Gwartney, Walter E. (See Ward)—Walter Edward Gwartney, born near Pryor, Aug. 20, 1895, educated at Pryor.

Married at Pryor, May 30, 1913, Bessie, daughter of Joseph and Sallie McWaters, born April 7, 1896, in Gainsville, Cook County, Texas.

They are the parents of: Walter Eugene, born Sep­ June 2, 1916; Edward Russell, born August 13, 1917, and Susie Irene Gwartney, born November 21, 1919.

Bryan Ward married Temerance Stansil. Their son, John S. Ward, married Jennie Loveless, and they were the parents of Susie Ward, wife of Edward Gwartney, and mother of Walter Edward Gwartney.