A complete listing of all the Indian villages, towns and settlements as listed in Handbook of Americans North of Mexico.

Chikohoki (from Chikelaki; chikeno ‘turkey’, aki ‘land’). The former principal seat of the Unalachtigo Delawares, situated on the w. bank of Delaware r. , near the present Wilmington, Del.

Cuscarawaoc (place of making white beads. Tooker) . A division of the Nanticoke; mentioned by Capt. John Smith as a tribe or people living at the head of Nanticoke r., in Maryland and Delaware, and numbering perhaps 800 in 1608. Their language was different from that of the Powhatan, Conestoga, and Atquanachuke. Heckewelder believed them to be a division of the Nanticoke, the correctness of which Bozman (Mary land, i, 112-121, 1837) has clearly demonstrated. For a discussion of the name see Tooker, Algonquian Series, ix, 65, 1901. (J. M.)