(See Grant) Laura Alice, daughter of Ellis and Martha (Copeland) Buffington was born September 22, 1852.

Married December 26, 1871 Josiah, son of Jesse and Lucy (Love) Henry, born January 1, 1850. He was elected in November 1869 Solicitor of Cooweescoowee District and appointed to the same office in 1876 by the Chief. Elected Councilor from Cooweescoowee District August 1, 1881 and August 2, 1897.

They were the parents of Rosa Jane Henry, born August to, 1883, educated in the Cherokee public schools and Female Seminary. Married at Claremore in 1905 Edward, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sylvanus Rector.

They are the parents of Edna May, James Emmet, born October 29, 1906 and Frances Rector.

Mr. and Mrs. Rector are farmers, near Claremore, they belong to the Methodist church and he is a Mason. Mrs. Rector’s Cherokee name is Ay-ni.