Cutalchich Indians. A tribe or subtribe that visited the Avavare, in whose country Cabeza de Vaca 1Cabeza de Vaca, Smith trans., 72-74, 84, 1851 stayed during the latter part of his sojourn in Texas in 1528-34. They spoke a language different from that of the Avavare, and lived inland near the Maliacon and the Susola. Learning of Cabeza de Vaca s success in treating the sick, the Cutalchich applied to him for help, and in return for his services gave ‘flints a palm and a half in length, with which they cut,” and which were of high value among them. They showed their gratitude also by leaving with him, as they departed, their supply of prickly pears, one of their staple foods. Although the Cutalchich dwelt in the region occupied in part by agricultural Caddoan tribes, they seem not to have cultivated the soil, but to have subsisted on roots and fruits, as did the tribes nearer the coast. Their ethnic relations are not determined.

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1. Cabeza de Vaca, Smith trans., 72-74, 84, 1851