CENSUS of the Onondagas Indians on the Cattaraugus Reservation, Indians of New York Agency, New York taken by Abner Patterson, United States Indian Agent, June, 1896.

Number 20 Irving Billings is in Thomas Orphan Asylum

Census of Onondagas Indians on the Cattaraugus Reservation of New York, 1896

# Last Name First Name Sex
1 Jakey Betsey F
2 Jakey Mary F
3 Jakey William M
4 Jakey Peter M
5 Jimerson Amanda F
6 Logan George M
7 Patterson Martha F
8 Patterson Mildred F
9 Patterson Abner M
10 Patterson Capitola
11 Pierce Lydia F
12 Pierce Alva
13 Pierce Smith M
14 Pierce Dana F
15 Stafford Susan F
16 Stafford Melvin M
17 Stafford Willie M
18 Stafford Roscoe M
19 Turkey Carrie F
20 Billings Irving M