Chilliwack Indians, Chilliwack First Nation, Chilliwack People. A Salish tribe on a river of the same name in British Columbia, now speaking the Cowichan dialect, though anciently Nooksak according to Boas. Pop. 313 in 1902. Their villages, mainly on the authority of Hill-Tout, are:

  • Atselits
  • Chiaktel
  • Kokaia
  • Shlalki
  • Siraialo
  • Skaukel
  • Skway
  • Skwealets
  • Stlep
  • Thaltelich
  • Tsoowahlie
  • Yukweakwioose

The Canada Indian Affairs Reports give Koquapilt and Skwah (distinct from Skway), and Boas gives Keles, which are not identifiable with any of the above.