. Co.YMTP/5 p734
Bailey, PeggyTensawYGaines #2
Bailey, PollyFt MimsYH&B:165
Bailey, RichardCreekTHawkins:168
Bailey, Mrs. RichardTombigbee/SPPSp Census
Baker, HeastonPHalbert
Baker, JohnEast TombigbeeCHahn/140
Baker, SamuelPHalbert
Baldwin, DavidElliot SchoolFViola 189
Baptin, IsaacNatchez TrPARM
Barbour, JamesChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Barnard, TimothyYHawkins:96
Bascum, CorneliuPHalbert
Baties, BenjaminPearl RiverPARM
Batrist, MinneyChickasawhayPARM
Batteste, NicholasPHalbert
Batteste, WinnyPHalbert
Battiece, NormanPHalbert
Battiece, SarahPHalbert
Battiest, McKinziePHalbert
Battiest, TurnerPHalbert
Battiece, MatthewShoGotTeCk EPARM
Baxter, RichardChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Beam, JessePARM
Beamcs, AmyPHalbert
Beames, KittyPHalbert
Beames, ViceyPHalbert
Beams, BetseyTombigbee RYPL35/686/DRC
Beams, BettyTombigbee R.PARM
Beams, GideonHoney IslandPARM
Beams, NettiePHalbert
Beams, IsomPHalbert
Beams, JesseFPL d1315p651
Beams, MidonHaShaChia CkPARM
Beams, WidowHoney IslandPARM
Beams, WilliamTrading HousePT500
Beans, NellyPARM
Belingona, JimPHalbert
Bell, AlaeandePHalbert
Bell, AnoyatimPHalbert
Bell, DavidPHalbert
Bell, JamesRobinson Rd.PARM
Bell, LilaPHalbert
Bell, MarthaPHalbert
Bell, RachelPHalbert
Bell, RobertYHalbert/ChRv
Bell, SalenPHalbert
Bell, WinnaPHalbert
Belvin, BillyBig BlackPARM
Belvin, JessePHalbert
Belvin, JohnBig BlackPARM
Belvin, SelinaPHalbert
Ben, JohnPHalbert
Ben, LinceyPHalbert
Benton, JacobPHalbert
Benton, Robt.PHalbert
Benton, ThomasChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Berry, DavidMobileTHahn
Berryhil, JamesChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Bliley, BobPHalbert
Billey, EllenPHalbert
Bliley, SusanPHalbert
Billy, EllisonPHalbert
Billy, JackawayPHalbert
Billy, JohnPHalbert
Billy, JohnPHalbert
Billy, LewisPHalbert
Billy, ThomasPHalbert
Billy, TomPHalbert
Black, WilliamNatchez TracePARM
Bilis, IsaacPearl RiverPARM
Blue, JamesNARM
Bohannon, EllisPHalbert
Bohannon, HenryChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Bohannon, JacksonChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Bohannon, JesseHalbertPHalbert
Bohannon, SilasYRG75#243DRC
Bohannon, SilasNoSheChia CkPARM
Bohannon, WilliamAshshukwaCARM
Bohannon, WM., Jr.AshshukwaYARM
Bond, JamesP
Bond, JohnYRG75#318/DRC
Bond, RebeccaTombigbee R.PARM
Bond, TiahPHalbert
Bone, DeerPHalbert
Bonham, JoePHalbert
Bonne, DanlPuttuchChitoPARM
Booth, SarahPHalbert
Boothe, RichardGoodWater CkPARM
Boyer, RobertPHalbert
Brab, IsaacPitchlynn Jr.'sPARM
Bradford, JohnAlabamaYD 539
Bradley, CalvertChickasawhayPARM
Brainerd, Tho.Choctaw AcademyPHd 109
Brandy, JamesPHalbert
Brashears, AlexandeYPL35/686/DRC
Brashears, AlexandeSukenatchaCkYARM
Brashears, BenjaminPRG75#69/DRC ARM
Brashears, BenjaminYazoo ValleyPARM
Brashears, DelilahTombigbee R.YPL35/686/DRC
Brashears, DelilahSukenatchaCkYARM
Brashears, GeddockSukenatchaCkPARM
Brashears, lz, Sr.Tombigbee WPARM
Brashears, JesseYCoppick
Brashears, LewisYazoo ValleyPARM
Brashears, RachaelTombigbee R.YPL35/686/DRC
Brashears, RichardWashington Co.PASPPL/635/44
Brashears, SamuelCreek NationYPLd539p858
Brashears, TurnerTombigbee R.YRG75#71/DRC
Brashears, TurnerSukenatchaCkPARM
Brashears, TurnerYazoo ValleyPARM
Brashears, TurnerMuscle ShoalTJDLH:162 McD
Brashears, Turner, Jr.YPL35/686/DRC
Brashears, VaughnHoney IslandPARM/DRC
Brashears, WilliamPHalbert
Brashears, ZadocTombigbee R.YPL35/686/DRC
Brewer, JohnChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Bright, JacobChickasawTRG2 V24 f3
Brinton, JosiahCreek NationYD 539
Brown, JamesPHalbert
Brown, JamesChickasawYPMHS:8:564
Brown, JesseChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Brown, JincyChickasawYPMHS:8:564
Brown, JohnChickasawTAdair:n394
Brown, JoshuaPHalbert
Brown, LewisPHalbert
Brown, LewisPHalbert
Brown, MorrisPHalbert
Brown, SamuelChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Brown, WoolkyChickasawYPMHS :8:564
Bruce, TownlayCreekTHawkins:169
Bryan, LewisPuttuchChitoPARM
Bryant, LewisChickasawhayCRG75#211/DRC
Bryant, WilliamChoctaw AcademyP
Buchanan, CharlesTombigbee R.CRG75/DRC
Buchanan, lefseeChickasawhayPARM
Buckhanan, CharlesW TombigbeePARM
Buckles, BetseyTombigbee R.PMEX 18:14
Buckles, H. MrsSukenatcha Ck.PARM
Buckles, JohnChickasawTAdair:n394
Bully, IsbelPHalbert
Bully, WilburnPHalbert
Burney, SimeonTrading HouseYStkd RCTP
Burns, AshleyChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Burris, Benj.PHalbert
Burris, GabrialPHalbert
Burris, Mrs. K.PHalbert
Burris, WidowYoungWarriorPARM
Burris, WidowPHalbert
Burris, Wm.PHalbert
Burrows, GabrielChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Byington, AnnaPHalbert
Byington, HenryPHalbert
Byington, JamesPHalbert
Byington, MaryPHalbert
Byington, SamuelFRG75/DRC
Byington, T.PHalbert
Bynum, JohnCCushman:414
Cabbage, EllisPHalbert
Cady, PatsyPHalbert
Caffrey, SallyPHalbert
Cafry, JohnPearl RiverPARM
Cain, AndrewPHalbert
Cain, RobinsonPHalbert
Caleb, JohnPHalbert
Calhoun, JohnChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Calhoun, JohnChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Callender, JohnChoctawTRG2 V41 MDAH
Calton, DoctorChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Cam, MillyPHalbert
Cammels, JohnChickasawhayPARM
Camp, BenjaminTombigbee R.PARM
Campbell, BillyChickasawN
Campbell, CalvinLeaf RiverPARM
Campbell, CoffeeChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Campbell, GeorgeChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Campbell, JamesPRG75#169/DRC
Campbell, JamesPARM
Campbell, JamesChoctawTAdair:n394
Campbell, JohnChoctawTAdair:x
Campbell, MargaretPHalbert
Campbell, PeggypHalbert
Campbell, PiakeyPHalbert
Campbell, S.Choctaw AcademyPHd 109
Campbell, WM.PHalbert
Cams, Capt. J.PHalbert
Cams, HarrisPHalbert
Cann, Henry7mi fm AgencyCARM
Carn, JamesPHalbert
Carn, WilliamChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Carnes, PeggyBig BlackPHalbert
Carnes, RobinsonPHalbert
Carnes, TokiahPHalbert
Carnes, WillisPHalbert
Carney, APHalbert
Carney, AllenYRG75//238/DRC
Carney, ArthurTombigbee R.YPL35/686/DRC
Carney, CharlesPHalbert
Carney, CorneliuPHalbert
Carney, JeremiahPHalbert
Carney, SusanPHalbert
Calns, SusanShauntokhalaPARM
Carr, HenryOknoxoby CkPRG75//277/DRC
Carr, JohnCreek NationYD 539
Carr, LewisChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Carr, ThomasChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Carr, TomCreek NationTWoodward:49
Carr, WilliamChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Carson, AdamAlabamaYD 539
Casey, SolomanPHalbert
Casha, EllisPHalbert
Casley, WinneyPHalbert
Cass, LewisPHalbert
Cass, LewisChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Cass, M.PHalbert
Cesco, JosephChickasawhayPARM
Chambers, BenjaminChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Chaney, BeleyTombigbeeTHam:344
Charity, LoganPHalbert
Charles, EastmanPHalbert
Charley, WillisPHalbert
Charlman, Mrs.PHalbert
Chester, JohnChickasawTAdair:n394
Chiffe, MaryPHalbert
Chitto, BillyPHalbert
Choat, IsaacNatchez TracePARM
Choat, JamesPARM
Choate, BetseyPHalbert
Christy, AdamChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Christy, BicyPHalbert
Christy, IsomPHalbert
Christy, JacksonPHalbert
Christy, JanePHalbert
Christy, JosaPHalbert
Christy, JosephPHalbert
Christy, M.HusSoLaWi CkPARM
Christy, WilliamSix TownsCHalbert
Chubbcc, JohnYalobusha R.PARM
Chubbee, JohnPHalbert
Chubbee, PollaPHalbert
Chubbee, StillaPHalbert
Clair, Jno.Choctaw AcademyPHd 109
Clark, GeorgePRG75#322/DRC
Clark, JohnWashington CountyP1780 census
Clark, WilliamPASP637-44PLS
Clarke, GeorgeShakLawa Ck.CARM/PL1315
Clarke, LucyPHalbert
Clarke, Mrs.PHalbert
Clay, HenryChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Clay, PatseyPHalbert
Clem, GeorgeCreeksTHawkins:228
Clements, JessePHalbert
Cley, BelinPHalbert
Clover, Wm.PHalbert
Cobb, AmyPHalbert
Cobb, BetseyPHalbert
Cobb, BuckeyPHalbert
Cobb, ElizaPHalbert
Cobb, JamesCARM
Cobb, JamesPARM
Cobb, JamesPARM
Cobb, JosephWashington CountyP1810 Census
Cobb, LewisWashington CountyPCensus3FH405
Cobb, MollyPHalbert
Cobb, PickensPHalbert
Cobb, SamuelYRG75#204/DRC
Cobb, SilasPHalbert
Cobb, WilliamYJFH p520
Cobb, WilliamChoctaw AcademyYHd 109
Cobb, WilliamChoctaw AcademyYHd 109
Cocninear, NicholasTrim CanePARM
Coeronours, DavidYazzo ValleyPARM
Colbert, AbelPHalbert
Colbert, AdamChickasawYPMHS:8:559
Colbert, AlexChickasawYPMHS:8:559
Colbert, AsaChickasawYPMHS:8:559
Colbert, BenPHalbert
Colbert, Benj.Choctaw AcademyPHd 109
Colbert, BetcyChickasawYPMHS:8:559
Colbert, CharityChickasawYPMHS:8:559
Colbert, CharlesChickasawYPMHS:8:559
Colbert, CommodorChickasawYPMHS:8:559
Colbert, DaughrtyChickasawYPMHS:8:559
Colbert, EbijiahChickasawYPMHS:8:559
Colbert, EmilyPHalbert
Colbert, GeorgeYCushman:423
Colbert, JamesYCushman:423
Colbert, James, Jr.ChickasawYPMHS:8:559
Colbert, JosephChickasawYPMHS:8:559
Colbert, LemuelChickasawY
Colbert, LeviCotton Gin PortYCushman:426
