A complete listing of all the Indian villages, towns and settlements as listed in Handbook of Americans North of Mexico.

Dahnohabe (stone mountain) . A Pomo village said to have been on the w. side of Clear lake, Lake co., Cal., with 70 inhabitants in 1851.

Danokha (Danoχo). A former Pomo village on the N. shore of Clear lake, Cal.

Dapishul (Dá-pi-shūl, ‘high sun’). A former Pomo village in Redwood valley, Mendocino co., Cal. Powers in Cont. N. A. Ethnol., iii, 155, 1877.

Daupom Wintun (sloping-ground Wintun). A Wintun tribe formerly living in Cotton wood valley, Shasta co., Cal.

Djishtangading. A Hupa village at a bend in Trinity r. at the extreme s. end of Hupa valley, Cal., below the mouth of Tishtangatang cr. (P. E. G.)

Duasno. A former Kawia village on or near the Cahuilla res., s. Cal. (Jackson and Kinney, Rep. Miss. Ind., 18, 1883). Possibly intended for Durazno (Span. peach ).