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Biographical Sketch of Mrs. W. G. Henry

(See Downing, Daniel and Foreman)—Nannie Catherine Daniel, born January 12, 1835, married December 23, 1857 Anderson Springton Wilson, born in 1830.

They were the parents of DeWitt, born January 7, 1860; James Daniel born February 2, 1861 and May Wilson, born May 1, 1862. Anderson Springston Wilson died December 26, 1865 and his widow married Henry Clay Barnes in 1872; Henry Clay Barnes was born at Dwight Mission, Cherokee Nation, August 29, 1845. They were the parents of Myrtle, born July 25, 1874, educated at Tahlequah Female Seminary, married May 14, 1891 Wallace Gibbs Henry, born April 6, 1872.

W. G. and Myrtle Henry are the parents of DeWitt Clinton, born April 11, 1892; Roy Wilson, born July 22, 1897 and Myra May born Dec. 8, 1903. Nancy Catherine Barnes died Dec. 10, 1889.

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