Colbert, LewisChickasawYPMHS:8:559
Colbert, LoganChickasawCCushman:414
Colbert, MariahChickasawY
Colbert, MartinChickasawYPMHS:8:559
Colbert, MatildaChickasawYPMHS:8:559
Colbert, MolcyChickasawYPMHS:8:559
Colbert, OrillaPHalbert
Colbert, PhalishtChickasawYPMHS:8:559
Colbert, PitmanYCushman p288
Colbert, SamuelPHalbert
Colbert, SamuelChickasawYPMHS:8:559
Colbert, SilasPHalbert
Colbert, SusanYHalbert/DRC
Colbert, SusanChickasawYPMHS:8:559
Colbert, TennesseChickasawYPMHS:8:559
Colbert, VicyChickasawYPMHS:8:557
Colbert, WilliamTockshishYCushman:425
Colbert, George, Jr.ChickasawYPMHS:8:557
Cole, AdamPHalbert
Cole, AngelicaPHalbert
Cole, AugustinPHalbert
Cole, BetseyPHalbert
Cole, BobPHalbert
Cole, CharlesPHalbert
Cole, CharlesChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Cole, ColbertP
Cole, ColemunYalobusha R.YARM
Cole, EdmondPHalbert
Cole, ForbusPHalbert
Cole, JennyPHalbert
Cole, JohnPHalbert
Cole, MalindaPHalbert
Cole, MolleyPHalbert
Cole, NicholasPHalbert
Cole, PeterPHalbert
Cole, RobertYalobusha R.YARM/PAHS:377
Cole, RobertChoc NationYCoppick
Cole, RoscoeCUnknown
Cole, SampsonPHalbert
Cole, SelinaPHalbert
Cole, ShemakaPHalbert
Cole, SikaPHalbert
Cole, StephenPHalbert
Cole, SuseyPHalbert
Coleman, JohnPARM
Coleman, RichardWashington Co.PSp Census
Collen, CharlesPHalbert
Coller, TickPHalbert
Collins, GilbertPRG751/272/DRC
Collins, GilbertHoney IslandPARM
Collins, JosephPHalbert
Collins, LymanTombigbee R.PPL35/686/DRC
Collins, LymanChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Collins, PollyPHalbert
Colt, PatseyPHalbert
Comes, WilburnPHalbert
Comte, Jno.PHalbert
Congo, LewisBucatunaCk wPARM
Congo, LewisPHalbert
Congo, ThomasBucatunaCk WPARM
Consaw, PeterPHalbert
Contee, JohnPPL d1315p645
Cooper, ElizaPHalbert
Cooper, JohnNatchez TrPARM
Cooper, JohnKonappa CreekPARM
Cooper, RhodyPHalbert
Copinger, PollyCreek NationYWoodward:110
Cornelius, JamesCreek NationY
Cornelius, SamuelChoctaw AcademyFHd 109
Cornelius, Wm.PHalbert
Cornelius, Wm.PHalbert
Cornell, AlexandrCreeksIHawkins:217
Cornell, GeorgsCreekTHawkins:36
Cornell, Mrs.CreekTHawkins:36
Cornelis, BobCreek NationTWoodward:111
Cornells, DavyCreek NationYWoodward:111
Cornells, DickCreek NationYWoodward:111
Cornelis, GeorgeCreek NationYWoodward:111
Cornelis, JamesCreek NationYD 539
Cornelis, JamesCreek NationYWoodward:111
Cornelis, JoeCreek NationYWoodward:111
Cornelis, SeechyCreek NationYWoodward:111
Corroll, SofinaPHalbert
Cotton, ElizaPHalbert
Countee, JohnHoney IslandPARM
Courtonne, JeromeChickasawTAdair:n394
Cousins, BillyTHawkins:204
Crabgrass, DanlBucatunaCk WPARM
Craine, LewisWashington Co.PT500#1/TaxPP
Crapes, PlacedPARM
Crapes, StephenPARM
Cravat, CassyPHalbert
Cravat, CharlesYCushman:342
Cravat, ElsieYCushman:342
Cravat, JeffersoYCushman:342
Cravat, JohnCCushman:342
Cravat, NancyYCushman p343
Cravat, PeterPHalbert
Cravat, RebeccaYCushman p343
Cravat, ThomasYCushman p343
Cravat, WilliamYCushman p343
Cravett, ThomasChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Cravett, WilliamChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Creath, JacobChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Crevatt, CharlesPARM
Crevatt, WilliamBig BlackPARM
Crockett, DavyPHalbert
Crossley, AlfeusPHalbert
Crouch, BasilPHalbert
Crouch, H.PHalbert
Crowder,ChoctawCRich TD
Crowder, CatherinYCushman:351
Crowder, DavidYCushman:351
Crowder, EliCCushman:342
Crowder, EliBig BlackPARM
Crowder, EliYCushman:352
Crowder, FrancisYCushman:352
Crowder, GeorgeYCushman:352
Crowder, HarrisYCushman:351
Crowder, JackBig BlackPARM
Crowder, JacksonYCushman:351
Crowder, JamesYCushman:351
Crowder, JohnYCushman:352
Crowder, JoshuaYCushman:352
Crowder, LouisYCushman:351
Crowder, MarionYCushman:352
Crowder, MartinYCushman:351
Crowder, NancyPHalbert
Crowder, PhebeYCushman:351
Crowder, SolomanYCushman:351
Crowder, ThomasYCushman:352
Crowder, VanYCushman:352
Crowder, WashingtYCushman:351
Crowder, WilliamYCushman:352
Crowell, JohnChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Curtain, CanadaChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Curtis, EdwardPHalbert
Curtis, NancyPHalbert
Custer, EdwardRobinson Rd.PARM
Cuthery, PollSithPah Ck NPARM
Dale, SamChoctawTWoodward:83
Daney, LouizaPHalbert
Daniel, Jacobnear FactoryPARM
Daniel, JamesAlabamaYD 539
Daniels, Jacob6mi/FactoryCPL35/686/DRC
Daran, FrancisWashington Co.PASP637-44PLS
Dargin, HendrickTHawkins:170
Darnail, JamesPHalbert
Darouzeaux, JamesCreekTHawkins:170
Davenport, BarnettPHalbert
Davenport, JamesPHalbert
Davis, DanielChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Davis, Geo.PHalbert
Davis, JamesPRG75#27/DRC
Davis, JamesYalobusha R.PARM
Davis, JohnAlabamaYD 539
Davis, MoneyPHalbert
Davis, RachelPHalbert
Davis, SamuelTrading HousePStkd RCTP
Davis, WillePHalbert
Davy, PoorPHalbert
Debrell, CharlesPHalbert
Debsell, CharlesCARM
Delk, BaldwinPHalbert
Dibrell, AlziraPHalbert
Doak, I.PARM
Doaty, JohnMilitary RdCARM
Doaty, JohnChickasawhayPARM
Doaty, JohnPHalbert
Dobson, JesseChoctawTRG2 V41 MDAH
Doke, JoPDRC
Donnally, PatrickCreekTHawkins:169
Donolly, JohnPRG75#187/DRC
Dow, GeorgeCHam:276
Downing, ThomasChoctawRG2 V41 MDAH
Drew, ElcyPHalbert
Duill, BillyPARM
Dukes, JosephMayhewPARM
Dupree, FrancisYoung WarriorPARM
Durant, BenjaminWashington Co.PLinderLtr
Durant, BetsyCreek NationYWoodward:110
Durant, BissantYCushman p349
Durant, Capt.Opooktah Ck.PARM
Durant. CharlesYCushman:349
Durant, CharlesBig BlackPARM
Durant, DixonYCushman p349
Durant, EllenPHalbert
Durant, EllisYCushman p349
Durant, FisherBig BlackPHalbert
Durant, FisherYCushman p349
Durant, FrancisPHalbert
Durant, GeorgePHalbert
Durant, GeorgeYCushman p349
Durant, GeorgeChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Durant, HarrietPHalbert
Durant, IshamPHalbert
Durant, IshamYCushman p349
Durant, JeffersoPHalbert
Durant, JeffersoYCushman p349
Durant, JesseYCushman p349
Durant, JohnCreekYWoodward:113
Durant, JosephYCushman p349
Durant, JulyPHalbert
Durant, JustinePHalbert
Durant, LachlanAlabamaY22-1 d 65
Durant, LachlanCreek NationYD 539
Durant, LaughlinCreekYWoodward:113
Durant, LemanPHalbert
Durant, LewePHalbert
Durant, LewisBig Black R.YCushman:349
Durant, LinenPHalbert
Durant, LouiePARMcapDRC
Durant, LouisCRG750/312DRC
Durant, LuaLong CreekPARM
Durant, LuceruYPL35/686/DRC
Durant, MargaretYCushman p349
Durant, MelissaPHalbert
Durant, MinaPHalbert
Durant, MollyPHalbert
Durant, NancyPHalbert
Durdot, PeterPHalbert
Durant, PierOpooktah CkPARM
Durant, PierBig Black R.PHalbert
Durant, PierreYCushman:349
Durant, RansonYockanookanaPARM
Durant, RaseaseBig Black R.PHalbert
Durant, RoseauPHalbert
Durant, SandyCreekYWoodward:113
Durant, SilvestePHalbert
Durant, SinyPHalbert
Durant, SophiaPHalbert
Durant, StephenPHalbert
Durant, SusanPHalbert
Durant, SuseyPHalbert
Durant, SwaneyPHalbert
Durant, SyllanYCushman p349
Durant, SylvesteYCushman p349
Durant, TaylorPHalbert
Durant, TwinyPARM
Durant, ViceyPHalbert
Durant, VineyPHalbert
Durant, WesleyPHalbert
Duval, WilliamChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Dwight, EdenPHalbert
Dwight, J.PHalbert
Dwight, JonathonPHalbert
Dwight, L.PHalbert
Dwight, LimPHalbert
Dwight, TimothyPHalbert
Dyer, JeremiahPHalbert
Dyer, LucindaPHalbert
Dyer, MollyPHalbert
Dyer, MollyPHalbert
Dyer, Mrs.TensawY
Dyer, NellieYalobusha R.PARM
Dyer, PollyPHalbert
Eaves, SamuelTrading HousePStkd RCTH
Earle, JamesBigbeeY19-1PL30p858
Earle, JamesCreek nationYD 539
Earle, JohnBigbeeYDSGQ192
Earles, JamesAlabamaY22-1 d 65
Eatamba, CharlesPHalbert
Edmond, ElizaPHalbert
Edmond, ElizaPHalbert
Edward, GostePHalbert
Edwards, JohnPHalbert
Edwards, LucityPHalbert
Edwards, RigdonSukenatcha CkPARM
Ehlert, CharlesCreek NationYD 539
Ehlert, CharlesAlabamaY22-1 d 65
Ehlert, MichaelCreek NationYD 539
Ehlert, MichaelCreek NationYD 539
Elam, WilsonPHalbert
Elambe, JohnPHalbert
Elambe, SinaPHalbert
Elhart, MichaelCreekTHawkins:169
Elliot, MichaelWashington Co.Y19-1PL30p858
Ellis, AndersonChickasawYRMHS :8:564
Ellis, JacksonChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Ellis, JamesYoung WarriorPARM
Ellis, JeelChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Ellis, JohnPHalbert
Estambee, CharlyPHalbert
Evans, ThomasRobinson RdCARM
Everidge, ThomasPRG751173/DRC
Everson, JohnChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Everson, JohnChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Evrage, ThomasYazoo ValleyPARM
Favre, AlexPHalbert
Favre, BattistePHalbert
Favre, BattusPARM
Favre, MareyPHalbert
Favre, SimonMobileTHahn/Ham:494
Fearn, RobertChoctawsTRG2 V41 MDAH
Field, lezAgencyPARM
Fields, Jno.Choctaw AcademyPHd 109
Fields, WilliamBucatuna CreekPARM
Fillecuthey, PollyPDRC
Finn, LouizaPHalbert
Fisher, CharlesPHalbert
Fisher, JohnChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Fisher, JosephLeaf RiverPARM
Fisher, JosiahAlabama RiverYD 539
Fisher, JosiahCreekTHawkins:168
Fisher, OsbournChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Fisher, SilasLeaf RiverPARM
