DeLozier, Manford E. (See Adair)—Manford F. DeLozier, born Sept. 25, 1891, at Adair, educated locally.

Married at Mus­kogee, October 4, 1914, Amanda F., daughter of John B. and Bettie 3. Gibson, born January 5th, 1895, in Missouri.

They are the parents of Vivian Marie, born Feb­ruary 20, 1916, and Reuben Edward DeLozier, Jr., born August 18, 1819. After clerking in the Bank of Adair for some time, Mr. DeLozier gave up that place to assume the more congenial occupation of farming and stock raising.

Edward, the son of John and Gahoga Adair, was born February 7, 1789. Married June 17, 1809, Martha Richie, born February 10, 1790. She died July 7, 1857, and he died December 21, 1864. They were the parents of John Adair, born May 1, 1812. Married March 20, 1832, Anna Berry Gra­ham, born October 12, 1816. He died March 15, 1877, and she died November 1, 1900. Their son, Edward Alexander Adair, was born February 25, 1847. Married October 1867, Narcissa Malissa Harrison, born December 25, 1846, in Murray County, Georgia. He died December 3, 1901, and she is still living. They were the parents of: Georgia Virginia Adair, born at Dalton Georgia, January 29, 1869. Married January 8, 1888, Reuben Edward DeLozier, born June 20, 1855, at Osceola, Missouri. Elected County Commissioner of Mayes County September 17, 1907. He died April 23, 1921. They were the parents of Manford F. DeLozier, the subject of this sketch.