Galbreath, Mrs. Earl.—Carrie Choteau Cornatzer was born in Delaware District, February 18, 1872, educated at Vinita and Lawrence, Kansas.

Married November 27, 1900, Benjamin F. Choteau, born February 18, 1861, in Johnson County, Kansas. He died January 20, 1903.

Married Jan­uary 20, 1914, Earl, son of Edward and Anna Galbreath, born July 23, 1890, in Boone County, Missouri.

Her son by her first marriage, Walter Choteau, was born August 4, 1902. Mr. Galbreath is a farmer near Big Cabin.

Marie Therese Bourgeois, an orphan Creole of New Orleans, married Auguste Rene Choteau, a native of Southeastern France. Her son, Jean Pierre Choteau, founded St. Louis, Missouri, when he was less than fifteen years of age. His second wife was Bridget Sancier and their youngest son, Frederick Bates Choteau, together with his elder brother, founded Kansas City, Missouri. Frederick Bates Choteau married Elizabeth Tooley, a Shawnee, and they were the parents of William Myers Choteau who married Mary Silverheel and they were the parents of Benjamin F. Choteau, who married Caroline Cornatzer and is the father of Walter Choteau.