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Councilors from the Cherokee Nation

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Councilors from Canadian District

  • 1841. Joseph Talley, Wind and Wrinklesides.
  • 1843. Lightningbug Bowles, Dahlahseenee and Oosoody. Bowles would not qualify and Lewis Riley was elected. Dahlahseenee died October 26, 1844 and Oosoody died November 29, 1844.
  • 1845. Lewis Riley, John Shepherd and Jefferson Nivens.
  • 1847. Lightningbug Bowles, Jacob Thorne and William Doublehead.
  • 1840. Leggings, David Boggs and William Arnold.
  • 1851. Charles Chambers, John Porum Davis and third party unknown.
  • 1853. Leggings, Lightningbug Bowles and Duqulilu Wagon Bowles.
  • 1855. Dempsey Fields, Lightningbug Bowles and Duqulilu Wagon Bowles.
  • 1857. Lightningbug Bowles, William Rees and William Arnold.
  • 1859. Lightningbug Bowles, Cabin Smith and John Porum Davis.
  • 1861. Not known.
  • 1867. James Christopher McCoy, Calvin Jones Hanks and Sanders Choate.
  • 1869. Rev. John Sevier, Charles Drew and other party unknown.
  • 1871. Franklin Gritts, James Christopher McCoy and other party unknown.
  • 1873. Stephen Hildebrand, John Q. Hayes and Franklin Gritts.
  • 1875. Rev. John Sevier, Snake Grity and Thomas Watts.
  • 1877. Rev. John Sevier, Thomas Watts and George Teehee.
  • 1879. Robert Taylor Hanks, Henry Clay Lowrey and James Muskrat.
  • 1881. Robert Taylor Hanks, Thomas Watts, Wilson Girty and Rev. John Sevier. The latter was elected Speaker of Council.
  • 1883. Wilson Girty. Thomas Watts, George Downing and Richard Crossland.
  • 1885. Franklin Gritts, George Downing, Richard Crossland and Henry Clay Lowrey.
  • 1887. Richard Neal, Walter Scott Agnew, Charles Jones and Richard Crossland.
  • 1889. Isaac Groves, Richard Crossland, William Shepherd and William Henry Barker. The latter was elected Speaker of Council. William Shepherd died January 23, 1890.
  • 1891. Thomas Fox Woodall, Isaac Groves, Thomas Fields and John Dimar Jordan.
  • 1893. William Vann, Isaac Groves, John Dimar Jordan and Thomas Watts.
  • 1895. Jesse Bushyhead Raymond, Thomas Jefferson Whisenhunt, Duncan Leader and William Billingslea Beck.
  • 1897. Jesse Bushyhead Raymond, Thomas Jefferson Whisenhunt, William Billingslea Beck and John Alexander Sevier. The latter died June 5, 1898.
  • 1898-8-8. McCoy Smith, vice John A. Sevier, deceased.
  • 1899. Robert Emmett West, McCoy Smith, David Downing and Jesse Bushyhead Raymond. The latter died October 28, 1900.
  • 1900-12-3. James Jay Sevier, vice Jesse B. Raymond, deceased.
  • 1901. James C. Grooves, Walter Scott Agnew, McCoy Smith and John Ross Fields.
  • 1903. John Ross Fields, James C. Groves, Thomas Fox Woodall and Anderson Pierce Lowrey.