Fisher, SilasChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Fisher, SusanPHalbert
Fisks, PhilincyShoGotTe CreekPARM
Flack, ElizaPHalbert
Fletcher, NomPHalbert
Fletcher, J.AlabamaY22-1 d 65
Fletcher, J.AlabamaY22-1 d 65
Fletcher, JamesPRG75#145?DRC
Fletcher, JamesPARMcapDRC
Fletcher, JosiahTensawY19-1PL30p858
Fletcher, JosiahCreek NationYD 539
Fletcher, MosesPHalbert
Fletcher, Mrs.PHalbert
Fletcher, NancyPHalbert
Fletcher, Wm.PHalbert
Folsom, AdamNoshichiaPARM
Folsom, AdamPHalbert
Folsom, AlixPHalbert
Folsom, AmandaPHalbert
Folsom, AmosChoctaw AcademyYHd 109
Folsom, AmosChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Folsom, BradfordPHalbert
Folsom, CoffePHalbert
Folsom, DanielChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Folsom, DavidChoctaw NationYRG751293/DRC
Folsom, DavidChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Folsom, David CIRobinson RoadYARM
Folsom, E.Choctaw AcademyPHd 109
Folsom, EbenezerCCush:326, 32
Folsom, EdmundCCush:326, 332
Folsom, EdmundBok TukloYCushman p327
Folsom, EdwardPCushman
Folsom, EliasPHalbert
Folsom, ElseYCushman p329
Folsom, GeorgeNoSheChia CkPARM
Folsom, GeorgeSukenatcha CkPARM
Folsom, HattyHaShaChia CkPARM
Folsom, I.PHalbert
Folsom, IsaacNoSheChia CkYARM
Folsom, IsraelChoctaw NationYRG751/449/DRC
Folsom, IsraelSukenatcha CkYARM
Folsom, IsraelYCushman p296
Folsom, JacobYRG75#293/DRC
Folsom, JacobNoSheChia CkPARM
Folsom, JacobChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Folsom, JeremiahSukenatchaCkPARM
Folsom, JerryPARMcapDRC
Folsom, JesseChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Folsom, JoelPHalbert
Folsom, JohnYRG7511230/DRC
Folsom, JohnTrim CanePARM
Folsom, JosephChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Folsom, JoshuaChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Folsom, LewisYCushman p329
Folsom, LoringYCushman p318
Folsom, McKeeNonsubbesPARM
Folsom, McKeeYCushman p292
Folsom, Mrs EdmonSukenatcha CkPARM
Folsom, Nathanie15mi N JuzanCCush/MDAH SF
Folsom, NathanieRobinson RdPARM
Folsom, Nathanie5mN/FactoryPARM
Folsom, NathanieBok TukioCCushman p326
Folsom, PeterPHalbert
Folsom, PeterPCushman p317
Folsom, PhoebePHalbert
Folsom, PollyHaShaChia CkPARM
Folsom, RobertYRg75#92/DRC
Folsom, SampsonPHalbert
Folsom, SamuelPHalbert
Folsom, Samuel, Jr.HaShaChia CkPARM
Folsom, SolomanPHalbert
Folsom, ThameHaShaBaTa TiaPARM
Folsom, WardPHalbert
Folsom, WatNoxubeePARM
Folsom, WilliamNoshichiaPARM
Folsom, WillisPHalbert
Forb, JoePHalbert
Forbes, JohnTrading HouseYStkd RCTP
Forester, JohnPHalbert
Fortune, DaveW Big BlackPARM
Foster, AlenandrYMS act
Foster, ElijahPHalbert
Foster, GeorgePHalbert
Foster, HenryCreekYAdair:n372
Foster, HughYPL35/686/DRC
Foster, HughMiss. R.YHalbert
Foster, JamesYPL35/686/DRC
Foster, JamesBlack creekPARM
Foster, LucyPHalbert
Foster, LukePHalbert
Foster, MaryYMS act
Foster, MosesHoney IslandYARM/DRC
Foster, SamuelP
Foster, SamuelYalobushaPARM
Foster, ThomasPHalbert
Foster, WidowPARM
Foster, WilliamYHalbert
Foster, WilliamMiss. R.YHalbert
Foster, Wm., Jr.Washington Co.YPL35/686/DRC
Fowler, HenryPHalbert
Fowler, JohnPHalbert
Fox, PeterPHalbert
Frank, BenjaminPHalbert
Frank, TobiasPHalbert
Frank, WithamPHalbert
Franklin, BenjaminPHalbert
Franklin, BetceyPHalbert
Fraser, SwanyPHalbert
Frazer, CharlesPT500#1
Frazer, MollyTrading HouseFStkd RCTPp32
Frazier, AlexandeFunigusha CkPRG75#46/DRC
Frazier, AmosRobinson RoadFARM
Frazier, BenjaminRobinson RoadPARM
Frazier, BetsyPHalbert
Frazier, BillyPHalbert
Frazier, CharlesYalobusha RPARM
Frazier, D.PHalbert
Frazier, DanielPHalbert
Frazier, DavisPHalbert
Frazier, ElamPHalbert
Frazier, EllenPHalbert
Frazier, FisherPHalbert
Frazier, HarryPHalbert
Frazier, HelichePHalbert
Frazier, J.PHalbert
Frazier, JacksonPHalbert
Frazier, JamesPHalbert
Frazier, JanePHalbert
Frazier, JohnPRG75#45/DRC
Frazier, JohnFunagusha CkPARM
Frazier, LewisPHalbert
Frazier, LouisPRG75#278/DRC
Frazier, LucyPHalbert
Frazier, MaryPHalbert
Frazier, MaxwellPHalbert
Frazier, MissePARM
Frazier, MollyPHalbert
Frazier, MosesPHalbert
Frazier, NancyPHalbert
Frazier, NellyPHalbert
Frazier, nfnPearl watersPARM
Frazier, PollyPHalbert
Frazier, SameterPHalbert
Frazier, SilasPHalbert
Frazier, SimmChoctaw NationYRG2v25f4-540
Frazier, SimonPARM
Frazier, StephenPHalbert
Frazier, SukyPHalbert
Frazier, SwaneyPearl RiverPARM
Frazier, TobiasPHalbert
Frazier, WilliamYalobusha R.PARM
Frenay, SallyPHalbert
Fry, BetsyPHalbert
Fry, BillyBig BlackPARM
Fry, EdmundPHalbert
Fry, ElceyPHalbert
Fry, LismorePHalbert
Fry, LucyPHalbert
Fry, ThomasPHalbert
Fry, Wm.PHalbert
Fryes, MartinAlabamaYD 539
Fuller, Tom MrsCutchchiyah CkPARM
Gains, GeorgeChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Gains, GeorgeChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Gains, YoungE TombigbeeCHahn/140
Gallidell, ThomasChickasawhayPARM
Gardner, EdmondPHalbert
Gardner, GreenPHalbert
Gardner, IsaacPuttchchittoPARM
Gardner, JacksonPHalbert
Gardner, JamesChocNatYT5001/3
Gardner, JamesNucshilup CkPARM
Gardner, JeremiahYRG75#299/DRC
Gardner, JeremiahTombigbee R.PARM
Gardner, JohnOkihala CkPARM
Gardner, JosiahPHalbert
Gardner, NoelPHd 109
Gardner, SalinaPHalbert
Gardner, WilliamTalahala CkPARM
Gardner, ZachariaPHalbert
Garland, FebisPHalbert
Garland, J.PHalbert
Garland, JamesHusSuLaWi CkPARM
Garland, JamesTrading HouseCStkd RCTP
Garland, JohnKoAToA branchPARM
Garland, JohnChoctaw NationYM234-615
Garland, LewisPCushman p289
Garland, LewisChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Garland, PeggyPHalbert
Garland, RhodaPHalbert
Garland, SamuelPRG75#111/DRC
Garland, SamuelRobinson RoadPARM
Garland, SamuelChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Garland, SarahPHalbert
Garland, Silas, Jr.PHalbert
Garland, Silas, Sr.PHalbert
Garland, ThomasPRG75#100/DRC
Garland, ThomasPHalbert
Garvin, Benj.HaLatKa Ck SPARM
Garvin, HenryCRG75#212/DRC
Garvin, HenryGood Water CkCARM
Garvin, HenryCHalbert
Garvin, I.PHalbert
Garvin, LewisPHalbert
Garvin, LucyPHalbert
Garvin, SokeyPHalbert
Gears, BillyPHalbert
George, DixonPHalbert
Gibson, AnnaPHalbert
Gibson, CalvinPHalbert
Gibson, CharlesHutChuSee CkPARM
Gibson, DavidPHalbert
Gibson, JamesPHalbert
Gibson, JohnPHalbert
Gibson, MaryPHalbert
Gibson, ThomasHutChuSee CkPARM
Gibson, TomPHalbert
Gibson, TomPHalbert
Gilchrist, JohnChickasawCCushman:414
Gillard, JohnCreekTHawkins:169
Gillet, NancyYHal/M-18 CAL
Giliit, NancyRunning WaterPARM
Gipson, JamesPRG751#244/DRC
Gipson, JamesPARM
Gipson, JamesPHalbert
Glover, AllanCRG75#440/DRC
Gowan, GipsonHecahtahliyaPARM
Gowin, BetsyPHalbert
Graham, SusannaYPL35/686/DRC
Graham, Susannanear Rankin MSYARM
Grant, JamesPARM
Grant, RobertChoctawTDeRosier:126
Graves, HenryPHalbert
Graves, HenryChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Gray, WilliamChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Grayham, GeorgePHalbert
Grayham, SuhannaPHalbert
Grayson, JohnPHalbert
Grayson, SampsonChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Grayson, StevenChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Gregory, WilliamCreekTHawkins:168
Gregory, WilliamLittle RiverCBall:61
Grey, WilliamCreekTHawkins:171
Grierson, RobertCreekTHawkins:169
Griffith, MarthaPHalbert
Griffy, CharlesPHalbert
Griffy, MarkPRG75#298/DRC
Griffy, MarkSukenatcha CkPARM
Griffy, MarkPHalbert
Griggs, LeroyOpooktah CkPARM
Griggs, LeroyPHalbert
Grisly, WiliamOkaPaTaBa CkPARM
Guess, BillyPHalbert
Gunn, JamesChickasawCCushman:414
Gunn, MollyChickasawYPMHS:8:587
Gunn, RhodaChickasawYPMHS:8:587
Gwin, Doct.PHalbert
Gwin, EdwardPHalbert
Gwin, Wm.PHalbert
Hagel, ChristiaCreekTHawkins:36
Haigue, JohnCreekTHawkins:169
Hale, DavidCreek NationYD 539
Hale, DavidAlabamaY22-Id 65
Hale, JohnPHalbert
Hale, SamCreek NationYD 539
Halinger, WilliamAlabamaY22-Id 65
Nall, JonePHalbert
Hall, LouisPHalbert
Hall, WilliamYPL35/686/DRC
Hall, WilliamTombigbee R,YARM
Halloway, BillyPHalbert
Halloway, ThomasPHalbert
Halston, CharlesPHalbert
Halston, HenryPHalbert
Halston, StephenPHalbert
Halston, WilliamPHalbert
Hambe, LaurisPHalbert
Hambe, MrsPHalbert
Hamilton, JamesPARM/DRC
Hamilton, WellingtPHalbert
Hammond, JohnPRG75#41/DRC
Hammond, JohnYalobusha R.PARM
Hampton, Jas.PHalbert
Hampton, MelissaPHalbert
Hampton, NicholasPHalbert
Hampton, PhebePHalbert
Hampton, W.PHalbert
Hampton, WillisPHalbert
Hancock, AlbertPHalbert
Hancock, Benj.PHalbert
Hancock, BetsyPHalbert
Hancock, BobPHalbert
Hancock, JohnPRG75#234/DRC
Hancock, John AdaTombigbee R,PARM
Hancock, JubelSukenatcha Ck.PARM/Choc Rsv
Hancock, RobertYPL35/686/DRC
Hancock, RobertTombigbee R,YARM
Hancock, Robt., JrPHalbert
Hancock, SinyPHalbert
Hanter, GeorgePanta CreekPARM
Hardaway, HartwellCPL35/686/DRC
Hardaway, HartwellAshasanCARM
Harkin, D.PHalbert
Harkins, CrittendYCushman p352
Harkins, GeorgeYCushman:353
Harkins, GeorgeYARM
Harkins, GeorgeYCushman p352
Harkins, JamesYCushman p352
Harkins, JohnPCushman
Harkin, Mrs.Hanging RacoonPARM
Harkins, RichardYCushman p352
