Dated Arlee P.O., Mont., December 13, 1889.

The undersigned principal of the St. Ignatius Mission School, and for more than twenty years spiritual advisor and pastor of the Flathead Indians in bitter Root Valley, acquainted with their families and their language, hereby certify that I was present at interviews between General Henry B. Carrington, “special disbursing agent in the field” (who has been acting under the orders of the Secretary of the Interior to obtain the consent of Flathead Indian patentees of lands in Bitter Root Valley to the appraisement and sale of said lands), and many of those Indians, including Chief Carlos and the widow of Chief Adolph, and upon examination of the “consents” secured to the appraisement and sale of fifty-three tracts, do state as my best conviction and belief that the parties signing the same are the true heirs and representatives of the deceased patentees whom said signers answer for in said executed “consents”.
J. D’ASTE, S.J. (Seal)
Henry B. Carrington (Seal)
J. Paquin, S.J. (Seal)