Councilors from Cooweescoowee District

  • 1857. John Chambers, Robin Smith and John Lucien Brown.
  • 1859. Lewis Melton, James Hair and Oo-soo-ya-ta.
  • 1861. Not known.
  • 1867. Jesse Thompson, Writer and John Glass.
  • 1869. Jesse Thompson, John Chambers and Juniper Mills. The latter was elected Speaker of Council.
  • 1871. John Lucien Brown, John Pawling, Hiram Terrell Landrum and Writer.
  • 1873. Hiram Terrell Landrum, Samuel Houston Downing, Joseph Thompson and Thomas Hatchett.
  • 1875. Thomas Hatchett, Looney Riley, Jesse Thompson and Joseph Thompson.
  • 1876-2-28. John Bullette, vice Joseph Thompson, deceased.
  • 1877. William Henry Mayes, William McCracken, Bear Timpson and Jesse Thompson. The latter was elected Speaker or Council.
  • 1879. Rev. Dempsey Fields Coker, George Swannock, William Sunday and John H. Secondyne.
  • 1881. Francis Marion Musgrove, James Horsefly, Joe Parker, William Charles Rogers, Josiah Henry, Johnson Fisher and John R. McNair.
  • 1883. William Charles Rogers, John Young, Washington White, Albert Morris, John Glass, John Martin Thompson and John Lucien Brown. The latter died April l 2, 1884.
  • 1884-7-14. Nelson Foreman, vice John L. Brown, deceased.
  • 1885. James Walker, Nelson Foreman, Albert Morris, Austin Lowrey, Marmaduke Daniel, George Washington Bible and George Washington Mayes.
  • 1887. Edward Sunday, William Winter Chambers, James Chambers, George Washington Walker, Arthur Armstrong, Daniel Webster Vann and Henry Rogers. The latter died.
  • 1888-1-24. Francis Marion Musgrove, vice Henry Rogers, deceased.
  • 1889. George Washington Walker, Ezekial Taylor, William Winter Jerry Alberty. The latter a Negro.
  • 1891. John M. Tucker, William Richard Mills, John Ross Carter, Joseph Benson Cobb, George Washington Mayes, Alexander Lewis McDaniel and George Washington Clark. The latter was elected Speaker of Council.
  • 1893. Joseph Benson Cobb, Coocoodigesky, Valentine Gray, Samuel Tiblow, Rollin Kirk Adair, John Sarcoxie and James Monroe Crutchfield. The latter died.
  • 1894-9-25. Caldean Ward, vice James M. Crutchfield, deceased.
  • 1895. Jesse Bean Burgess, Daniel Webster Vann, Bluford West Rider, Cyrus Cicero Cornatzer, Job Parker, William Johnstone and John R. Gourd.
  • 1897. John Sanders, Benjamin Hildebrand, George Washington Walker, Josiah Henry, Ellis Buffington Wright and John Ross McIntosh. The latter was elected Speaker of Council.
  • 1899. Benjamin Hildebrand, Bluford West Starr, Cyrus Cornatzer, Ellis Manchell Eaton, Frederick McDaniel, Edward Alexander Adair and James Sanford Davenport. The latter was elected Speaker of Council. He was the only White man that was in the constitutional succession to the office of Principal Chief of an Indian tribe.
  • 1901. Samuel Houston Mayes, Henry Cirkham Walkey, George Pumpkin, William Lafayette Trott, Teesee Chambers, Ellis Manchell Eaton and Emmett Starr.
  • 1903. John Zollicoffer Hogan, Virgi Harvey Adair, John Henry Shufeldt, John Young, John Lewis Denbo, Francis Alexander Billingslea and William Joel Walker.