Harkins, RichardChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Harkins, SalinaYCushman p352
Harkins, StephenPHalbert
Harkins, WillisYARM
Harkins, WillisChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Harland, Jno.CHalbert
Harly, ThomasPHalbert
Harmbey, PiserPHalbert
Harmbey, TearPHalbert
Harney, JosephPHalbert
Harris, AilsyPHalbert
Harris, CaryChoctaw AcademyFHd 109
Harris, Col. JYCushman p342
Harris, DanielYalobusha R.PARM
Harris, DanlT22/R5 ChoctawPCushman p342
Harris, Elsie MrsPHalbert
Harris, H.PHalbert
Harris, JohnPHalbert
Harris, JosephPHalbert
Harris, RobinsonPHalbert
Harris, RubinYazoo ValeyPARM
Harris, RubinRobinson RoadPARM
Harris, RuebenPRG75#77/DRC
Harrison, Betsy MrsPHalbert
Harrison, DanielPHalbert
Harrison, HickmanPHalbert
Harrison, J.PHalbert
Harrison, J.PHalbert
Harrison, MaryPearl RiverPARM
Harrison, PeterPHalbert
Harrison, WilliamChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Harrison, ZadocChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Harrison, ZadooPHalbert
Hart, SusanPHalbert
Harvey, JamesChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Hawkins, GeorgeChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Hawkins, StephenCreekTHawkins:169
Hawley, WilliamChoctaw AcademyFHd 109
Hay, DavidCreekTHawkins:169
Hay, WilliamChoctaw NationYm15-54
Hayes, BetsyPHalbert
Hays, BetseyPearl RiverPARM
Hays, BetsyPHalbert
Hays, Capt Win.Young WarriorPARM
Hays, Capt JackStanding PinePARM
Hays, CharlesPRG75#4/DRC
Hays, CharlesTeyocktahcahPARM
Hays, CharlesPHalbert
Hays, CorneliuPHalbert
Hays, JanePHalbert
Hays, NickmanPHalbert
Hays, PhillipPARM/DRC
Hays, RachelPHalbert
Hays, StephenPHalbert
Hays, ThomasPARM
Hector, WhortonChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Henderson, CharlesChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Henderson, ThomasChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Hickman, A.PHalbert
Hicks, ThomasChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Hill, JamesPHalbert
Hill, McAlestrPHalbert
Hinson, JnCreek nationY19-2 PL d530
Hinson, JohnBaldwinY19-1PL30p858
Hobart, NathanieChoctaw AcademyFHd 109
Holderfield, RichardPRG751/36/DRC
Holderfield, RichardYazoo ValleyPARM
Holderfield, RichardShecopah CreekPARM
Hollinger, AdamTensawCCensus/Tax
Hollinger, WilliamY19-1PL30p858
Holloway, BillyPHalbert
Holloway, ThomasPHalbert
Holloway, WilliamPHalbert
Holmes, AbnerPHalbert
Holmes, DavidChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Holmes, WilessPHalbert
Holmes, WileyPHalbert
Holson, StephenChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Holston, CharlesRG751#249/DRC
Holston, CharlesRobinson RoadFARM
Holston, MalindaPHalbert
Homa, AnnaPHalbert
Homa, JincyPHalbert
Homa, SelinaPHalbert
Homa, ThomasPHalbert
Homar, Anna MrsPHalbert
Homar, NancyPHalbert
Homer, JohnChoc Rsv
Houma, AllenPHalbert
Houma, CorneliuPHalbert
Homma, EstunaPHalbert
Homma, J.PHalbert
Homma, NokonPHalbert
Honer, AtcheyPHalbert
Honer, MoleyPHalbert
Honer, StagaPHalbert
Honer, TonleyPHalbert
Hord, GeorgeChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Hotobi, JohnsonPHalbert
Howell, CalvertYPL35/686/DRC
Howell, CalvinTibbe mouthCARM/ChocRsv
Hoyobi, WillissPHalbert
Hoyopu, Geo.PHalbert
Hudson, ElseyPHalbert
Hudson, GeorgeHaShaChia CkPARM
Hudson, GeorgePHalbert
Hudson, JamesBiWyAh CreekPARM
Hudson, JoelPHalbert
Hudson, WidowBiWyAh CreckPARM
Humma, AcePHalbert
Humma, JohnPHalbert
Humma, SainiPHalbert
Hunt, AbijiahChicasawsTRG2 V41 MDAH
Hunter, GeorgePDRC
Hunter, JohnChoctaw AcademyYHd 109
Hunter, SylasPHalbert
Impson, CalebPHalbert
Impson, DennisPHalbert
Impson, HarotPHalbert
Impson, HarrisPHalbert
Impson, IsaacFunagusha CkPARM
Impson, JosiahChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Impson, LewisPHalbert
Impson, SallyAnnPHalbert
Impson, WilliamChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Impson, WM.PHalbert
Irvine, WilliamChoctawsTRG2 V41 MDAH
Isaac, JamesPHalbert
Isaac, WilliamPHalbert
Jackson, AndrewMayhewPARM
Jackson, AndrewChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Jackson, BillyPHalbert
Jackson, DavisPHalbert
Jackson, JacobPHalbert
Jackson, JoePHalbert
Jackson, LymonPHalbert
Jackson, MingoPHalbert
Jackson, SalyPHalbert
Jackson, SuckeyPHalbert
Jackson, WilliamPHalbert
Jacob, MorrisPHalbert
Jacob, N.PHalbert
Jacobs, A.PHalbert
Jacobs, BetseyPHalbert
Jacobs, ElizabthYMS act
James, AbelPHalbert
James, AdamYPL35/686/DRC
James, AdamSand creekCARM
James, AdamTrading HousePStkd RCTPp28
James, BenT23/R2;T22/R2CT500#2:136
James, BenChoctawsTHawkins:181
James, Benj., Jr.Tombigbee R.YARM
James, BobPHalbert
James, Capt BenjTombigbee R.PARM
James, DelilahTombigbee R.PARM
James, DoctorPHalbert
James, GeorgePHalbert
James, GeorgeTrading HouseYStkd RCTP
James, IsaacPRG751#228/DRC
James, IsaacPARMcapDRC
James, IsaacTombigbee R.PARM
James, JohnNoxubeePARM
James, JohnPHalbert
James, KathyTombigbee R.PARM
James, LeviPRG75#327/DRC
James, LoraPHalbert
James, LucyPHalbert
James, MartinPHalbert
James, Mrs McKeePHalbert
James, PhillipWashington Co.PTax/MTP
James, S.PHalbert
James, SallyPHalbert
James, SilisPHalbert
James, ThomasTombigbee R.PARM
James, WM.Creek NationYPL31 d539
Jefferies, PeggyYMS act
Jefferson, AdamPHalbert
Jefferson, CeliaPHalbert
Jefferson, GainesPHalbert
Jefferson, SarahPHalbert
Jefferson, SolomanPHalbert
Jefferson, ThomasPHalbert
Jefferson, WallacePHalbert
Jenkins, JackFRG75#203/DRC
Jenkins, JackAgency/Rob. RdFARM/Choc Rsv
Jerry, JimPHalbert
Jimson, VinaPHalbert
Jimson, VinaPHalbert
Jinks, Wm.PHalbert
Joe, AustinPHalbert
Joel, ThomasPHalbert
John, BillyPHalbert
John, NorrisPHalbert
Johnson, DickPHalbert
Johnson, HenryCPL35/686/DRC
Johnson, JohnE TombigbeeCHahn/139
Johnson, MaryPHalbert/ChRv
Johnson, NancyChickasawhayYHalbert
Johnson, SallyPHalbert
Johnson, SallyPHalbert
Johnson, SilasYHalbert/ChRv
Johnson, StanmoreSukenatcha CkPARM
Johnson, WilliamPHalbert
Johnson, WilseyPHalbert
Johnston, Col.PHalbert
Johnston, GeorgeChickasawhayPMEX 18:13
Johnston, GeorgeLong CreekPARM/Choc Rsv
Johnston, RichardAcademy ChoctawPHd 109
Jolley, NimrodChoctawPT500#1
Jones, AnnaPHalbert
Jones, BillyRobinson RoadPARM
Jones, Capt. N.PHalbert
Jones, CharlesW Tombigbee R.PARM
Jones, CharlesChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Jones, CorneliuPHalbert
Jones, DelilahPRG75#233/DRC
Jones, ElijahPHalbert
Jones, FredPHalbert
Jones, FredericPRG75#241/DRC
Jones, GincyPHalbert
Jones, HoganPARM
Jones, HolinPHalbert
Jones, IsaacPRG75#172/DRC
Jones, IsaacLapluoursPARM
Jones, IsaacAgencyPARM
Jones, JackPHalbert
Jones, JacksonPHalbert
Jones, JamesPARM
Jones, JamesPHalbert
Jones, JenniferRobinson RoadPARM
Jones, JessePHalbert
Jones, JimmyPHalbert
Jones, JimpsonPHalbert
Jones, JohnRobinson RoadPARM
Jones, JohnYazoo ValleyPARM
Jones, JohnPHalbert/ChRv
Jones, JohnTrading HousePStkd RCTP
Jones, John, Sr.6mi fm FactoryCARM
Jones, JonathonTombigbee R.CPL35/686/DRC
Jones, LenTombigbec RPARM
Jones, LeviPARM
Jones, LoganPHalbert
Jones, LucyTombigbee R.PARM
Jones, MahalePHalbert
Jones, MichaelBigbee/SPCSP Census
Jones, Mollynear HebrinPARM
Jones, MorganChoctaw AcademyYHd 109
Jones, Mrs JanePHalbert
Jones, Na ShePARMcapDRC
Jones, Nat CaptPearl R.YHalbert
Jones, NorrisPHalbert
Jones, PhillisPHalbert
Jones, PollyAlabamaY22-1 d 65
Jones, RazinChoctaw AcademyYHd 109
Jones, RobertPARM
Jones, RobertYARM/DRC
Jones, RobertChoctaw AcademyYHd 109
Jones, S.PHalbert
Jones, SabalaPHalbert
Jones, SamuelPRG75#297/DRC
Jones, Samuel2rni fin FactoryPARM
Jones, SamuelTrading HousePStkd RCTP
Jones, Samuel, Jr.NoxubeePARM
Jones, SinahPHalbert
Jones, SineyPHalbert
Jones, SolomonPearl RiverPARM
Jones, TennesseOknoxoby ckPHalbert/ChRv
Jones, ThomasPHalbert
Jones, TredrickNoxubeePARM
Jones, WidowRobinson RoadPARM
Jones, WidowPARM
Jones, WilliamWashington Co.Y19-IPL30p858
Jones, WilliamPearl RiverPARM
Jones, WilliamCreek NationYD 539
Jones, WilliamTrading HouseYStkd RCTP
Jones, WilliamTrading HouseYStkd RCTP
Jones, WilsonPHalbert
Juzan, CharlesChoctaw NationPT500
Juzan, CharlesTombigbee R.PARM
Juzan, CharlesTrading HouseCStkd RCTP
Juzan, CharlesChoctaw NationYLackey
Juzan, DanielChoctaw NationYLackey
Juzan, DelilahChoctaw NationYCoppick
Juzan, Eliza AnChoctaw NationYLackey
Juzan, IsabellChoctaw NationYCoppick
Juzan, JackChoctaw NationYLackey
Juzan, JacksonChoctaw NationYCoppick
Juzan, JamesChoctaw NationPLackey
Juzan, LucyChoctaw NationYLackey
Juzan, MaryChoctaw NationYCoppick
Juzan, PeterChunky TownYPMHS:8:494
Juzan, PierreChoctaw NationPHd 109
Juzan, Pierre, Sr.AckiaCLack/Coppick
Juzan. RebeccaChoctaw NationYLackey
Juzan, W. PeterMobileTHahn;Ham:323
Juzan, WilliamPDRC
Juzan, WilliamChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Juzan, WilliamMarengo CoPLackey
Juzan, Pierre, IIChoctaw NationPLackey
Juzan, Pierre, IIIChoctaw NationPLackey
Juzan, Pierre, IVChoctaw NationPLackey
Juzan, Pierre, VChoctaw NationPLackey
Juzant, Peter, JrBigbeePASP35p686DRC
Kamp, AuthorChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Karnes, JamesBig Black RPDRC
Karney, JamesTombigbee R.PARM
