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Chiakanessou Tribe

Chiakanessou Indians. Mentioned by a French trader as a tribe of 350 warriors, associated with the Alibamu, Caouikas (Kawita), Machecous (Creeks), and Souikilas (Sawokli). Possibly the Creeks of Chiaha, the ending being the misspell Creek isti, people; or, less likely, the Chickasaw. On the De l’Isle map of 1707 “Chiacantesou,” which is probably the same, is located much farther northwest, within the Caddoan country.

For Further Study

The following articles and manuscripts will shed additional light on the Chiakanessou as both an ethnological study, and as a people.

  1. Bouquet, Exped., Smith’s ed., 70, 1766.

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