Councilors from Delaware District

  • 1841. Rev. John Huss and the other two unknown.
  • 1843. Goo-la-chi, Chu-wa-chu-kah and Hanging Charles. The latter died and was succeeded by Little Pot.
  • 1845. James D. Wofford, William Tucker and Moses Pott.
  • 1847. Moses Pott, William Tucker and Peter’.
  • 1849. Moses Pott, Laugh at Mush and James V. Hildebrand.
  • 1851. Moses Pott, Laugh at Mush and James V. Hildebrand.
  • 1853. Laugh at Mush, James V. Hildebrand and Stand Watie.
  • 1855. Laugh at Mush, Pelican Tiger and Stand Watie. The latter was elected Speaker of the Council.
  • 1857. Laugh at Mush, Henry Davis and Stand Watie. The latter was elected Speaker of the Council.
  • 1859. Stand Watie, Pelican Tiger and James V. Hildebrand. 1861. Not known.
  • 1867. Daniel Muskrat, Sequoyah Tanner and Aaron Tanner.
  • 1869. Aaron Tanner, Daniel Hider, William Adolphus Daniel and Jeter Thompson Cunningham.
  • 1871. Daniel Hider, Moses Ridge, William Adolphus Daniel and Josiah Sutteeyah.
  • 1875. Josiah Sutteeyah, Walker A. Daniel, William Coffee Woodall and Aaron Tanner.
  • 1877. Walker A. Daniel, William Coffee Woodall, Jeffrey Beck and Alexander Hawk.
  • 1879. John M. Miller, Thomas Fox Thompson, Rev. Charles Bluejacket and James Tuck Woodall.
  • 1881. William Ballard, Aaron Tanner, Oo-so-wie, John Snell, George Washington Fields and Arleecher Ridge. The latter died.
  • 1882-8-21. Daniel Chopper, vice Arleecher Ridge, deceased.
  • 1883. Daniel Chopper, Benjamin Seth Landrum, John Martin Daniel. Alexander Hawk, Qualatah and George Washington Ward.
  • 1885. Benjamin C. Chouteau, William Howell, John M. Miller, Joseph Lynch Thompson, Benjamin Franklin Lamar and Alexander Hawk. The latter was elected Speaker of Council.
  • 1887. Francis Marion Conner, Joseph Lynch Thompson, John M. Miller, Thomas Bluejacket, Samuel Russell and James Sanford Fields.
  • 1889. James Sanford Fields, Benjamin Franklin Lamar, John Hawkins, Simpson Foster Melton, Weatherford Beck and James Madison Monroe. The latter died November 10, 1890 and Beck died earlier in the same year.
  • 1890-10-30. Samuel Nidiffer elected, vice Weatherford Beck, deceased. James Proctor Butler elected, vice James M. Monroe, deceased.
  • 1891. William T. Davis, James Riley Copeland, Rev. Jesse Starr, Ezekial Fields, William Ballard and Samuel Nidiffer.
  • 1893. William T. Davis, James Bonaparte Woodall, Percy L. Walker, Thomas Ballard, Daylight Chopper and James Sanford Fields.
  • 1895. Benjamin Franklin Lamar, William Henry Doherty, John L. Martin, T. Wyman Thompson, John M. Miller and William Stover.
  • 1897. James H. Hildebrand, Jefferson Dick, John Hamilton Gilison, Samuel Beck, Andrew Hyder and James Landrum McLaughlin. The latter died November l0, 1897. Benjamin Seth Landrum, vice James L. McLaughlin, deceased.
  • 1899. Edward Northrup Washburn, Lee Bell Smith, Johnson Fawling. James Franklin McCullough, Benjamin Cornelius England and James Bona-parte Woodall, John Pawling, Daniel Tananeesie and Andrew Hider. The latter died.
  • 1901. George Alexander Cox, Joseph Lynch Thompson, James Bonaparte Woodall, John Fawling, Daniel Tananeesie and Andrew Hider. The latter died. James Henry Daniel, vice Daniel Hider, deceased.
  • 1903. William Wiley Ward, Johnson Fawling, John Hamilton Gibson. Walter Winchester Breedlove, James H. Hildebrand and Thomas Thomas.

Councilors from Flint District

  • 1841. Samuel Chambers, Oganstota Logan and one other.
  • 1843. Chu-noo-luh-hus-ky, Bark Flute and David Downing.
  • 1845. Chu-noo-luh-hus-ky, John Key and Bark Flute.
  • 1847. Bark Flute, William Grimmett and George Chambers.
  • 1840. Charles Downing. John Keith and George Chambers.
  • 1851. George Chambers, Charles Downing and Eli Smith.
  • 1853. George Chambers, John Keith and George Blair.
  • 1855. Charles Downing, Ellis Sanders Harlan and John Glass.
  • 1857. Charles Downing, William Griffin and John Glass.
  • 1859. William Griffin, James Vann and Tsa-la-tee-hee.
  • 1861. Not known.
  • 1867. Wah-lah-nee-tah, Alexander Scott and Chicken Christy.
  • 1869. Not known.
  • 1871. Oo-squa-luke, Chicken Christy and Poorbear.
  • 1873. Oo-squa-luke. Chicken Christy and John B. Tulsa.
  • 1875. Charles Poorbear, James Christy and Richard Glory.
  • 1877. Nicholas B. Byers, John Shell and John Batt.
  • 1879. David Muskrat, Charles Sanders and Samuel E. Sanders.
  • 1881. French Rowe, Robert McLemore and James Teehee.
  • 1883. John Justice, Dirtthrower Vann and Sundaychair.
  • 1885. French Rowe, Lewis Cochran and Sundaychair. The latter died.
  • 1885-10-19. Rev. Isaac Sanders, vice Sundaychair, deceased.
  • 1887. Charles Smith, Johnson Simmons and Robert McLemore. The latter died and Taylor Duncan was elected in his stead.
  • 1889. James Christy, Charles Poorbear and James Starr.
  • 1891. Lewis Cochran, John Justice and Candy Adair.
  • 1893. Chulio Liver, George Scott and Rufus Cochran.
  • 1895. Hoolie Sanders, Dirtthrower Vann and Johnson Simmons. The latter was elected Speaker of Council.
  • 1897. Oo-squa-luke, Wiley Bolin and Peter Bird.
  • 1899. Dirtthrower Vann, Andrew Otterlifter and George Deer-in-the-water.
  • 1901. James Starr, George Washington Fernuson and William Taylor.
  • 1903. Thomas Colbert Buffington, Martin Hopper and Thomas Sanders.