Kays, ThomasPARMcapDRC
Kays, WilliamPARMcapDRC
Kearney, AllenPRG75#239/DRC
Kearney, AllenChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Kearney, ArthurYPL35/686/DRC
Kearney, CharlesLeaf RiverPARM
Kearny, CorneliusYoung WarriorYARM
Keene, JosephTrim CaneCARM
Kelley, BetseyPHalbert
Kelley, SophaPHalbert
Kelly. DavidAshukwaPARM
Kemp, TimPHalbert
Kennedy, JamesChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Kilgore, RobertCreeksTHawkins:316
Kincade, AndrewTombigbeePARM
Kincade, JosephPARMcapDRC
Kincade, JosephChoc/Chick LinePARM
Kincaid,OknuxabecPStkd RCTP
Kincaid, AndrewPRG75#294/DRC
Kincaid, GeorgePHalbert
Kincaid, JennyPHalbert
Kincaid, LymanPHalbert
Kincaid, ViccyPHalbert
Kincaide, JamesPRG75#114/DRC
Kincaide, LymanChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Kinchis, WilliamPHalbert
King,Choctaw NationCoppick
King, AnnePHalbert
King, Cap JamesPHalbert
King, CharlesChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
King, HarrisPHalbert
King, HiramPDRC
King, HiramChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
King, JamesChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
King, LeviPHalbert
King, MargaretPHalbert
King, MaryPHalbert
King, MatildaPHalbert
King, McKeePHalbert
King, MilevitPHalbert
King, PeterChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Kinney, John15m fm AgencyYARM
Kirksey, E. B. W.PHalbert
Krebs, ExtherPHalbert
Laborie, MatthewMilitary RoadPARM/Choc Rsv
LaFlore, BasilChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
LaFlore, JacksonChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Lahouse, MarthewPHalbert
Laine, PatrickCreekTHawkins:36
Lake, BetseyPHalbert
Lake, Capt JohnTalaBoke BranchPARM
Lakna, EttePHalbert
Lakna, RobertPHalbert
Lambert, IsaacAlabamaYD 539
Lane, TimothyCreeksTHawkins:271
Lavina, AnnaPHalbert
Lawrence, JosephE TombigbeeCHahn/140
Learny, AllenTombigbee R.PARM
LeBrush, Matthew6 mi fm FactoryCPL35/686/DRC
LeFlore, AnnaPHalbert
LeFlore, BasilYCushman:347
LeFlore, BenjaminYoung WarriorYARM
LeFlore, Capt.W Big BlackYARM
LeFlore, ClarissaYCushman p343
LeFlore, ElizabetPearl/Yazoo R.YLackey Gen
LeFlore, EmileeYCushman p343
LeFlore, FelicePearl/Yazoo R.YLackey Gen
LeFlore, ForbesChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
LeFlore, Forbisto Ind. Terr.YRG75#430/DRC
LeFlore, FurleusChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
LeFlore, GreenwoodYazoo/DeltaYRG75#191/DRC
LeFlore, GreenwoodYazoo/DeltaYARM
LeFlore, HenryNatchezCManchac
LeFlore, IsaacYRG75#285/DRC
LeFlore, IsaacBig BlackYARM
LeFlore, JackTrading HousePStkd RCTP
LeFlore, JacksonYCushman p343
LeFlore, JoelYRG75#311/DRC
LeFlore, JoelBig BlackPARM
LeFlore, JohnPearl/Yazoo R.YLackey Gen
LeFlore, JohnsonYCushman p348
LeFlore, JudyPHalbert
LeFlore, LouisPearl/Yazoo R.CRG75#35/DRC
LeFlore, Maj.Funagusha CreekPARM
LeFlore, Maj LouisYazoo ValleyPARM
LeFlore, MaryYCushman p348
LeFlore, MichaelCRG75#88/DRC
LeFlore, MichaelBlack CreekYARM
LeFlore, MichelPHalbert
LeFlore, MilliePHalbert
LeFlore, NarcissaPHalbert
LeFlore, nfnPearl/Yazoo R.YLackey Gen
LeFlore, nfnPearl/Yazoo R.YLackey Gen
LeFlore, nfnPearl/Yazoo R.YLackey Gen
LeFlore, PollyPearl/Yazoo R.YLackey Gen
LeFlore, RobertPHalbert
LeFlore, SophiaYCushman p348
LeFlore, ThomasYRG75#310/DRC
LeFlore, ThomasPARMcapDRC
LeFlore, ThomasYCushman p348
LeFlore, TobiasYARM
LeFlore, TomPHalbert
LeFlore, WallacePHalbert
LeFlore, WardYCushman p348
LeFlore, WilliamYRG75#48/DRC
LeFlore, WilliamYazoo ValleyYARM
Leonard, SamuelChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Lesley, JamesCreekTHawkins:169
Lessly, DanielCreekYHawkins:115
Levi, SilanPHalbert
Levi, SimeonPHalbert
Levi, SusanPHalbert
Levy, BillRobinson RoadYARM
Lewellyn, AnneYPL35/686/DRC
Lewis, Benj.PHalbert
Lewis, DixonPHalbert
Lewis, IsomPHalbert
Lewis, JamesPHalbert
Lewis, JessePHalbert
Lewis, JoePHalbert
Lewis, JohnW Noxbee CreekPARM
Lewis, MalwellPHalbert
Lewis, SampsonPHalbert
Lewis, SeriaPHalbert
Lewis, SimonPHalbert
Lewis, Widow E.PHalbert
Lewisa, TimmeecePHalbert
Lightfoot, WilliamTombigbee RYPL35/686/DRC
Lightford, WilliamAmutallo TomsNARM
Lincecum, GideonMonroe Co.TPMHS:8:459
Lincome, JohnPHalbert
Lindcomb, GrabileNoxubee/AgencyPARM
Linder, JohnBigbeeCLinderLtr
Linder, John IIITensawCLinderLtr
Linder, John jrTensawCLinderLtr
Locklear, EliTombigbee RPARM
Logan, DavisPHalbert
Long, SamuelYRG75#38/DRC
Long, SamuelBlack CreekPARM
Longphier, WilliamShocButa CkPARM
Loring, JacksonPHalbert
Loring, JamesPHalbert
Lotte, CharChickasawhayPARM
Louis, JeffersoPHalbert
Love, BenChickasawYPMHS:8:560
Love, BillChickasawYPMHS:8:560
Love, DelilieChickasawYPMHS:8:560
Love, G.Choctaw AcademyPHd 109
Love, HenryChickasawYPMHS:8:560
Love, IsaacChickasawYPMHS:8:560
Love, NarcissaChickasawYPMHS:8:561
Love, RobertChickasawYPMHS:8:560
Love, SallyChickasawYPMHS:8:560
Love, SamChoctaw NationPT500#1
Love, SloneChickasawYPMHS:8:560
Love, ThomasChick NationCCushman:431
Lovet, JamesCreekTHawkins:171
Loving, JamesPRG75#123/DRC
Loving, James3 mi fm AgencyCARM
Low, ObidiahCreekTHawkins:36
Lowe, ObidiahCreekTHawkins:168
Loyd, EphramHoney IslandPARM
Loyson, WilliamTensawTHam:342
Lucas, AdamPRG75#136/DRC
Lucas, AdamNoxubeePARM
Lucas, CharlesAshukwaPARM
Lucas, CharlesTensawTHam:347
Lucas, JamesShukuklakPARM
Lucas, JinnyPHalbert
Lucas, LewisTrading HousePStkd RCTPp28
Lucas, LouiChickasawhayPARM
Lucas, Louie12 mi N LapburnPARM
Lucas, LouisChoctaw NationPT500#1
Lucas, SamPHalbert
Lucas, SamuelPHalbert
Lucas, SophiaPHalbert
Lucas, ViceyMilitary RoadPARM
Lucas, WilliamMilitary RoadPARM
Lucas, WilsonChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Luce, JohnPHalbert
Lynch, JohnNatchez TracePARM
Lyons, SamuelCreeksPHalbert
Lyons, WilliamCreeksPHalbert
MacGhee, LynnAlabamaY22-1 d 65
Mackey, BillyTHawkins:316
Mackey, BillyTHawkins:316
Mackey, DavidPRG75#186/DRC
Mackey, DavidLeaf RiverYARM
Mackey, MelesDanc. Rbt. Ck.PARM
Mackey, MiddletoYASP/DRC
Mackey, SimonChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Magaha, T.PDRC
Maggie, CherlisPHalbert
Magie, LousanPHalbert
Maize, SalinaPHalbert
Malone, ThomasE TombigbeeCHahn/139
Maithally, SallyPHalbert
Maly, MaryPHalbert
Manac, SamTensawYHam:427
Manioc, DavidAlabamaY22-1 d 65
Manioc, SamAlabamaY22-1 d 65
Marchand, SehoyCreek NationYKeenan
Mare, ThomasToms residenceNARM
Marshall, LuciusChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Marshall, MartinAlabamaYD 539
Marshall, ThomasCreekTHawkins:170
Marten, ThomasPARM
Martin, HenryPHalbert
Martindale, Moses20 mi W AgencyCARM
May, GeorgeBucatuna CreekPARM
Mayfield, GeorgeCreekIH&B: 281
Merryman, JamesPHalbert
Merryman, LucyPHalbert
Milfort, BillCreekYDale:53
Millard, BranardChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Miller, DanielPHalbert
Miller, DavidChoctaw NationPT500#1
Miller, RobertBigbee/SPCSP Census
Miller, SineyPHalbert
Miller, ViceyPHalbert
Miltock, TomNatchez TracePARM
Milton, MarthaPearl RiverPARM
Mims, SamuelTensawTRemini:I, 189
Mitchell, JoePHalbert
Mitchell, JohnstonPHalbert
Mitchell, SamuelCCushman:55
Mitchell, StewartPHalbert
Mitton, CharlesAik HunnaPARM
Mon(crief), Sampson4mi/DemopolisPARM
Moncrief, SampsonTombigbee RCMEX 18:14
Moniac, DavidYKeenan
Moniac, MaryCreekYH&B:175
Moniac, SamuelYWoodward:77
Moore, J.PHalbert
Moore, JamesCreeksTHawkins:216
Moore, JohnCPL35/686/DRC
Moore, JohnNatchez RoadPARM
Moore, JohnAlabamaYD 539
Moore, JohnChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Moore, MosesTombigbeeTHahn
Moore, NancyPHalbert
Moore, SusanPHalbert
Moore, ThomasPHalbert
Mordecai, AbrahamCreekTHawkins:168
Morrell, LouisianPHalbert
Morrell, RhodiaPHalbert
Morrell, SippiePHalbert
Morris, AbnerPRG75#387/DRC
Morris, AbnerCARM
Morris, JohnE TombigbeeCHahn/139
Mosely, BobCreek NationCWoodward:48
Mosely, SamuelColia La.PARM
Mosis, HenryPHalbert
Mosley, LafayettPHalbert
Mosley, Mrs MaryPHalbert
Mosley, YanisPHalbert
Moss, GilfordPHalbert
Muckey, AlexandeChoctaw AcademyYHd 109
Mullen, JamesPHalbert
Mullin, JohnPARM/Choc Rsv
Murphey, GeorgeGood Water CkCARM/Choc Rsv
Murphy, GeorgeCPL35/686/DRC
Murphy, GeorgePHalbert
Myles, JohnCreek NationYD 539
McAfee, JamesYoung WarriorPARM
McAfee, James jrPearl RiverPARM
McAffe, JacksonChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
McAffe, LevyPearl RiverPARM
McAuley,EliotCJFH p 182
McCan, CorneliusPRG75#288/DRC
McCan, CorneliusPHalbert
McCann, AllenPHalbert
McCann, CorneliusTombigbee R.FARM
McCann, Gen.ChickasawhayPARM
McCann, JamesChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
McCann, JosephChickasawhayPARM
McCann, ThomasChickasawhayPARM
McCann, WallPHalbert
McCann, WallChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
McCann, WilliamPHalbert
McCart, WilliamCreekTHawkins:168
McCay, James4mi fm ElliotPARM
McCay, William4mi fm ElliotPARM
McClann, WilliamChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
McClish, GeorgePHalbert
McClish, JohnChickasawsYPMHS:8:568
McClish, WilliamChickasawsIHawkins:393
McClure, JamesPRG75#110/DRC
