Chimalakwe Indians. Mentioned by Powers as an extinct tribe that once lived on New River, northern California, and included in his map, as by Powell 1Powell, 7th Rep. B. A. E., 63, 1891, with the Chimariko. The name Chimalakwe is undoubtedly only a variant of Chimariko, often pronounced Chimaliko. The Chimariko, however, did not occupy upper New River, which region, together with the adjacent territory about the headwaters of Salmon River, was held by a group of people belonging to the Shastan family, though markedly divergent from the Shasta proper in dialect. This Shastan group, the proper name of which is unknown, has been described by Dixon 2Dixon, Am. Anthrop., vii, 213, 1905 under the name of New River Shasta. In 1902 two aged women appeared to be the only survivors of this people.

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