Clatsop Indians. From a native word meaning “dried salmon.”

Clatsop Connection. The Clatsop belonged to the Lower Chinook dialectic division of the Chinookan linguistic stock.

Clatsop Location. The Clatsop centered about Cape Adams, on the south side of Columbia River, extending up the latter as far as Tongue Point and southward on the Pacific coast to Tillamook Head.

Clatsop Villages

As far as known these were:

  • Konope, near the mouth of Columbia River.
  • Neacoxy, the principal winter village, at the site of Seaside, at the mouth of Neacoxie Creek.
  • Neahkeluk, at Point Adams.
  • Niakewankih, south of Point Adams at the mouth of Ohanna Creek.
  • Neahkstowt, near the present Hammond.
  • Necotat, at the site of Seaside.

Clatsop Population. Mooney (1928) estimates 300 Clatsop in 1780. In 1806 Lewis and Clark gave 300. In 1875 the few survivors were moved to Grande Ronde Reservation, where the census of 1910 returned 26. (See Clackamas.)

Connection in which the Clatsop Indians have become noted. Clatsop County and the town of Clatsop, Oreg., preserve the name.