McClure, Jamesnear FolsomPARM
McClure, LileyPHalbert
McClure, LizaPHalbert
McClure, RobertTrading HousePStkd RCTPp28
McClure, WallacePHalbert
McClure, WalterPHalbert
McClure, WilliamFARM
McCown, LucyPHalbert
McCoy, JamesPHalbert
McCoy, JamesPHalbert
McCoy, NelsonPHalbert
McCoy, OliverPHalbert
McCoy, WilliamPRG75#9/DRC
McCoy, WilliamPHalbert
McCraven, JosephChoctawsTRG2 V41 MDAH
McCully, RichardChickasawsTAdair:n394
McCurtain, A.PHalbert
McCurtain, AllenPHalbert
McCurtain, CamperChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
McCurtain, CanadyChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
McCurtain, CorneliusCHahn
McCurtain, DanielNatchez TracePARM
McCurtain, DelilahPHalbert
McCurtain, E.PHalbert
McCurtain, H.PHalbert
McCurtain, HustonPHalbert
McCurtain, SamuelChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
McCurtain, ThomasNatchez TracePARM
McCurtain, WilliamPHalbert
McDaniel, DanielAlabamaYD 539
McDaniel, JohnsonChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
McDonald, AlexandrChoctaw NationYViola
McDonald, JamesJacksonYARM/DRC/Viola
McDonald, LawrenceMobileTHahn/Ham:354
McDonald, MollyTrading HousePStkd RCTPp28
McDonald, SophiaPHalbert
McDonuld, HughPHalbert
McEllyn, AnnBlack CreekPARM
McFarren, JennyPHalbert
McGahey, AlexandeYazoo ValleyPARM
McGee, AmyPHalbert
McGee, AnnPHalbert
McGee, ElizaPHalbert
McGee, HumphreyPHalbert
McGee, LaviniaPHalbert
McGee, LouisPHalbert
McGee, MalcombChoc/Chick Nat.Cushman:414
McGee, MalinaPHalbert
McGee, PolleyPHalbert
McGee, SamuelIPL d1315p635
McGelbeny, MicklePHalbert
McGelvroy, Jno.PHalbert
McGelvroy, LucyPHalbert
McGhee, SamuelHaShaBaTaLiaPARM
McGibbeny, WallacePHalbert
McGilbey, GordonTombigbee R,YMEX 18:14
McGilbey, Jno.PHalbert
McGilbey, LucyPHalbert/ChRv
McGilbey, LucyPHalbert
McGilbey, RobertPHalbert
McGilbry, GordonTombigbee R,PARM/Choc Rsv
McGilbry, JohnTombigbee R,YARM
McGilbry, JohnPPL d1315p651
McGilbry, TurnerTombigbee R,PARM/Choc Rsv
McGillivray, AlexandrCreek NationYKeenan
McGillivray, DanielTensawPJDLH1785Debt
McGillivray, JeanetteCreek NationYKeenan
McGillivray, LachlanCreek NationCKeenan
McGillivray, RobertTombigbeePMGF1, 72
McGillivray, SophiaCreekCKeenan
McGilvery, GordonYPL35/686/DRC
McGilvery, JohnYPL35/686/DRC
McGilvery, JohnTrading HouseIStkd RCTP
McGilvery, RobertYPL35/686/DRC
McGilvery, TurnerTombigbee RYPL35/686/DRC
McGilvery, WilliamCreek NationYCushman:403
McGirt, ZachCreek NationYD 539
McGirt, ZachariaAlabamaY22-1 d 65
McGirth, BillyCreekYWoodward:113
McGirth, ViceyFt MimsYH&B:158
McGirth, ZackCreek NationCWoodward:112
McIntosh, JohnWashington Co.CRG75#296/DRC
McIntosh, JohnTombigbee RPARM
McIntosh, SamuelChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
McKee, AlexandePHalbert/ARM
McKee, DavyPHalbert
McKenney, CathernPRG75#101/DRC
McKenney, SilasPRG75#308/DRC
McKenny, Cap JohnPHalbert
McKenny, ThomasChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
McKenny, TurnerChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
McKey, AlexandePARM
McKey, BillyPHalbert
McKey, E.PHalbert
McKey, EllisPHalbert
McKey, MiddletoPRG75#166/DRC
McKey, WilliamLeaf RiverPARM
McKincey, BillyPHalbert
McKing, JamesPARM
McKinney, BillyPDRC
McKinney, MakaShauntakhalaPARM
McKinney, RobertShauntakhalaPARM
McKinney, SilasShauntakhalaPARM
McKinny, CatherinYazoo ValleyPARM
McKinny, EdmondYazoo ValleyPARM
McKinzie, ColemanPHalbert
McKolbery, JohnPDRC
McLanglin, MatthewTombigbee RPARM
McLaughlin, MarthaPRG75#295/DRC
McLaughlin, RobertChoctawsCH&B: 120
McLeod, JohnCreekTHawkins:169
McMullian, WilliamChickasawTAdairon394
McNael, ElwoodPHalbert
McNaire, CharlesChoctawTAdairon394
McQueen, JamesCreekTHawkins:168
McRae, AlexAlabamaYD 539
McRee, AlexandePRG75#453/DRC
Nail, AdamYCushman p288
Nail, AdamChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Nail, BenjaminPHalbert
Nail, CatherinYCushman p288
Nail, DanielPRG75#85/DRC
Nail; DanielIm E AgencyPARM
Nail, DanielPHalbert
Nail, DelilahYCushman p288
Nail, E.PHalbert
Nail, EdwinYCushman p288
Nail, EmilyYLackey
Nail, EmmaYCushman p288
Nail, GreenwoodPHalbert
Nail, HarrietYCushman p288
Nail, HenryWashington CoPTax/ASP/Hahn
Nail, HenryCCush:288/Lky
Nail, IsabelleYCushman p288
Nail, J.Bucatuna Ck.PARM
Nail, JenyPHalbert
Nail, JoelYStout/Lackey
Nail, JoelPRG75#193/DRC
Nail, JoelYCushman p288
Nail, JohnPHalbert
Nail, JohnChoctaw AcademyYHd 109/Lacky
Nail, JonathonYCushman p288
Nail, JosephYLackey
Nail, LouisaYLackey
Nail, MarcheliPHalbert
Nail, MauricePHalbert
Nail, MelvinaYCushman p288
Nail, MollyPDRC
Nail, MorrisYCushman p288
Nail, MorrisChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Nail, Nelly1m W AgencyPARM
Nail, RhodaYLackey
Nail, RobertYDRC/Lackey
Nail, RobertYCushman p288
Nail, RobertChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Nail, SallyPHalbert
Nail, SelinaYCushman p288
Nail, WilsonPHalbert
Nearney, JerryRobinson FieldsPARM
Nelson, BetseyPHalbert
Nelson, BlauntYalobusha R.PARM
Nelson, BrownPHalbert
Nelson, C.PHalbert
Nelson, ChiloccoPHalbert
Nelson, DixonPHalbert
Nelson, EdonYalobusha R.PARM
Nelson, GanetPHalbert
Nelson, GarnetYalobusha R.PARM
Nelson, GarrettPHalbert
Nelson, GeorgeYalobusha R.PARM
Nelson, IsaacYalobusha R.PARM
Nelson, IsaacPHalbert
Nelson, JennyPHalbert
Nelson, JessePHalbert
Nelson, JoePHalbert
Nelson, JosephPRG75#52/DRC
Nelson, JosephYazoo ValleyPARM
Nelson, MichellPHalbert
Nelson, MitchellPHalbert
Nelson, Mrs MolciPHalbert
Nelson, RhodaPHalbert
Nelson, SimonPHalbert
Nelson, SolomonYalobusha R.PARM
Nelson, Wm.PHalbert
Newman,Choctaw NationCRich TD
Nickson, TonPulCusPiar Ck.PARM
Noah, JohnPHalbert
Noahaya, ThompsonPHalbert
O'Kelley, JohnCreekYHawkins:169
O'Rielly, JohnCreek NationYD 539
O'Riley, BarneyCreekYWoodward:115
O'Riley, JohnCreekYWoodward:115
O'Riley, JohnCreekTHawkins:169
Orley, DavisPHalbert
Ormand, AndrewAlabamaYD 539
Ott, WilliamPRG75#269/DRC
Ott, WilliamYazoo ValleyPARM
Ott, WilliePHalbert
Oxberry, CyrusPHalbert
OxBerry, DavidPRG75#42/DRC
Oxberry, DavidCatchchiyah Ck.PARM
Oxberry, GeorgePHalbert
Oxberry, GeorgePHalbert
Oxberry, JamesYalobushaPAKM/Choc Rsv
Oxberry, PallasPHalbert
Page, JohnChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Pain, RobertPHalbert
Palmer, SamuelCreekTHawkins:171
Panes, TubeyPHalbert
Parely, OsbornChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Parress, AnthonyTombigbee RCPL35/686/DRC
Parry, AndersonChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Parson, LeviChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Paterson, HamonPHalbert
Patterson, HarmanPHalbert
Patterson, JamesPHalbert
Patterson, JamesPHalbert
Patterson, Mrs.PHalbert
Patton, JoeBig BlackPMEX 18:13
Paxton, WilliamPHalbert
Payne, RobertPHalbert
Payne, ThomasPHalbert
Pebworth, HenryTombigbee RCPL35/686/DRC
Pedgeworth, HenryTombigbee RPARM
Penola, PerryPHalbert
Perkins, AmyPHalbert
Perkins, AnobaPHalbert
Perkins, B.PHalbert
Perkins, Benj.PHalbert
Perkins, DavisPHalbert
Perkins, JanePHalbert
Perkins, LeviPDRC
Perkins, MaryPHalbert
Perkins, Mrs ElcyPHalbert
Perry, BerrimanPHalbert
Perry, BetsyPHalbert
Perry, EdmondPHalbert
Perry, ElbaPHalbert
Perry, EliPHalbert
Perry, EmilyPHalbert
Perry, FanyPHalbert
Perry, ForbisPHalbert
Perry, HardyCRG75#15/DRC
Perry, HardyBatupin BoguePARM
Perry, HardyE. TombigbeeCHahn/139
Perry, HardyChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Perry, HaslinPHalbert
Perry, IsaacPRG75#30/DRC
Perry, IsaacPARM
Perry, JamesPRG75#10/DRC
Perry, JamesSpring CreekPARM
Perry, JamesChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Perry, JohnPRG75#75/DRC
Perry, JohnYalobusha R.PARM
Perry, JohnsonPHalbert
Perry, JosephPRG75#25/DRC
Perry, JosephLouciskoonahPARM
Perry, LeviPHalbert
Perry, LewisNatchez TracePARM
Perry, MosesPearl RiverPARM
Perry, NailPHalbert
Perry, NatPHalbert
Perry, NedPRG75#5/DRC
Perry, NedTeyocktacahPARM
Perry, PenolaPHalbert
Perry, PollyPHalbert
Perry, RhodaPHalbert
Perry, SampsonPHalbert
Perry, SarahPHalbert
Perry, SinahPHalbert
Perry, SineyPHalbert
Perry, SolomanPHalbert
Perry, StephenPHalbert
Perry, SusanPHalbert
Perry, WidowPRG75#1/DRC
Perry, WidowYalobusha R.PARM
Choctaw AcademyPHd 109
Peter, SarahPHalbert
Peter, SimonPHalbert
Peter, SimonsChickasawhayPARM
Peyton, TecumsehPHalbert
Picken, RachelPHalbert
Pickens, B.PHalbert
Pickens, BenPHalbert
Pickens, Benj.PHalbert
Pickens, JamesYPL35/686/DRC
Pickens, JohnFDRC
Pickens, JohnYARM/MEX18:11
Pickens, JosephPARM
Pickens, LeviPARM
Pickens, RachelPHalbert
Pickens, SolomanChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Pickens, ViceyAshshukwaPARM
Pickens, ViceyPHalbert
Pinson, BetseyYPL35/686/DRC
Pinson, BetseyTombigbee R.YHalbert/ChRv
Pinson, IsaacTombigbee R.PARM
Pistambe, CaptainPHalbert
Pistambe, ForbisPHalbert
Pitchlynn, AlixPHalbert
Pitchlynn, E.PHalbert
Pitchlynn, ErePHalbert
Pitchlynn, EveYDRC
Pitchlynn, EveSukenatcha Ck.YARM
Pitchlynn, IsaacOknuxabeeCWells/DRC
Pitchlynn, JackPDRC
Pitchlynn, JackYDRCushman:242
Pitchlynn, JamesYDRCushman:242
Pitchlynn, JohnRobinson RoadCARM/DRC