Councilors from Going Snake District

  • 1841. Robert Parris and the other two unknown.
  • 1843. De-nah-lah-whi-stah. Sixkiller and William Proctor.
  • 1845. De-nah-lah-whi-stah, Sixkiller and William Proctor.
  • 1847. George Hicks, Sixkiller and Archibald Vann.
  • 1849. John Young, George Hicks and Sixkiller. The latter elected Speaker of Council.
  • 1851. Richard Wilkerson, Sixkiller and William Proctor.
  • 1853. Joseph McMinn Starr, Sixkiller and James Hair.
  • 1855. John T. Foster, John Young and George Washington Scraper.
  • 1857. Too-nah-na-la Foster, George Washington Scraper and John Young.
  • 1859. George Washington Scraper. Cricket Sixkiller and Bird Gritts.
  • 1861. Not known.
  • 1867. Archibald Scraper, Tail Sixkiller and John Shell.
  • 1869. Tail Sixkiller, Corn Silk and John Shell.
  • 1871. Nee-tah-kee-kah, Soldier Sixkiller and Walter Feeling.
  • 1873. Archibald Scraper, Eli Wright, John Wright Alberty and Soldier Sixkiller.
  • 1875. Walter Christy, John Shell, Ellis Hogner and John Williams.
  • 1877. Tail Sixkiller. Charles Augustus Rider, Walter Christy and Cornsilk.
  • 1879. Peacheater Sixkiller, John Sanders, George Washington Crittenden and James Crittenden.
  • 1881. George Washington Crittenden, John Sanders, Tail Sixkiller and John Walkingstick.
  • 1883. George Washington Crittenden, Wolf Coon, Johnson Spade and Joseph Chooie.
  • 1889. Johnson Spade, William Mitchell Ned Bullfrog and Nelson Terrapin.
  • 1891. John Daniel Buffington, Wolf Coon, Coming Snell and Jefferson Tickaneesky.
  • 1893. Lincoln England, Ned Bullfrog, Thomas Still and Carselowy Terrapin.
  • 1895. Aaron Goingwolf, David Blackfox. William Wolf and Edward D. Foreman.
  • 1897. Lincoln England, Abraham Sixkiller, James Russell and William Wolf.
  • 1899. Lincoln England, John Sanders, Jack Soap and Walter Scott Whitmire.
  • 1901. Francis Clark Adair, Benjamin Mocker, John Sanders and Thomas Still.
  • 1903. Thomas Welch, Francis Clark Adair, Edward Adair Clyne and Alexander Corntassel.