Pitchlynn, JohnTrading HouseCStkd RCTP
Pitchlynn, John, Jr.YDRC
Pitchlynn, John, Sr.Oknuxabee CkCDRC
Pitchlynn, PeterYDRC
Pitchlynn, PeterRobinson RoadYARM
Pitchlynn, PeterRobinson RoadYCushman:242
Pitchlynn, SilasYDRC
Pitchlynn, SilasYCushman:242
Pitchlynn, SilasChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Pitchlynn, SophiaTombigbee RYPL35/686
Pitchlynn, ThomasYDRC
Pitchlynn, ThomasYCushman:242
Pitchlynn, W.PHalbert
Pitchlynn, WilliamChoctaw AcademyYHd 109
Plumer, F.PHalbert
Polk, J.PHalbert
Polly, AnnPHalbert
Poore, ArcklerPHalbert
Pope, AlexandeChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Potts, JosephChickasawYRMHS:8:587
Potts, TaylorChickasawYRMHS:8:587
Powel, WilliamCreekTHawkins:168
Price, ThomasMobileIHam:497
Proctor, JohnCreekYHawkins:169
Pudloom, Chas.PHalbert
Pusely, GeorgePDRC
Push, ElomPHalbert
Push, SimonPHalbert
Push, StewartPHalbert
Pushmataha, J.Choctaw AcademyPHd 109
Puskey, TubbyPHalbert
Pusley, CalvinPHalbert
Pusley, EdmundPHalbert
Pusly, GeorgeNatchez TracePARM
Quarts, JamesCreekTHawkins:169
Radford, WidowPHalbert
Raizers,Choctaw NationCRich TD
Randolph, SebeonPHalbert
Randon, JamesPHalbert
Randon, JohnTensawY19-1PL30p858
Randon, JohnCreek NationYD 539
Randon, JohnCreek NationYD 539
Randon, PeterCreek NationYD 539
Randon, PeterTensawYHam:427
Rare, JoshuaTom'sNARM
Redford, WidowTrim CanePARM
Reed, HardyCreekTHawkins:171
Reyley, PatrickPHalbert
Reynolds, JamesSukenatcha CkPARM
Riddle, GeorgePHalbert
Riddle, JohnPHalbert
Riddle, JohnChoctaw NationCM21-4-341
Riddle, JohnChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Riddle, JosephTombigbee R.PARM
Riddle, WilliamTrading HouseCStkd RCTP
Riddle, WilliamChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Riddle, Wm.PHalbert
Riddle, Wm. jr.PHalbert
Riley, BarneyCreekYWoodward:147
Riley, PatPutahcahcocaPARM
Riley, PatrickYazoo RiverCPL35/686/DRC
Riley, SamChoctaw NationPT5001#1
Rince, JosiahPHalbert
Ripley, EzraPHalbert
Robert, FrancoisTensawTHam:342
Robert, JohnPHalbert
Robert, LawryPHalbert
Roberts, LucyPHalbert
Roberts, MaryPHalbert
Robertson, LewisTombigbee R.CPL35/686/DRC
Robinson, AzmirePHalbert
Robinson, ElviraPHalbert
Robinson, JamesPHalbert
Robinson, JohnPHalbert
Robinson, LewisTombigbee R.PARM
Robinson, SamPHalbert
Robison, WilliamCreekYH&B:301
Robuck, MaryannPHalbert
Robuck, SophiaPHalbert
Robuck, WilliamChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Robuck, Wm.PHalbert
Robuck, ZekialHoney IslandPARM
Rochon, MargaretCreek NationYD 539
Rodgers, PhillipPHalbert
Roebuck, Z.PDRC
Rogers, JohnWashington Co.PT500#1/107
Ropes, WilliamKonappa Ck.PARM
Rush, RichardChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Russel, ChristiaCreekTHawkins:171
Russel, JamesWashington Co.PCK trade
Russel, JamesTHawkins:168
Ryales, ArthurWashington Co.PJDLH debt list
Sampson, (none)HebrinPARM
Sampson, IsaacPDRC
Sampson, LeviChickasawhayPARM
Sandoval, JohnCreekTHawkins:171
Scott, CharlesPDRC
Scott, JohnLeaf RiverPARM
Sealey, Benj.ChickasawTAdair:n394
Sealy, SamuelChickasawYCushman:403
Semmony, Wm.PHalbert
Senis, MaryPHalbert
Sexton, CharlesPHalbert
Sexton, DavidPDRC
Sexton, JessePHalbert
Sexton, MahahPHalbert
Sexton, ThompsonPHalbert
Shaw, JosephPHalbert
Shearly, JohnCreeksTHawkins:316
Shields, Cap JamesPHalbert
Shields, JamesPARMcapDRC
Shields, MarthaPHalbert
Silmon, GainsPHalbert
Simmons, JamesWashington Co.PCK trade List
Simmons, JamesCreekTHawkins: 169
Simmons, WilliamBlack CreekPARM
Simon, MaryPHalbert
Simpson, Sally AnnPHalbert
Sims, ThomasPHalbert
Siston, LucyCinnaushphaPARM
Sistoni, PercyPDRC
Sives, MartinPHalbert
Sixton, DaveySilthpah CkPARM
Sixton, JeffersnBig BlackPARM
Sizemore, ArthurCreek NationYD 539
Sizemore, ArthurAlabamaY22-1 d 65
Skelton, WinceyPHalbert
Sliwash, ThomasPHalbert
Smallwood, AnnaPHalbert
Smallwood, Benj.PHalbert
Smallwood, BetsyPHalbert
Smallwood, MaryPDRC
Smallwood, MaryBig BlackPARM
Smallwood. PusleyPHalbert
Smallwood, WilliamChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Smith, AugustinChickasawTAdair:n394
Smith, BowkerTRG2 V41 MDAH
Smith, ChoatePHalbert
Smith, FreemanPDRC
Smith, FreemanYazoo ValleyPARM
Smith, GeorgeCreekTHawkins:170
Smith, JamesCreekCH&B:236
Smith, JohnPHalbert
Smith, JohnChickasawTAdair:n394
Smith, MellyPHalbert
Smith, SamCreek NationYWoodward:111
Smith, SamuelCreek NationYD 539
Smith, WilliamChickasawhayCARM
Smithmoor, JohnCreekTHawkins:171
Snody, WilliamBigbee/SpCJDLH Debt List
Sockey, JohnPHalbert
Sockey, WilliamPHalbert
Speaker, ThomasPHalbert
Spears, NicePHalbert
Spring ChristiaAshukwaPARM
Spring, JohnChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Spring, Mrs JanesPHalbert
Spring, WilliamChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Standley, JamesPDRC
Stanly, JamesYazoo ValleyPARM
Stanton, AllenTombigbee R.CPL35/686/DRC
Starner, JanePDRC
Steadham, BenjaminCreekTHawkins:171
Stearn,OknuxabeePStkd RCTP
Stearns,Choctaw NationPStkd RCTP
Stearns, JaneNoxubeePARM
Stearns, WilliamTrading HousePStkd RCTP
Stedham, Benj.TensawCPickett
Steir, Capt.PHalbert
Stern, JanePHalbert
Stewart, CharlesPHalbert
Stewart, HannahPHalbert
Stewart, HenriPHalbert
Stewart, JacksonPHalbert
Stewart, JohnYD 1315
Stewart, Mrs NancyPHalbert
Stewart, MulciePHalbert
Stewart, ThomasPHalbert
Stewart, WilliamChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Stiggins, Geo.TensawYStrickland
Stiggins, GeorgeCreek NationYD 539
Stiggins, GeorgeAlabamaY22-1 d 65
Stiggins, JosephWashington Co.CStrickland
Stiggins, MaryCreek NationYKeenan
Stull, Cap WilisPHalbert
Stull, WillisYoung WarriorPARM
Stump, XopherChoctawsTRG2 V41 MDAH
Sullivant, ThomasWashington Co.CGAPP/Tax
Suzan, J.PHalbert
Talapoosa, JohnPHalbert
Talapoosa, MaryPHalbert
Talapoosa, SalyPHalbert
Talapoosa, SampsonPHalbert
Talapoosa, WashingtPHalbert
Tanner, JohnChickasawTAdair:n394
Tappen, CharlesTrim CanePARM
Tarby, SolomanPHalbert
Tarth, TunerPHalbert
Tarvin, JohnCreekTHawkins:170
Tate, DavidAlabamaY22-1 d 65
Taylor, BenonePHalbert
Taylor, BenoniFunagusha CkPARM
Taylor, BillyPHalbert
Taylor, DavidPHalbert
Taylor, HesterPHalbert
Taylor, JamesPHalbert
Taylor, JohnPHalbert
Taylor, MaryPHalbert
Taylor, PeggyPHalbert
Taylor, PirenaPHalbert
Taylor, SusanPHalbert
Taylor, WilliamBig Black R.CCushman:349
Taylor, WilliamPARM
Taylor, WilliamPHalbert
Terral, James20m W AgencyPARM
Terrel, JamesPDRC
Terrell, GilbertNatchez TracePARM
Terrell, JamesPHalbert
Thomas, AmeliaPHalbert
Thomas, EliasPHalbert
Thomas, JuanPHalbert
Thomas, LucyPHalbert
Thompson, DavidChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Thompson, ElizabthYD 1327
Thompson, GarretPHalbert
Thompson, GilesPDRC
Thompson, GilesMayhewPARM
Thompson, GilesPHalbert
Thompson, GreenwdYD 1327
Thompson, IsaacAlabamaYD 539
Thompson, IsomPHalbert
Thompson, JacobYalobusha RYARM/d1327
Thompson, JacobPHalbert
Thompson, MaryPHalbert
Thompson, NancyYD 1327
Thompson, PattyPHalbert
Thompson, R.PHalbert
Thompson, WilliamPDRC
Thompson, WilliamCutchchiyahCPARM
Thony, Capt.PHalbert
Thopota, PeterPHalbert
Tibbe, HenryHoney IslandPARM
Tible, ViceyPHalbert
Timms, V.PHalbert
Tinnin,Choctaw NationPStkd RCTP
Toba, JamesPHalbert/ChRv
Toba, WilliamPHalbert
Tobala, Capt.PHalbert
Tobias, WardPHalbert
Toby, JamesPHalbert
Tom, BillyPHalbert
Tom, JackYPL35/686/DRC
Torn, Jack2 mi fm factoryTARM
Tom, JeffersoPHalbert
Tom, JimYPL35/686/DRC
Tom, JimNARM
Tom, JimTombigbee R.YHalbert/ChRv
Tom, Moses2 mi fm factoryNARM
Tom, OhoyanTombigbee R.YMEX 18:12
Tom, Sally2 mi fm factoryNARM
Tomison, LemasPHalbert
Tommot, TubbyPHalbert
Tommy, EdmundPHalbert
Toonlah, JuicyPHalbert
Toontah, DoctorPHalbert
Torns, JackPHalbert
Townshend, JohnCreekHawkins: 169
Trahen, WilliamPDRC
Train, PeggyPARM
Train, WesleyPDRC
Train, WestlyTombigbee WPARM
Train, WilliamPARM/DRC
Trains,Choctaw NationCRich TD
Trenier, J.MobileIHam: 362
Truly, H.PHalbert
Tubbee, JimPARM
Tubbey, YarhenPHalbert
Tubby, WilliamPHalbert
Tucherlin, AbbeyPHalbert
Tucklin, TubbyPHalbert
Tuley, WilliamCreek NationYD 539
Tulson, AdamPARMcapDRC
Tunstall, GeoAlabamaYD 539
Turnbull, AnthonyPARMcapDRC
Turnbull, ArthurMiss. Terr.YJFH CLaiborne
Turnbull, CaptainPDRC
Turnbull, GeorgePDRC
Turnbull, GeorgeRobinson BridgPARM
Turnbull, J.PHalbert
Turnbull, JohnPHalbert
Turnbull, JuliaPHalbert
Turnbull, LydiaPHalbert
Turnbull, RobertYalobushaPARM
Turnbull, TurnerPHalbert
Turnbull, WilliamYalobusha R.PARM.Choc Rsv
Tuzant, FrancisCreekTHawkins 169
Underwood, FrancisChickaswaTAdair: n394
Utwridge, WilliamItTeHOMaIKiaPARM
Vaughn, Alec jrMilitary RoadPARM
Vaughn, AlexandePDRC
Vaughn, AlexandeChickasawhayPARM
Vaughn, Cap JamesChickasawhayPARM
Vaughn, CharlesYalobusha R.PARM
Vaughn, GeorgePARM
Vaughn, GeorgeChickasawhayPARM
Vaughn, PhillipYalobusha R.PARM
Vaughn, RobertYCoppick
Vaughn, WilliamAlabamaYD 539
Victor, I.PHalbert
Victor, JohnAshukwaPARM
Victor, NelsonChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Vincent, HiramYazoo ValleyPARM
Wade, AlexandeChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Wade, AlfredPHalbert