Councilors from Illinois Distric

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  • 1841. Richard Drew, William Drew and Archibald Fields. The latte-was elected Speaker of Council.
  • 1843. Richard Drew, Archibald Fields and William Drew. The latter resigned in December 1844 and Archibald Fields died in September 1844.
  • 1844. John Brewer, vice Archibald Fields, deceased.
  • 1845. Robert Lovett, John Brewer and Allen Ratley.
  • 1847. Da-gah-sta-sca, John Brewer and James Mackay.
  • 1849. Pheasant, Allen Ratley and Richard Benge.
  • 1851. Allen Ratley, James Souiekiller and Joseph Duval.
  • 1853. Allen Ratley, John W. Brown and Moses Parris.
  • 1855. John Brewer, George Chambers and Joseph Duval.
  • 1853. Allen Ratley, John W. Brown and Moses Parris.
  • 1855. John Brewer, George Chambers and Joseph Duval.
  • 1857. Ellis Fox Phillips, Edward Smith and Singer Justice.
  • 1859. Allen Ratley, John Boston and George Chambers. The latter died and was succeeded by Diver Glass.
  • 1861. Not known.
  • 1867. John Rogers Duval, Daniel Backbone and John Young. The latter elected Speaker of Council. Daniel Backbone died October 25, 1867.
  • 1867. Joseph Cornsilk vice Daniel Backbone, deceased.
  • 1869. Thomas Fox Brewer and the other two unknown.
  • 1871. Lewis Hicks, Wallace Vann, Robin Crawford and John Rogers Duval. The latter was elected Speaker of Council.
  • 1873. Robin Crawford, John Mussel, Daniel Redbird and John Rogers Duval. The latter was elected Speaker of Council.
  • 1875. William Young. John Mussel, Richard Boggs and John Rogers Duval. The latter two died. Wallace Vann, vice John R. Duval, deceased.
  • 1876-4-3. Daniel Hicks Ross, vice Richard Boggs, deceased.
  • 1877. James Raincrow, William Snow Brewer, Bushyhead Sevier and Wallace Vann.
  • 1879. Simon Girty, Dekinney Waters, George Drum and Henry Clay Starr. The latter died November 16. 1879.
  • 1879-12-4. Joseph Young, vice Henry C. Starr, deceased.
  • 1881. John Hildebrand Cookson, Lawson Runyan, Charles Washington Starr and John Young. The latter died.
  • 1882-8-21. John Bean Johnson, vice John Young, deceased.
  • 1883. John Benge, Joseph Topp, Dekinney Waters and Columbus Baldridge.
  • 1883-9-10. John Raincrow.
  • 1885. George Bulleth Foreman, John Walker, Dekinney Waters and Jack Brown.
  • 1887. Lawson Runyan, Redbird Smith, Joseph Topp, John Raincrow and Frank Vann. The latter was a Negro. John Raincrow died and was succeeded by George Mc Daniel.
  • 1889. Redbird Smith, Morgan West, Joseph Topp, John Glass and George McDaniel. The latter died and was succeeded by Stephen Hildebrand.
  • 1891. Wallace Thornton, Lorenzo Dow Chambers, Wallace Vann, Cabin Miller and Fox Glass.
  • 1893. John Wesley Sharp, Jesse Hair, John Walker, Charles Fodder and George Benge.
  • 1895. John Wesley Sharp, John Stearns, Creek Sam, Charles Bark and Samuel Stidham. The latter was a Negro.
  • 1897. John Terrell. George Waters, Alexander McCoy, John Thompson and Charles Percival Pierce.
  • 1899. Moses Frye Sanders, Dekinney Waters, George Bulleth Foreman, Richard Martin Walker and Samuel Stephen Sanders.
  • 1901. Richard Martin Walker, Alexander Ballard, Alexander McCoy, Moses Frye Sanders and Martin Van Benge. He latter was elected Speaker of Council.
  • 1901. Samuel Stephen Sanders, Charles Harris Sisson, Walter Scott. William Frank Sanders and Frank Gonzales.