Wade, AlfredChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Wade, AmosPHalbert
Wade, AnnaPHalbert
Wade, CuninghaPHalbert
Wade, Eno.PDRC
Wade, EnosYellobushahCHalbert
Wade, HenryPHalbert
Wade, JohnPDRC
Wade, JohnRobinson RoadPARM
Wade, PickenChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Wade, SusyPHalbert
Wade, ViceyPHalbert
Wade, WashingtPHalbert
Wade, WilliamNoxubeeFARM
Waid, CuninghaPHalbert
Waid, EnosPutacacocahPARM
Waid, JohnPARMcapDRC
Waid, JohnPHalbert
Wainer, DavidHaTalKa Ck.PARM
Wale, SamPHalbert
Walk, JohnnyPHalbert/ChRv
Walk, JohnnyPHalbert
Walker, BenjaminPHalbert
Walker, CharlesPHalbert
Walker, JohnTombigbee R.CPL35/686/DRC
Walker, JohnCARM
Walker, RichardPHalbert
Walker, TandyWashington Co.YLackey/Stout
Wall, DPHalbert
Wall, DalilaPHalbert
Wall, DavidPDRC
Wall, DavidChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Wall, JamesPHalbert
Wall, NoahChoctaw NationCRG2v30f6-1256
Wall, ThomasPDRC
Wall, ThomasChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Wall, WilliamChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Wallace, DixonPHalbert
Waite, SelotePHalbert
Walls, NoahMayhewPARM
Walls, ThomasMayhewYARM
Walton, BobCreek NationCWoodward:49
Walton, IsaacTrim CanePARM
Walton, RobertCreekTHawkins:169
Ward, AgnesPHalbert
Ward, CatherinPHalbert
Ward, EdenFDRC
Ward, EdneyPHalbert
Ward, EdonLong CreekPARM
Ward, FalissaPHalbert
Ward, JackCreek NationYD 539
Ward, JeremiahPHalbert
Ward, JoelPHalbert
Ward, JohnCreek NationCWoodward:47
Ward, LewisBlack CreekPARM
Ward, LizarPHalbert
Ward, LoganPHalbert
Ward, Mrs.Big BlackPARM
Ward, NelsonPHalbert
Ward, NicholasPHalbert
Ward, SilasPHalbert
Ward, SophiaPHalbert
Ward, StephenPHalbert
Ward, SyllinPHalbert
Ward, TobiasPHalbert/ChRv
Ward, TurnerPDRC
Ward, TurnerBig BlackPARM
Ward, WilliamPHalbert
Ward, WilliamChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Ward, WilliePHalbert
Ware, AndrewPHalbert
Warhey, LucyPHalbert
Warkahche, Jackson
Warland, B.Choctaw AcademyPHd 109
Warren, JamesPHalbert
Washington, JohnPDRC
Washington, MarthaPHalbert
Watson, JonasPHalbert
Watson, NancyPHalbert
Watson, WidowPHalbert
Weatherford, CharlesCreekTHawkins:170
Weatherford, ElizabthCreek NationYKeenan
Weatherford, JohnCreek NationYD 539
Weatherford, JohnAlabamaY22-1 d 65
Weaver, AustonPHalbert
Weaver, ThePHalbert
Webster, DavidChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Webster, JacksonPHalbert
Welch, ElizabetPARM
Welch, JamesChickasawTAdair:n394
Welch, MichaelCreekTHawkins:216
Welch, RobertIndian CountryCLinder/Sarg Prs
Welch, ThomasChickasawTAdair:n394
Welsey, JohnPHalbert
Wesley, Benj.PHalbert
Wesley, Benj.PHalbert
Wesley, BobPHalbert
Wesley, CharlesPHalbert
Wesley, DanielPHalbert
Wesley, JacksonPHalbert
Wesley, JohnChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Wesley, Mrs. E.PHalbert
Wesley, PahlePHalbert
Wesley, TandyPHalbert
WestIcy, CharlesChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Whatner, JamesPHalbert
Wheaton, JosephusTombigbee R.PARM
White, Cap ByrdPHalbert
White, JerryPHalbert
White, JonasPHalbert
White, LewisPDRC
White, LouisFARM
White, NicholasCreekTHawkins:168
White, SarahPHalbert
White, SusanPHalbert
Whitibird, TommePHalbert
Wier, AndrewChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Wiggins, GeorgeChoctawsTRG2 V41 MDAH
Wilkins, MorrisPHalbert
William, BillyPHalbert
William, ByingtonPHalbert
William, GilbertPHalbert
William, McNutPHalbert
William, SylvestePHalbert
Williams, AmandaPHalbert
Williams, GeorgeNaShaChia Ck.PARM
Williams, JackPHalbert
Williams, JamesPHalbert
Williams, WilliamShoGotTe Ck.PARM
Willis, AbelPHalbert
Willis, JosiahPHalbert
Willis, JuicyPHalbert
Willis, L.PHalbert
Willis, LeviPHalbert
Willis, S.PHalbert
Willis, SimonChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Willock, TomPDRC
Wilson, AbnerPDRC
Wilson, AmosBig BlackPARM
Wilson, CharlesChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Wilson, DavidChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Wilson, HannahPHalbert
Wilson, JonasPHalbert
Wilson, KanahPHalbert
Wilson, LanePDRC
Wilson, LeviPHalbert
Wilson, LewePHalbert
Wilson, LewisPDRC
Wilson, LonaPHalbert
Wilson, LuaBig BlackPARM
Wilson, MelindaPHalbert
Wilson, MrsRobinson RoadPARM
Wilson, Mrs.PHalbert
Wilson, NancyPHalbert
Wilson, SuePHalbert
Wilson, ThomasCreekHawkins: 169
Wilson, TomPHalbert
Wincheli, JamesChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Windham, Williamold Mackey PL.PARM
Winlock, BazilPHalbert
Winlock, SelinaPHalbert
Winlock, SilisPHalbert
Winlock, Thos.PHalbert
Winslet, JohnChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Wolf, JamesChickasawPPMHS:8:562
Wood, StephenRobinson RoadCARM
Woodridge, RhodyPHalbert
Woodridge, WilliamPHalbert
Worcester, SamuelPHalbert/DRC
Worcester, SamuelChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Wrenfroes,Choctaw NationPStkd RCTP
Wright, AlfredPHalbert
Wright, AllenPHalbert
Wright, BillyBigbee/SPYGAPP
Wright, DixonPHalbert
Wright, JudgePHalbert
Wright, SilasChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Wright, SimonPHalbert
Wright, SophyPHalbert
Wright, SusanPHalbert
Yates, AllenPulCusPiar Ck.PARM/DRC/ChRv
Yates, MillyChoc Rsv
Yell, ArchibalChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
Young, A.PHalbert
Young, AlexanderPHalbert


Appendix A Notes

Names: Listed alphabetically. There are a few names listed twice. In most cases this represents different individuals, especially if the names are from the same source. In the case of duplicate names from separate sources, a chance of the names being the same person is likely, but not assumed.

Location: The orthography varies but is taken as it appeared in the source document. In some cases the source gives more specific location information than that in the listing of the appendix. The location listed may also be a creek, river, or district. Entries such as, Alabama, or, Creek, are the state or Indian nation indicated.

Sources: The sources for Appendix A are diverse and numerous, however the majority of entries are derived from only a few basic references. Below is a list of sources and the abbreviations used.ARM: Armstrong Roll, pre-Removal Choctaw census taken after the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek. In most cases the Armstrong Roll includes location of and

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  • information about land lived on.
  • ASP: American State Papers.
  • FR: Foreign Relations
  • IA: Indian Affairs
  • PL: Public land
  • DRC: Mentioned in the articles of Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek.
  • Choc Rsv: Choctaw Reserve Records, National Archives, RG 75, (and microfilm series M-234).
  • Coppick: Coppick letters in Lackey Collection, McCain Library, University of Southern Mississippi (USM).
  • D 539: Doc 539, 19th Cong., 2nd sess., “List of Mixed Bloods Claiming Land from the Treaty of Fort Jackson.”
  • D 1315: Doc 1315, 23rd Cong., 2nd sess., “Claims to Choctaw Reservations of Land Under the 14th Article of the Treaty of 1830.”
  • HALBERT: Halbert Roll of Choctaw claims, Alabama Department of Archives and History.
  • HAM: Hamilton’s Colonial Mobile
  • HAWKINS: Letters of, see Bibliography for this and other entries indicated by author’s names.
  • Hd 109: House Document 109, 26th Cong., 2nd sess., “Choctaw Treaty — Dancing Rabbit Creek.”
  • Lackey: Lackey Collection, McCain Library, USM. MEX: Mississippi Genealogical Exchange, volume, page.
  • PMHS: Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, volume, page.
  • RG2: Record Group 2, (folder or volume)
  • Territorial Governors Records, Mississippi Department of Archives and History (MDAH).
  • Stout: Stout Collection, McCain Library, USM
  • T 500: National Archives, RG 75, Records of the Choctaw Trading House, 1803-24.”

Identity (MB): Seven identities are utilized.

  • C: Countryman, a white man living in Indian country with an Indian wife.
  • F: Identified as a full blood.
  • I: Identified as an interpreter.
  • N: Identified as Negro (Black).
  • P. In all probability a mixed blood. A very conservative standard is used to identify individuals as being of mixed blood. All names in the appendices by the very nature of the source documents are those of Choctaw Indians. Individuals assessed as Probable were not positively identified by documentation as having mixed blood, but the combination of surname, location, etc. all indicate a high degree of probability.
  • T: Identified as a trader, probably a countryman.
  • Y. Identified by sources as a mixed blood.

MLA Source Citation:

Wells, Dr. Samuel James. Choctaw Mixed Bloods and the Advent of Removal. University of Southern Mississippi. 1987. © Dr. Samuel James Wells, 1987. Used by permission. Web. 30 May 2016.
- Last updated on Oct 10th, 2013

This page is part of a larger collection. Access the full collection at Choctaw Mixed Bloods.

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