Councilors from Saline District

  • 1841. Chu-wa-loo-ky, John W. West and Brice Martin.
  • 1843. Oo-soo-ya-duh, Chu-wa-loo-ky and Fishtail.
  • 1845. Oo-soo-ya-duh, Ka-nee-ta and Standingdeer.
  • 1847. Chu-wa-loo-ky. Willy Too-wa-ly and Standingdeer.
  • 1849. Standingdeer, Springfrog and Whale.
  • 1851. Chu-wa-loo-ky, Jesse Cochran and Sunday.
  • 1853. Rev. Lewis Downing, Springfrog and Standingdeer.
  • 1855. Rev. Lewis Downing, Standingdeer and John Chambers.
  • 1857. Standingdeer, Archibald Vann and Walker.
  • 1859. Charles Wickliffe, Springfrog and Adam Lacey.
  • 1861. Not known.
  • 1867. Stand Whirlwind, Necooie Thompson and Daniel Redbird.
  • 1869. Moses Sixkiller and the other two not known.
  • 1871. Chun-he-ne-tah. Lacey Hawkins and Coffee Blackbird.
  • 1873. Daniel Redbird, Oo-you-su-ta and George Washington Clark.
  • 1875. Oo-you-su-ta, Coffee Blackbird and Lacey Hawkins. The latter was elected Speaker of Council.
  • 1877. Daniel Redbird, Youngwolf and Youngbird.
  • 1881. Johnson Bigacorn, Bird Jones and Benjamin Franklin Adair.
  • 1883. Goingsnake and Oo-you-su-ta.
  • 1883-9-10. Bird Jones. Probably on a tie. He was elected speaker at Council. Oo-you-su-ta died July 6, 1884.
  • 1885. Johnson Bigacorn, George Washington Swimmer and Frank Consene.
  • 1887 Osceola Powell Benge, William Batt and Frank Consene.
  • 1889. James Wickliffe, Frank Consene and Frog Sixkiller. The latter died in April 1891.
  • 1891 Frank Consene, Wilson Cummings and Eli Batt.
  • 1893. William Batt, Jackson Ross and Bird Jones. The latter was elected Speaker of Council.
  • 1895. Frank Consene, William Batt and Stephen Boney.
  • 1897. Johnson Bigacorn, Jackson Ross and Eli Batt.
  • 1899. Lucullus Rowe, Jesse Drywater and Daniel Squirrel.
  • 1901. William Standingwater, David Hair and Daniel Squirrel.
  • 1903. James Lovely Bumgarner, George Bluford Downing and Cicero Johnson Howard.

Councilors from Skin Bayou District

  • 1841. John Lowrey McCoy, Sawnee Vann and the other one not known.
  • 1843. Tobacco Will, Hunter Langley and James Madison Payne. The latter was elected Speaker of Council. Hunter Langley died in September 1844.
  • 1845. James Brown Jr., Oganstota Logan and Young Elders. The latter died October 2, 1845.
  • 1847. Wrinklesides, Nicholas B. Byars and Andrew Sanders.
  • 1849. Young-puppy, Andrew Sanders and Nicholas Porter.
  • 1851. Andrew Sanders. Thomas Sanders and Nicholas Porter.

The name was changed from Skin Bayou District to Sequoyah District by an act of National Council on November 4, 1851. See page 227, Cherokee Laws of 1852.

  • 1853. Black Fox, Dutsasa and Walter Lee.
  • 1855. Dutsasa, Bat Puppy and Step.
  • 1857. Black Fox, William Benge and Samuel Houston Benge.
  • 1859. Crapgrass, Walter Lee and William Benge.
  • 1861. Not known.
  • 1867. Joseph Seabolt, Stephen Teehee and Cheechee.
  • 1869. Richard Benge. John Crossland and David McNair Faulkner.
  • 1871. Richard Benge, Thomas Pettit and Cheechee.
  • 1873. John Blalock, John Childers and John Choate.
  • 1875. Joseph Seabolt, John Walkingstick and Jesse Baldridge. The latter died December 13, 1876.
  • 1877. David McNair Faulkner, Lorenzo Dow Chambers and Columbus Baldridge.
  • 1879. Joseph Starr, Cheechee and Frank Mayo Morgan.
  • 1881. Charles Augustus Fargo, Columbus Benge and Adam Lacey.
  • 1883. Josiah Seabolt, Joseph Starr and William Holt.
  • 1885. William Holt, Josiah Seabolt and Thomas Blair.
  • 1887. Edward Everett Adair, George Washington Gunter and David M. Lee.
  • 1889. Joseph Starr, William Holt and Calvin Fargo.
  • 1891. William Chuculate, Thomas Blair and John Roastingear.
  • 1893. George Washington Swimmer, William Bethel and James Coleman.
  • 1895. Obediah Martin Benge, Isaac Abraham Jacobs and Edward Everett Adair.
  • 1807. James Madison Seabolt, George Chuculate and William Charles Dumont Patton.
  • 1809. David Jesse Faulkner, James Willoughby Breedlove, and John Roastingear.
  • 1901.William Nucholls Littlejohn, Andrew Jackson Rogers and Ellis Starr.
  • 1903. Tandy Walker Adair, Daniel Holt and Gideon Jay Patton.

Councilors from Tahlequah District

  • 1841. John Riley and the other two not known.
  • 1843. John Riley, Archibald Campbell and Hair Conrad. The latter died November 2, 1844. John Riley died February 14, 1845.
  • 1845. Joseph Spears, John Young and Archibald Campbell. The latter was elected Speaker of Council.
  • 1847. Rev. John Fletcher Boot, John Young and Archibald Campbell. The latter was elected Speaker of Council.
  • 1849. Samuel Downing, James Sanders and Joseph Spears.
  • 1851. Daniel Colston, Johnson Keith and Looney Riley. The latter was elected Speaker of Council.
  • 1853. Jesse Sanders, Johnson Keith and John Thorne. The latter was elected Speaker of Council.
  • 1861. Not known.
  • 1867. Peach Watts, Choo-hoo-stah and Osceola Hair.
  • 1869. Nathaniel Fish, Osceola Hair and the other one unknown.
  • 1871. William H. Hendricks, Osceola Hair, Nathaniel Fish, French and Rufus O. Ross.
  • 1873. William H. Hendricks, John Hendricks, Samuel Osage, Rabbit Downing and Columbus Baldridge.
  • 1875. James Shelton, Robert Bruce Ross, Ned Grease, Rabbit Downing and Joseph Brown. The latter a Negro. Rabbit Downing died October 31, 1876.
  • 1876-11-20. Osceola Hair, vice Rabbit Downing, deceased.
  • 1877. William Triplett, Ned Grease, Yartunnah Vann, Osceola Hair and John Hendricks.
  • 1879. Ellis Johnson, Columbus Baldridge, Ned Grease, John Hendricks and Osceola Hair. The latter was elected Speaker of Council.
  • 1881. Osceola Powell Daniel, Osceola Hair, Yartunnah Vann, Bug Tucker and John Parris. The latter died July 26, 1882.
  • 1882-8-21. Samuel Houston Downing, vice John Parris, deceased.
  • 1883. John Proctor, George Swimmer, Bug Tucker, John Hendricks and Ned Grease.
  • 1885. George Downing, Calib Starr Thompson, Thomas Hendrick, Benjamin Kitcher and Hunter Brown. The latter died April 25, 1886.
  • 1886-6-11. Phillip Osage, vice Hunter Brown, deceased.
  • 1887. Mankiller Kitcher, Return Robert Meigs, Johnson Fields, Michael Pritchett and Benjamin Kitcher. The latter died December 8. 1887.
  • 1889. Charles Tehee, Wilkerson Hubbard Parris, Philip Bennett. Daniel Gritts and Osceola Dew.
  • 1891. Daniel Gritts, Thomas Shade. John R. Gourd, Skake Manus and John Hendricks.
  • 1893. Michael Pritchett, Thomas Horn, Rev. Leonidas Dobson, Joseph Downing and Stick Ross. The latter a Negro.
  • 1895. Michael Pritchett, Key Ketcher, Return Robert Meigs, David Tipton and Ned Irons. The latter a Negro.
  • 1897. David Downing, Wilkerson Hubbard Parris, Key Ketcher, Boot Pigeon Jack Roberson.
  • 1899. Wilkerson Hubbard Parris. John Franklin Wilson, Joseph Downing, Ross Taylor Daniel and Jesse Pigeon.
  • 1901. Wilkerson Hubbard Parris, Benjamin F. Johnson, Robert Col-burn Fuller, Philip Osage and Charles Lawrence Saunders.
  • 1903. Willes Taylor Richards, William Wallace Ross, Noah Parris and Wilkerson Hubbard.
  • 1903-9-21. Ross Taylor Daniel. Elected on this date on account of a tie in the regular election.

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- Last updated on Aug 12th, 2012

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